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eerie crests les mis au

goddamn it. i couldnt just leave this alone could i? (im sorry it just. fits so damn well i had to get this out before i forgot it)

enjolras: malek. listen! i know malek is described as chill and enjolras is. definitely not chill, but! they’re both beautiful passionate boys who love their friends so shhhhh (enjolras is described as like. breathtakingly beautiful tho. “like marble” i think is was it says)

grantaire: dallas. okay. but. sad drunk artist hopelessly in love with beautiful boy (literally. in the the novel, the only reason grantaire is even with the revolution is because of enjolras. it says that enjolras is the only thing grantaire really believes in). also he’s described as being “not particularly nice to look at”

eponine: poppy. I don’t have a lot of reasons for this tbh? they’re both kinda salty/sarcastic, but also extremely passionate and loyal. though i could also see poppy as musichetta! (esp since no one else is musichetta so. she just doesn’t exist in this au i guess)

marius: parker. not sure why? idk marius and eponine are best friends and so are parker and poppy. I guess that means that poppy’s in love with parker is this au? marius is silly and sweet and a bit dramatic (seriously like. the first time he meets up with cosette, he almost does a 180 on his stance with the revolution, just because she’s cute and he’s like “oh shit i cant die NOW.” like. calm down kid)

cosette: sara. i know that logistically, sara and parker would never be in love, but i like to pretend that poppy was in love with both of them in this au so at least it works on some level. tbh….i don’t remember a lot abt sara, but cosette is sweet, adventurous, and a hard worker. also they’re both blonde and have great fashion sense so win/win

gavroche: hazel! hazel is the only little kid and i wanted to include her so. cute but dangerous little pup who knows a surprising amount of politics

joly: tyler! I haven’t actually read the book, so I don’t know a lot abt joly, but i know that he’s logical, kind, brave. (tbh most of the reason i picked him as tyler is cause joly’s dynamic with bousset reminds me of tyler and blake)

bousset: blake. which brings us to this! bousset likes to fight. he can be a bit reckless, and a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he means well.

combeferre: ari! combeferre is described as intelligent, passionate, and “an advocate for societal and scientific progress”

courfeyrac: phoebus! courfeyrac is described as having a “warm and radiant” personality. he is lively and a bit dramatic. he’s also very good friends with combeferre, marius, and enjolras respectively

feuilly: ben! feuilly is clever, loyal, and bright (literally all the barricade boys are described as loyal like. c'mon hugo, learn some other character traits) there’s really not much else about him, other than the fact that he makes fans for a living, and that he’s an orphan so

musichetta: paulina!! i take back what i said earlier cause i forgot polly! both beautiful, incredibly caring woc who would do anything for their friends. also? in the book, musichetta is really close with joly and bousset (idk if that works in this scenario but whatever)

sidenote: i really want someone to be jehan but. idk if anyone fits them? they’re like a poet, and they’re kind of shy, but also described as being fearless (i guess ari could’ve been jehan as well? i just wanted them to be combeferre so that they would still be with phoebus)

i guess that’s pretty much it? I couldn’t find anyone to fit any of the adult characters really, so i guess those’ll just go uncasted for now. Hope you liked it tho! sorry if i left anyone out!
also, im extremely exhausted. ive been doing this for like and hour and a half now.

Ctm Concepts™

Things I randomly think should happen on call the midwife part 1 of ???

Also I’m on my phone so I can’t emphasize my points without bolding & italicizing things (I know a shame) + this post might be messy or not spaced out, etc, etc.. you never know with mobile

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Voltron Season 2 Guest Stars

I remember seeing an interview before season 2 dropped saying the Voltron crew had invited a number of guest stars to appear on the show, but I’ve only heard about a couple of them. I was curious, so I went to IMDB to figure out who I’d missed. Here are some noteworthy guest stars you might have missed:

Episode 1: “Across the Universe”

  • Finn Darby and Theo Darby (sons of Rhys Darby, Coran’s VA) as the younger versions of Coran

Episode 2: “The Depths”

  • Blumfump - Weird Al Yankovic
  • Plaxum - Mae Whitman (voiced Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Florina - Alyson Stoner (voiced Opal in Legend of Korra)

Episode 4: “Greening the Cube”

  • Ryner - Mindy Sterling (voiced Lin Beifong in Legend of Korra)

Episode 6: “Ark of Taujeer”

Episode 7: “Space Mall”

  • Slice Capades Owner - Vince Offer (the ShamWow Guy)

people who act interested and receptive when you’re talking? amazing.

Honestly, after the way the Jekyll and Hyde thing ended, I really thought they would have to destroy or banish the EQ in some weird magical shenanigans. But the show actually did something clever, something I didn’t think they were capable of doing anymore. They saved Regina and the Evil Queen with love.

They remembered that hope is a powerful thing, and that Regina has had a lot of good personal growth. And they used it to create the best possible ending. Regina won’t go all evil again just because she has some of Queenie’s darkness in her, just because she still has that voice that tells her to hate herself and makes her lash out at the world. She’s stronger than that now. In return she gave her old self exactly what she needed. Acceptance. She looked her past in the eye, all the parts she wanted to physically cut out of her soul just a few weeks ago, and said “I love you.”

How many of us have that strength? How many of us need to do that for ourselves and haven’t figured out how to get there? How many people are struggling with hating themselves and wishing they could carve out the parts they don’t like?

That’s some powerful television. That’s what this show can do when it’s good. I’m filled with hope we can carry this through the rest of the season.

So a while back I felt like crap about many levels of my I started eatting better, and I lost like 4 inches..and I got this beautiful tattoo that makes me feel kind sexy..

but yet..

here I am..

Still feeling like crap about my mental status and life…

Good job Emily, way to do things for yourself for once and still feel like shit..


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Thank you for being here Ridia, when K fandom is slowly dying out! We can't thank you enough... But a while ago you answered to a strain ask where Fushimi went through different personalities of what Miyano has potrayed. Could you do same for Munakata? Oh, the beautiful horror of Sugita's all comedic roles~

Munakata doesn’t even need a Strain power for that, he just loses his glasses and the next thing everyone knows Munakata is sitting in his office with his feet on the desk, possibly idly picking his nose as he reads Shounen Jump. His hair has magically become naturally permed and when Awashima walks in to check on him he pretends to be dead because he thinks she’s going to ask him for rent money. Luckily someone left the window open and the wind blows the natural perm out of his hair, snapping him out of his Gintoki-like personality, but with his glasses missing his personality still can’t seem to settle and he disappears. Fushimi finds Munakata outside chopping wood for the bath (in proper Gouran-chan from magical boy anime style), Fushimi points out that their bath doesn’t actually use wood. Munakata gives him a proud big brotherly smile and puts a hand on his shoulder while offering wise advice, Fushimi rolls his eyes. He leaves Munakata chopping wood, figuring at least that keeps him out of trouble for a while, only to run across Munakata later in the gym tiring out the rank and file Scepter 4 members as he puts them through assassination training, Karasuma-style (professional assassin is the closest the Munakata will ever get to ninja). Awashima and Fushimi carefully lead him away back to his office and try to get him to stay put. Ten minutes later Munakata wanders back over where everyone’s working on their computers, sits down and starts narrating everything that’s happening, talking about how he is living an ordinary life as an ordinary human and being the Kyon to everyone else’s weird super-powered selves. Awashima tries sending him outside for some fresh air and Munakata starts quoting famous people while rounding up some unlucky squad members and trying to get them to practice cheerleading with him. Luckily before Fushimi can be roped in he manages to find Munakata’s glasses, Munakata’s even pretty easy to catch because he’s sitting in the pond in the nearby park quacking and eating bread crumbs (because Sugita played Yamada in Tsuritama but more importantly he was also Tapioca the duck :P).

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what if George and Harold got taller than Mr. Krupp when they reached high school

Originally posted by marionto

this is SO cute…..omg. And he just snaps at them from down the hallway like “GEORGE! HAROLD! Get over here!”

and then they just TOWER over him…maybe not even tower lol, even being like a head taller would be so unfortunate. Oh my gosh. And he’s barking at them to quit doing whatever it is they were doing and he has to look up at them and he HATES IT

I think Jerome Horwitz is a k-6 school but I can dream………..

HEADCANON: unrequited love edition

Raoul and his view on an emotional affair between Christine and the Phantom OR if she leaves him for the Phantom.

in a verse it’s one where Christine is either a. torn between raoul and erik or b. not wanting to be with raoul romantically and after i reblogged this.  I had A LOT of feelings about this. so here is some mood music for your listening. 

Raoul is WELL AWARE of this thing that exists between them. He doesn’t understand it, but he knows there is still something there regardless of how christine or him feel about each other and he obviously knows that the sewer man is obsessed and loves her on some level. It’s not healthy and the dynamic that post-opera house is not healthy for all three of them. He knows she still sees the goblin, but he doesn’t know in what way even though he doesn’t believe christine would cheat per say, but there are things called EMOTIONAL affairs. If there is an affair of sorts it would be that one on Christine’s part for me.

It would have always bothered him but he’d lie because he loves her and wants her happiness.he’d put her happiness before his own which is what philippe worried about. that raoul would do this. In the case of an emotional affair it would be something so little as this that would make him snap. It would be delivered with a lot of self hatred for himself, loathing for the phantom, and just anger at the situation and a lot of building tears. knuckles white from watching her while she wasn’t paying attention and finally hitting his hand on their table and asking her the question. It’s an indirect plea for her to stop and to love him. to be his wife. 

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okay but give me semi-pretentious professor au steggy?

  • steve is a studio art teacher, but he loves art history. is always sketching in his sketchbook and never has less than three pencil stubs and probably some string in his pocket.
  • peggy teaches literature and constantly has a mug of tea in her hand, unless it’s before eleven am and then she mainlines coffee. she carries a bigger purse than she needs because she usually has at least one book, if not more.
  • steve doesn’t read a lot of literature; he prefers nonfiction and this is a source of loving bickering between the two.
  • while she teaches literature, in her undergrad peggy had a secondary concentration in poetry. steve loves poetry. he wooed her by leaving poems in her desk for her to find.
  • steve once left peggy one of shakespeare’s sonnets and was mocked for three days for being too on the nose. peggy doesn’t really care for shakespeare. she still kissed steve though.
  • they curl up on the couch every day and read. peggy spreads out and puts her feet in steve’s lap. she tries to get him to read more fiction and he really tries, but she learns quickly not to recommend anything to do with prep schools, no matter how well-written, because steve finds the atmosphere insufferable and thinks it extends to the characters. but he likes catcher in the rye way more than peggy does.
  • both wear glasses to read. peggy wears her reading glasses religiously. steve only wears his if he’s reading for long periods of time.
  • they swap poems like candy.
  • steve loves robert frost. peggy prefers the challenging language of e.e. cummings and steve constantly teases her for how pretentious she sounds.
  • sometimes she’ll read to him though and he swears peggy can make anything sound beautiful. she says it’s the accent, he says it’s her voice.
  • every once in awhile, she’ll fall asleep on the couch, her glasses still on and book still open. he puts a bookmark at her place (steve loves bookmarks. peggy dog ears her own books, but uses a bookmark for anyone else’s)  and takes off her glasses carefully. he’ll cover her with a blanket but he doesn’t dare wake her to move her to bed.
  • sometimes she’ll wear one of his cardigans over her outfit because they’re soft and warm.
  • dating within the college means double the faculty functions, since they’re in different departments. they always sneak out early.
  • they’ve DEFINITELY had sex in both of their offices. after hours, of course. mostly.
  • when they start looking for a house, a spare room for a library is the first must on their list.
  • steve’s favorite subject to sketch is peggy curled up in her favorite armchair, reading. he loves the little furrow between her brows when she’s puzzling through the language.
  • peggy has a cat, one she’s had for years. he tolerates steve, but only in small doses and if he brings treats.

Angsty feelings in the tags. Apologies, I just need to talk about this somehow. You can just ignore me please.