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This Means War

Juvia started it—he’d be sure to end it.

Series of short and silly prank wars/battles between Gray and Juvia set during their 6 months together.

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Three hours.

Three friggin’ agonisingly long, boring hours that Juvia had been asleep for.

Gray sat by the window, his elbow propped up on the ledge as he stared out at their garden with glassy eyes that didn’t see anything beyond the rain that was pouring down in heavy sheets.

He yawned.

Four whole days he’d waited for Juvia to take a nap, just so he could carry out his revenge, and now that she’d finally fallen asleep on the couch and he’d done what he needed to do, she wasn’t waking up.

Sighing, he let his forehead slump against the glass, vision blurred by locks of hair and the dewy mist of rain.

At this rate, he’d fall asleep before she woke up.


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maybe i just wanna be yours #2

Summary: Natsu Dragneel is the lead singer of a rock band that remained fairly unknown until one day, a mysterious blonde walked into the pub and changed everything.
And now she is back.
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Part 2/2

So if the other one was the sorta prequel with no actual nalu interaction, then this is the main part that will make more than up for it. x)

Natsu could have sworn the whole room fell silent when his eyes met hers. No music, no murmurs, not even his own voice. His heart forgot to beat.

The world shifted for an instant, almost losing its gravity and falling out of orbit.

The moment was over in the blink of an eye, but it left him almost shocked.

Then his heartbeat resumed, stronger than before, and sound came crashing back in.

Maybe I’m too busy being lost to fall for somebody new
Now I thought it through - crawling back to you.
Do I wanna know if this feeling flows both ways?
It’s hard to see you go - was sorta hoping that you’d stay…

This time, she did not look away like she had all the times before, so long ago now. No, she held his gaze, eyes wide and surprised, but softening with his words. He was mesmerized.

She looked different. Not only her face, which was even more beautiful than he remembered, but her whole appearance, her whole aura, had changed.

Her long hair was tied in a high side ponytail, and the grey sweater of old days had disappeared in favour of a tight, red t-shirt. And her skirt was so short that Natsu almost forgot his own lyrics for a second.

Dear dragons, she looked breathtakingly hot.

A blush spread across her cheeks as she realized his eyes were on her body, and he licked his lips, quickly tearing his gaze off her cleavage. He kept singing, trying to concentrate on the crowd as a whole, but no matter what he did, sooner or later he would always find his way back to her bright eyes.

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Song to listen to while reading: Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

Sorry this is late! As said in day six, there was some serious jack going on the past few days and I didn’t have the time to work on the last two days for NaLu week. Hope you can understand and thank you so much for reading! [ @hickeeeys

Natsu was standing outside the door of the Guild’s medical wing, where his wife was on the other side of. He rubbed his hand over his face and sighed deeply and he crouched down. Even as he heard the many shuffling footsteps approach, he kept his face in his hand.


“Lucy! Is she okay?”

“Where is she?”

“Lu-Chan! How is she!?”

Natsu sighed again and his friends hovered over him, waiting for answers but backed off when they saw the state his was in.

“Natsu?” Erza asked quietly. “How did it go?”

Natsu ran his hand through his hair and finally looked up. “She’s …Hanging in there. The delivery didn’t go as planned …”

“How so?” Gray said nervously.

“The- The delivery was … Really tough on her,” Natsu said and stood up to face them.

“Is she okay?” Levy’s eyes were wide with worry, as were the rest of them.

“No …” Natsu shook his head and his voice cracked. “No. She isn’t.”

They gasped. “Wendy is in there now, doing everything she can, but I don’t know what’s going to happen …” Natsu trailed off.

“And the baby?”

“Alive and healthy. Mirajane said she’s cleaning her right now.”


It’s a girl!” The joyful moment was short lived as the door then opened and Wendy looked at them with sad eyes. 

“Y-You can come in and see her now …” Wendy said and moved to the side as they all came piling in, though they allowed Natsu to go first.

Lucy was laying on a bed, with a damp cloth on her sweaty forehead. Her long, beautiful blond hair was scattered over the pillow and her face was cramped with uncomfort, though she kept her eyes open to see them.

“Lucy!” They all said as they reached her bed.

“H-Hi guys …” She smiled weakly.

“How are you feeling?” Gajeel asked.

“Not so good …” She said truthfully. 

Natsu gripped her hand tightly as he sat down on a chair next to her, indicating he was going to stay with her.

“Natsu … Where is our baby?” Lucy looked around frantically.

“It’s okay, she’s okay. Mirajane is cleaning her right now,” Natsu reassured her. “The baby is perfectly healthy.”

“Thank goodness,” She sighed with relief.

They all engaged in talk to help take Natsu and Lucy’s minds off her pain.

“… And Sting and Rouge and them are coming to visit next week,” Erza said.

“She’s here,” Mirajane sang as they turned around and looked at the small bundle of blankets in her arms.

“The baby!” Everyone, except Lucy, who was unable to, jumped up.

“She’s cute, Gray-Sama!” Juvia gaped at the small child who was now being placed into Natsu’s strong, caring arms.

“She’s adorable,” Gray nodded with agreement and grinned.

“Isn’t she precious?” Levy’s eyes filled with tears.

“What’s her name?” Said a smiling Erza and Gajeel, at the same time.

“We’ve already decided on a girl’s name,” Natsu cooed as he rocked the small baby in his arms.

“Nashi,” Lucy smiled.

“Nashi,” Cana said. “I like that.”

“Welcome to Fairy Tail, Nashi,” Gramps cooed.

“Would you like to hold her, Lucy?” Natsu asked.

“I would love to. I think I have enough strength …” With the help and support of Natsu, Lucy managed to sit up and hold her child. “S-She’s so beautiful …” She cried.

“She sure is,” Natsu agreed. “She has your nose and eyes, I can tell.”

“And I can tell she has your smile,” Lucy laughed.

For a few precious minutes, all was well. Once Lucy grew too tired and was most upset that she couldn’t manage to hold her beloved daughter any longer, they handed their kid to their friends, who were more than happy to take over (Gray being the first to budge into the line and take Nashi into his arms).

“Natsu, can I talk to you for a minute?” Wendy whispered to Natsu and nodded, preparing himself for the worst. They quietly slipped through the crowd and walked into the hallway.

And there, she told him the news.

Natsu’s eyes widened and he felt sick as his body went numb. He nodded and sat down on a chair, muttering to himself and silently crying behind his hands.

“I’m going to bring the others out here and tell them … You should go back in with Lucy,” Wendy said sadly.

“Yeah …” Natsu mumbled. “H-How much longer, did you say?”

“Not that long … Ten minutes, tops. I’m sorry,” Wendy wiped away a tear, exhaled deeply and walked into the room, giving Natsu a quick minute to himself to gather his thoughts.

Soon after she left, Wendy returned with the rest of his friends, who were more like family, Nashi now being in Levy’s gentle embrace. Wendy told them the news and Gajeel had to take Nashi from Levy as she doubled over in grief. They all stood there, shocked by the news and were looking at Natsu with worry.

“Natsu …”

“You … You should go in there.”

“Be with Lucy.”

“That’s what I told him, too,” Wendy sniffled.

“Yeah …” Natsu stood up. “Yeah … right.” He ran his hands through his hair and down his face one last time before entering the room again, where Lucy was staring at the ceiling.

She knew. He knew that she knew. How could she not? She’s been giving hints ever since the delivery and she was very intelligent, she would have managed to puzzle it together.

“Hey,” Natsu smiled wearily as he sat down in the same hair as before.

“Hey. Did they go outside?” 

“Yeah … They … They think you should get some sleep,” Natsu held her hand.

Lucy nodded. “Yeah …”

“You’re going to be okay … You’re just going to have to rest,” A tear dripped onto her sheets as he cried and soothed her hair.

“Liar,” Lucy cried and Natsu leaned down and hugged her tightly, planting a soft kiss on the top of her head.

“I love you so much,” Natsu sobbed into her hair.

“I love you, too,” She cried back as she clung onto him. “I love you and everyone else so much … Please. Please tell Nashi t-that I love her so much.”

“I will,” Natsu promised. “Don’t worry. J-Just sleep, you deserve it.”

“I guess so, huh?” She laughed as he let go so that they can look at each other one last time. “I love you,” She repeated.

“I love you, too,” He echoed.

Natsu-!! Look-!! She gave me the mark of Fairy Tail!’ Lucy smiled as she held up her hand to show the pink Guild mark.

‘Good for you, Luigi.’

‘It’s Lucy!’

I love you so much. Goodbye … Lucy Heartfillia-Dragneel.

Complete playlist for NaLu week:

- Day one: Human by Cristina Perri.

- Day two: Falling slowly by Once.

- Day three: The great escape by Patrick Watson.

- Day four: Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.

- Day five: Yellow light by Of Monsters And Men.

- Day six: You and me by Lifehouse.

- Day seven: Keep breathing by Ingrid Michaelson.

The many faces of Natsu Dragneel 

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and here’s baby Natsu blushing. 

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a story worth telling

Fluff Week: May 19th: I Lived/Show Me +  May 20th: Serendipity

So…this is a birthday present to myself? :’D
A little in canon goodness, hehe. Enjoy!!

It turned out far shorter than I had originally planned simply because I was late and just wrote it all in one go :’D So I can’t guarantee that this is any good haha, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

Again, thankyou for all the amazing birthday wishes and gifts!! It’s still not over, hehe. Let’s celebrate some more. ♥

The wind danced across the veranda, sounding the little wind chimes Lucy had lovingly assembled the other day, and continued its journey to try and ruffle her hair. The endeavour was useless though, as she had tamed it into a tight braid.

For a moment, she watched the chimes dance with the wind, but then shook her head as if to reprimand herself, glancing back down at the scribbles in her notebook.

She kept staring for a few moments more. Then, with a loud sigh, she ripped the page out of the book and scrunched it up. In her small wrath, she hauled it as far as she could, as if that would make the words on it disappear for good.

A futile wish.

Or so she thought, but the next moment she watched as the little ball ignited and crumbled into ashes, before they too were gone with the wind.

“Oi, that almost hit me!”

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So I received this submission from an anon I’ve had the pleasure of chatting about FT with lately. It’s to all the NaLu shippers out there worried about any possible NaLi happening while the two are imprisoned. It’s very well written and worth the read. 

Thanks for sharing it with me/us, anon!

Dear Nalu shippers,

Please calm down.

Yes, last week’s chapter might’ve come as a shock to many of you. I know it’s hard to see a rival ship get so much prominence. But before you go berserk, can we just see how this plays out? Because this is a serious moment in what promises to be the darkest arc yet. Neither Natsu nor Lisanna are sitting naked in a jail cell together because they want to be there. Romance is the last thing on their minds. Erza is being tortured. Lisanna’s own sister is being reinforced into a demon and her brother is possessed. They want to bust out and save everyone. This is primarily a plot-related setup.

Second, we know that Mashima has trolled other ships before. He trolled Graylu and Gruvia fans in Juvia’s long, fevered imaginings about Lucy and Gray comforting each other during the GMG. He had Gray reject Juvia point-blank, but still continues to develop their relationship. Yes, Nalu and Nali shippers, Mashima may (also) be very well yanking all our chains.

And even if Lisanna and Natsu share an adventure together, so what of it? Mashima has done this before—giving pairings what look like romantic hints, but then not developing them further. Think back to the intimacy between Natsu and Erza during the fight with Jellal, that many interpreted as romantic. Natsu saves Erza from the magical vortex, cries over her, carries her out of the sea in his arms. Erza cradles him gently when he collapses from Etherion poisoning, then holds his face between her hands and calls him incredible. Mashima could’ve built on that, but Natsu and Erza soon revert to their scary older sister and impish younger brother dynamic.

Or take Lucy and Loke. She clings to him, crying, to save him from death. He vows his eternal love and promises to be her shining knight. He saves her from Bixlow’s attack and they work together to defeat him. He puts up an I Love Lucy sign. Yeah, Mashima could’ve developed them together, too, but he didn’t.

Third, the reason why Nalu fans are legion is because Mashima himself has put the two together as a pairing in numerous ways. Think of all the Twitter pics and cover illustrations, the matching outfits and wristbands. He has special chapters that deal with the sweet side of their relationship (the cherry tree omake, Welcome to Natsu & Happy’s house, the Day of the Fateful Encounter). In the Rave/FT crossover, Elie tells Lucy that Haru and Natsu are their respective heroes. Not to mention the manga itself, where they interact a lot, often physically. How many times has Natsu ended up with his face smashed into Lucy’s um… assets? How many times has Lucy had to carry or save a motionsick/depleted Natsu or hugged him from behind? Think of the fight with Kain and all the touching they did thanks to Mr. Cursey. Heck, Natsu even shares his fire with Lucy and names a special move after her.

Lucy and Natsu have gone—slowly—from chance-met strangers to team-mates to friends to even closer friends to… some undefined place where Natsu calls Lucy “someone precious to him” and she whispers his name in her sleep.

Now, Mashima could cast all that to the winds, but he would have to be really tone-deaf to his audience and wilfully blind to his *own* work to do that. So let’s just chill, trust the man, and let events unfold at their own pace.