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So, boredom at work (and the desire to write something happy) prompted me to write a follow up to my Captain Cobra ficlet from last night. Consider this a flash forward to happier times. 


“Yes, lad?”

“Can I ask you something?”

Killian looks over to the boy (the young man really) and sees him leaning against the bow, his eyes firmly on the sunset sinking swiftly below the horizon. Calm waters beneath them for once a mirror of their lives, with Emma napping in the Captain’s Quarters below, the only darkness to be found the quickly approaching night.

“Of course, what’s on your mind?”

Henry is still for a moment longer before he turns and makes his way to Killian at the wheel, his time on the Jolly over these past months earning him solid sea legs, no trace of uneasiness as he crosses the deck.

“Back in the Enchanted Forest, in that other reality did you…I mean, who did you think I was when we met?”

Killian’s eyebrows shoot up at this query, not missing the somewhat nervous and hopeful tone hidden beneath the question. He feels as though he is tiptoeing on a precipice with the lad and determines that honesty is the only real option in his response.

“At first, I thought you were bloody mad. When you told me that I had taught you how to sail, however, I did begin to believe that perhaps I was the one with the addled mind. It wasn’t until I met Emma and she spoke of our…closeness in this reality, did begin to wonder, hope really, that perhaps….well, that you might have been my son. Alas, I died before any of my questions were truly answered, but in that moment I believed that I was fighting to protect my family.”

Henry steps a bit closer at that, his eyes going to the marks made by Killian’s hook from when he had taught Baelfire to sail all those years ago, the jagged lines that remain a solemn reminder of Killian’s first attempt at fatherhood.  

“I never really knew my Dad all that well. We never had time. I miss him sometimes, but, more than that, I miss what we could have been.”

“I know, lad. I miss him, too.”

Knowing the pain of an absent father too well, Killian wishes he could spare Henry of it, fill the empty space that remains somehow.

“I don’t want to miss my chance with you.”

Killian feels his heart clench at Henry’s words, his longing to be a father to the lad surging in his chest at the softly spoken declaration.

“Henry, a life here with Emma and you is all I desire in this world. Your acceptance as part of your family honors me more than you know, son.”

Hazel eyes meet blue and Killian feels the jagged pieces of his long life begin to move into place. Henry smiles somewhat shyly before shifting his focus back to the horizon. Killian moves to his side, standing shoulder to shoulder (when did Henry get so tall?) as they watch the last of the day fade into night.

Son… I like that.”


Lets just consider a few things...

There are some very delusional people out there. Lets see:

 St.lia is endgame. They’re perfect for each other.

Yes. Stiles obviously agrees (and this gif is from S5 btw):

It’s true love. They’re in love with each other.

Let me just go vomit really quick. I’ve seen M.lia be fonder of deer than of Stiles. And on his part, Stiles has shown immensely more affection to pretty much everyone else: Lydia, Scott, Derek and Liam. Lets also consider his dad and Melissa, Allison, Isaac, Caitlin, Heather, Cora, Erica, Boyd, Parrish, even the Jeep (we can go on…)

St.lia is canon.

This might just be the shittiest excuse I’ve ever heard on the matter, and it’s usually followed by…

Stiles doesn’t want Lydia. Stiles is not in love with Lydia anymore and Lydia never cared for Stiles.

Right. Let me just…

So they obviously don’t care about each other:

But enough of Stydia because in fact, we see numerous displays of affection between Stiles and his girlfriend and they’re always there for each other, holding so close:

And look how cute they are when M.lia goes cheer for him at the Lacrosse games:

Adorable. And how about when Stiles and his girlfriend kiss?

There’s so much love between him and M.lia. They’re in awe and emotional and they share such a deep connection. It’s just beautiful. And how proud of himself is he when he gets the girl?

And my personal favorite, look at Stiles and M.lia caring for each other and looking shyly when what they actually want to do is to kiss.

“But… But that’s not St.lia…”

Oh? Oh, really? Sorry, my bad.

Maybe I’m the one who’s delusional, so I’ll just be here holding on tight to Stydia, just like they are!

listen i knew tom hardy was a ridiculous dog man but

[about his tattoo of his dog Max]

Did you have an affinity for pit bulls before? How did the tattoo come about?
Hardy: That was because — I mean, I love dogs, and I see myself as a dog inside in many ways — that’s the way I am. It’s like, I bark a lot, and I can bite, but I don’t really. You know, they’ve got an energy. I just have an affinity with a dog. I’m very, very loyal, but, you know, I will piss on the carpet. [Laughs.] I will chew your sneakers! And sometimes I look like I’m going to bite, but actually, if you know me, I’m not like that. But I will say, unequivocally, dogs are the most amazingly loyal creatures who will sit and watch the wall with you all day if that’s what you’re doing, and that’s cool, as long as they feel part of the team, and that they’re useful, and I feel that way as well.

Is being a part of a team making a movie interesting to you? The loyalty?
Hardy: A dog wants to belong. A dog wants to belong to a pack, and it’ll do what it has to do in order to eat and survive and stay warm, and they don’t leave your side. They do what they do. Each dog has a job. Some, you know, have different jobs [than] others. I have a job. You know, I see myself very similar to a dog. That sounds so weird? [Laughs.] I fucking love dogs, okay? I love dogs. You know what I mean?

(please read the rest of the article, it’s gold)

imagine asexual aph france

imagine francis growing up believing that something’s wrong with him until he first discovers asexuality

imagine francis embracing his sexuality fully and proudly and being totally comfortable with himself

imagine gilbert and antonio being the first people francis cones out to

imagine gilbert and antonio being so happy for francis because he’s finally accepting himself for who he is

imagine francis being the most genuinely over the top romantic in his group of friends

imagine francis slaying ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine ace francis and aro arthur having a totally functional, beautiful, trusting intimate relationship

imagine francis slaying ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine francis having to physically hold arthur back from literally ripping the heads off of those ignorant asshats that say asexuality isn’t a valid sexual orientation

imagine francis teaching baby ace matthew or alfred that it’s ok not to feel sexual attraction

I met one of the most important people. Like, how do you convey gratitude for “Once late at night I submerged in a bath I didn’t care was too hot, I couldn’t move for hours but your music got me through it. Once I was dreading something for months, but then I got the call and somehow it was the most beautiful day outside anyways, and I spent the afternoon looking at clouds and listening to you.” All I managed was “I’m sorry, I’m shy,” and “Your music is so important to me.” He folded me in a hug. 

Protect Perfume Genius at all costs.

with each other