many faces of gerard

the signs as my chemical romance things
  • aries: frank endangering others with his guitar
  • taurus: bob's "get that fucking camera outta my face"
  • gemini: gee's lemon hair in 2013
  • cancer: ray's fro power
  • leo: party poison's yellow mask
  • virgo: the dress in the helena music video
  • libra: that extra™ gerney that gee is wheeled out in
  • scorpio: all the fake blood in three cheers
  • saggitarius: the Trans AM in danger days
  • capricorn: ray's 'why did i join this band' face
  • aquarius: the many times gerard and frank make out on stage
  • pisces: gerard giggling over the cool danger days props

kaiirosclerosiis  asked:

u know how Mikey rlly wanted disenchanted to be on bp? Mikey yelling DISENCHANTED at gee over a table while ray just sort of recoils and frank is shooting death glares at bob who's laughing at Gerard's completely emotionless face

pictures with many characters doing very specific things are kinda tricky so please dont send many asks like this if u can