many buildings

An earthquake of 7.1 just happened a couple hours ago in Mexico City and other states like Puebla, Morelos and Quéretaro. Many buildings collapsed trapping people inside. Also it seems there have been gas explosions too.

Just in the same day of the 32th anniversary of the Earthquake that left Mexico City in ruins.

Edit* At 4:44 pm at least 47 people have died…

Edit* 79 people died so far…

Edit* 119…

Update* at 9:27 pm… 149 people have died.

Update* at 1:08 am… More than 230 people have died

Update* 30 kids and 8 adults are still trapped below the debris of their collapsed school… My heart is shattered…

The traditional gargoyle is a horrendous creature who leers out of medieval church walls. But people have continued making gargoyles right up into the modern day, bringing science fictional flourishes to these fantasy creations.

A Xenomorph on Paisley Abbey, Scotland, built in the early 14th century

Many of the original gargoyles were replaced during the renovations in the early 1990s, so we’re afraid that one of the stonemasons was in a funny mood.

19th and 20th Centuries Although not designed to drain water and therefore technically not gargoyles, the grotesques on modern structures are still considered by most people to be gargoyles. Grotesques were used as decoration on 19th- and early 20th-century buildings in cities such as New York (where the Chrysler Building’s stainless steel gargoyles are celebrated), Minneapolis, and Chicago. Gargoyles can be found on many churches and other buildings. One extensive collection of modern gargoyles can be found in Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The cathedral, begun in 1908, is encrusted with the limestone demons. This collection also includes Darth Vader, a crooked politician, robots and many other modern spins on the ancient tradition. The 20th Century collegiate form of the Gothic Revival produced many modern gargoyles, notably at Princeton University, Washington University in St. Louis, Duke University, and the University of Chicago.

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I don’t know about anybody else, but I found it deeply reassuring to learn that the reason many old buildings have such beautiful and elaborate arrangements of columns and buttresses is because their designers screwed up their math and got the stresses all wrong, were forced to slap on additional supports mid-construction in order to prevent the stupid thing from collapsing under its own weight, then ornamented the hell out of them and pretended they’d meant to do that. It’s like vindication in architecture form.

At least 330 people are dead, 4,500+ are injured after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck at the Iran border shared with Iraq. So far, the vast majority of deaths and injuries are reported in Iran, where over 300 people were killed and 3,900+ were injured. Over 100 aftershocks have been recorded, including several ranging from 4.0-5.3 on the Richter Scale. The capital city of Tehran does not appear to have suffered any damage, but the western Kermanshah province was not spared. Many buildings ranging from single story dwellings to high rise structures have collapsed.

My heart once again is with the people of Iran and Iraq as they respond to and cope with this tragedy. It is times like these when we must rally behind our brothers and sisters abroad despite past transgressions and current grudges. The people of Iran are no different than the people of the United States, and while we may have been indoctrinated with prejudices and propaganda on both sides, it is time to bind those wounds and stand in solidarity. Love and compassion are needed in this moment, let us start with that.To my friends in Iran:

منو در غمتون شریک بدونین


Yossel “Joe” Slovo was a Jewish South African revolutionary. Born in Obeliai, Lithuania in 1926, he spoke only Yiddish until his family fled from the growing Nazi threat to South Africa when he was 8 years old. When Joe was 16 years old, he joined the South African Communist Party, of which he would later become General Secretary. After volunteering in the fight against Nazism in Europe, he returned and earned a law degree, in the same class as Nelson Mandela. After a short series of stints in prison for communist activity, Joe emerged as a leader in Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC, which he led from exile in Britain, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique from 1963 to 1990. After waging war against the apartheid system for decades, he briefly served as Minister of Housing in Nelson Mandela’s new government before passing away in 1995. Many streets and buildings in South Africa are named in his honor. May his memory be a blessing! zt’‘l


Chefchaouen, a small town in northern Morocco, has a rich history, beautiful natural surroundings and wonderful architecture, but what it’s most famous for are the striking and vivid blue walls of many of the buildings in its “old town” sector, or medina.

The maze-like medina sector, like those of most of the other towns in the area, features white-washed buildings with a fusion of Spanish and Moorish architecture. The brilliantly blue walls, however, seem to be unique to Chefchaouen. They are said to have been introduced to the town by Jewish refugees in 1930, who considered blue to symbolize the sky and heaven. The color caught on, and now many also believe that the blue walls serve to repel mosquitoes as well (mosquitoes dislike clear and moving water).

Whatever the reason, the town’s blue walls attract visitors who love to wander the town’s narrow streets and snap some beautiful photos. 

Humans are Space Orcs: Berserkers

So I have researched a fair amount of Viking history and I came up with a concept. In human history battle rage has been a useful tool in any form of combat. You choose fight instead of flight and you become stronger, faster, and almost immune to pain. No group mastered this better then the legendary Berserker. They used drugs and rituals to make themself fall into a battle rage of epic proportions. They were so fearsome. viscous, and unsettling that they were actually outlawed. Now imagine they made a comeback.


I was on Glunoff 4 when the humans were attacked. The colony was standard for humans, 1200 human souls, most devoted to taming the area near their colony site to raise crops and livestock. There was also a standard human security force of 75. I was there serving as the ambassador to Tromidal 5, my home world which had claim of this system. The humans had asked us to allow them to put a colony on Glunoff 4 so they could have a resupply point between Sol 3 and a mining operation nearer to the galactic center.

The humans had done a remarkable job taming the wilds of this world. Their colony was almost ready to begin building their orbital elevator when the Valran [see species reference material] arrived.

The humans only warning came when they lost contact with their orbital station. Within a minute the orbital charges began raining down from the sky. The charges hit many of the buildings killing dozens of people. Everything was chaos when the first ships landed. The Valran emerged from their ships and began killing and grabbing people dragging them back to their ships. The Remaining security force and civilians put up a good fight, killing a good number of the Valrans but it wasn’t enough. The Valran dropped a holoprojector as they departed. The message was simple, choose 50 people to be given as slaves as well as 5000 kilos of produce. Otherwise they will take everyone and sell them as slaves.

I panicked but the humans became… strange. They knew we were outmatched, outnumbered, and outgunned. After they finished with their head count there were only 903 alive, 162 dead, and 135 missing. The injured were treated with an almost mechanical efficiency. I was checked over by the physician and she told me that there was no way they were going to give up anyone. The next day they held a town meeting. I came along to see if the rest of the humans seemed to agree with the doctor. At first the people were afraid of what may happen, but within an hour they had all convinced themselves that fighting back was the only way. They immediately began asking me to give them any information I had to offer about the Valrans. I obliged them but I also told them that there have been few standing armies that have been able to compete with the Valran’s ferocity. To this the “Mayor” [Tina Chao] gave me the most wicked grin and said, “Never underestimate the ferocity of a cornered animal.”

Within days the Humans were already cannibalizing anything they could use to make weapons, armor, and traps. With this they also started training in hand to hand combat. They trained to use knives, swords, machetes, shivs, clubs, and those who could shoot were given firearms. Those who couldn’t fight were given support rolls. There was one group though that was far stranger.

The doctor was working very closely with a group of 20 people. These people were receiving the same training as the others but the doctor was also giving them what seemed to be some kind of stimulant before they trained. Within a few weeks they were not aloud to train with the other people because they were too violent. They would disappear off into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time hunting the indigenous animals, mostly predators. They would come back wearing the pelts of their kills and their behavior always seemed that much wilder.

When the Valran returned they were met by a group of 50 people standing next to large crates. The Valrans opened their landing craft and began to swarm around the people. When a sharp whistle echoed across the area the crates exploded open revealing the “Berserkers” [See human history for reference]. They came out of the crates in a screaming, roaring, fury. They fell upon the Valrans and began to dismantle them.

The Valrans were stunned and slow to respond, but when they did they swarmed down on the berserkers like a wave. This just seemed to make the Berserkers try harder. Also at this time the humans armed with firearms began picking off the Valrans around the outside. Then the other humans appeared out of the are around the Valrans. It was a slaughter.

When the humans had finished with the Valrans who landed they began bringing the fission batteries used to power their settlement and the mining tools. They loaded them into the ships and began rewiring them. I asked Mayor Chao what they were doing and she responded, “They are going to destroy their ship in orbit.”

“But you will need pilots… who… who will do that?” To this question the remaining 9 berserkers stepped toward the ships. “Why are you the ones going? Tyler, you are leaving your wife?”

Tyler, whose eyes are bloodshot and wide with fury, takes a few moments to respond, as if speech seems difficult to formulate, “I… I am to angry to stay. My daughter is gone because of them and I want… no I need to make them suffer.”

With that they all boarded the vessels and flew off into orbit. within a few minutes there were bright flashes. Those on the ground watched in silence for some time before everyone eventually walked away to do other tasks, like take care of the dead. The Valran were thrown in a pile and burned while the humans were given individual funeral pyres.

Help arrived in the form of a resupply ship three months later. By that time most of the humans had returned to their normal selves, except many of the humans didn’t sleep much anymore.

College Packing Do’s and Don’ts

I am currently working on an exhaustive college packing list printable, which will hopefully go out next week. But today, I thought I would do a teaser post including some items that you absolutely should or should not bring to your dorm! 

General Advice

Look at what is going to be in your room first, and don’t start buying until then. For example, if your room has a trashcan, you don’t need to bring an additional trash can.  


  • Organizers for around your room. Go to the dollar store and pick out lots of plastic organizers, bins, and baskets for around your room. The key to keeping such a small space like a dorm room clean is making sure everything has a place. Things like school supplies, makeup, keys, random samples, etc. all need a place to live or else your room will get chaotic.
  • Bath robe and shower shoes. I know, saying you need shower shoes is kind of beaten to death at this point. But seriously, don’t even go into the bathroom without flip flops on. And a bath robe is just nice, so that you don’t have to walk around in a towel.
  • Kettle and mini fridge. Save a ton of money by making your own instant coffee or tea in the morning. And having a mini fridge is a necessity for water, snacks, and alcohol. I recommend getting one with a freezer!
  • Fan. This depends on how old your school is, but many res buildings don’t have air conditioning.
  • Cleaning supplies. You’ll want a few supplies on hand to keep your room clean, namely a duster, Windex, and Lysol wipes. However, that is basically all you will need. You don’t need to bring your own broom and vacuum.
  • Batteries, extension cords, and surge protectors. Until you get to the room, you won’t know how your outlets are set up, so extension cords might be a necessity. Batteries and surge protectors are just necessities.
  • Documents, like health and insurance information, your SIN number, and copies of your res agreement. If you need to pick up a prescription or apply for a job, you will need these important documents!
  • First aid kit. Get a pencil case or makeup bag and fill it with the first aid essentials. Pain killers, Polysporin, Band-Aids, Midol, an Ace bandage, etc. But just like with cleaning supplies, don’t go to crazy with things you won’t actually use.


  • Extra furniture and storage, at least until you have done a room tour. I always see packing lists saying to bring an ottoman or a beanbag chair. I disagree. Your room will probably already be cramped, and you will end up sitting on your bed all the time anyways. When it comes to storage, most dorm rooms actually have quite a bit. Having giant Rubbermaid bins and rolling storage carts might just be a waste of space. 
  • Microwave or hot plate. There will likely be a microwave and even a stove on your floor. A microwave takes too much space, and a hot plate is a fire hazard in a small room. You won’t be using them that much anyways.
  • Area rug, curtains, and other large decorations. Definitely bring some photos and small decorative items, but bringing large things like this is a waste of space in the car, as well as money.
  • Iron. Some lists also recommend you bring an iron, but unless you are devoting hours a week to laundry, you’re never going to use it. Most college students don’t even separate whites and colours, let alone iron.
  • Printer. Unless for some reason you are going to be printing hundreds of pages a week, this is not needed. You will probably end up doing readings online and a lot of work is submitted online as well. You can get pages printed for 5 cents, and even when you total the number of pages printed, it will probably be a lot less than buying a printer and paying for ink refills throughout the year.
Company (m) - 01

➢ parts: one - two || Masterlist

∟for two members of a world where broken promises are mended with spilt blood and contracts of a persons fate are sealed over a drink, from time to time it’s more than alright to mix business and pleasure.

or, sometimes all you want is a bit of company. 

mafia/hitman au
smut, violence, romance
・chapter warnings/graphic content: thigh riding, mentions of violence
word count: 4,421

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One(?) gifset per episode || 32 Against the Tide of Bone

The party began to systematically take out members of the “New Nobles” who worked underneath the Briarwoods, setting many buildings on fire, leaving emblems of the de Rolo crest across the town and written in the sky, and after an extensive battle began to make their way towards the Castle Whitestone itself. Burrowing into a partially collapsed but long remembered secret passage underneath the castle, the party rested for the evening (…).While they were searching this tunnel, it led to the dungeons, the prison cells beneath the Castle Whitestone (…). While they were walking through those cells, they discovered an old woman currently locked down below there, who is asking for the party’s aid in freeing her from her imprisonment.


In Russian history only 3 monarchs earned title “The Great”:

Ivan the Great (Ivan III of Russia) (1440-1505)  of the House of Rurik, (years of reign: 1462-1505),  a Grand Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of all Rus’.
Referred to as the “gatherer of the Rus’ lands”, he tripled the territory of his state, ended the dominance of the Golden Horde over the Rus’, renovated the Moscow Kremlin, and laid the foundations of what later became called the Russian state.  
His second marriage to  Sophia Palaiologina, a Byzantine princess and niece of the last Byzantine emperor, Constantine XI,  brought  Byzantine ceremonial and traditions to the Russian court.  Moscow came to be referred to as the Third Rome with Moscow being seen as the true successor to Byzantium and, hence, to Rome.
Grandfather of the infamous Ivan IV of Russia (Ivan the Terrible), first Tsar of All Russias.

Peter the Great (Peter I of Russia) (1672-1725) of the House of Romanov, (years of reign: 1682-1725), first Emperor of  Russia. 
 One of Russia’s greatest statesmen.  Through a number of successful wars he expanded the country into a much larger empire that became a major European power. He led a cultural revolution based on The Enlightenment,  created a strong navy, reorganized his army according to Western standards, secularized schools,  introduced new administrative and territorial divisions of the country. He established the city of St. Petersburg on the Neva River and moved the capital there from its former location in Moscow.  Shortly after, St. Petersburg was deemed Russia’s “window to Europe.”
After Peter’s death his  second wife, Catherine, became the first female ruler in Russian history as Catherine I,  Empress of Russia,  though her reign lasted only 2 years.  Their daughter, Elizabeth,  also would ascend the throne as  Empress and rule for 20 years.
Peter’s reforms made a lasting impact on Russia and many institutions of Russian government trace their origins to his reign.

Catherine the Great (Catherine II of Russia) (1729-1796) of the House of Romanov, (years of reign:1762-1796), Empress of Russia, the most renowned and the longest-ruling female monarch of Russia. 
 The country was revitalised under her reign,  expanding rapidly by conquest and diplomacy, larger and stronger than ever as one of the great powers of Europe. Catherine reformed the administration of Russian guberniyas, and many new cities and towns were founded on her orders. She built new hospitals and schools, introduced a new legal code, and supported religious tolerance. Empress requested the construction of many academic buildings, for example, the first public library was made by her command.  An admirer of Peter the Great, Catherine saw herself as his political heiress and continued to modernise Russia along Western European lines while pursuing her country’s interests.
She enthusiastically supported the ideals of The Enlightenment, and was an enthusiastic patron of literature, arts and education. She presided over the age of the Russian Enlightenment, a period when the Smolny Institute, the first state-financed higher education institution for women in Russia, was established. 
The period of Catherine the Great’s rule, the Catherinian Era, is often considered the Golden Age of the Russian Empire.

Tim Drake and his Soulmate AU

•For a couple years Tim didn’t think that soulmates were actually true.

•As far as he knew Bruce never had one and his older brothers haven’t gotten any signs of a soulmate either.

•So when smudged letters appeared on his arm saying, “Remember to do that thing.”

•He thought that he wrote on himself and completely ignored it.

•It wasn’t until he was out in the night of Gotham fighting criminals that it clicked.

•He didn’t write that.

•That was his soulmate.

•He could give you messages when writing on his skin.

•This got Tim all freaked out and he got a hard punch in the jaw when he zoned out.

•Back at the Batcave everyone could tell something was off about Tim.

•Tim got all nervous, should he write back? Is this how it works?

•He was visibly pale and quickly retreated up to his room after he finished his usual routine.

•Tim looked at his arm again and another text was written on his palm in tiny letters.

•"Chem. is boring" it said with little doodles of circles.

•Tim picked up a pen and wrote, “Chemistry isn’t that bad.”

•What seemed like hours but was only a couple minutes more text appeared.

•"Oh geez, my soulmate writing back in my Chemistry class is not how I imagined.“

•"Well what did you imagine.”

•"Hm, I’m not too sure… like at home where I didn’t publicly embarrass myself by falling off my chair.“

•That made Tim laugh.

•"Haha, I’m sorry about that. You’re alright though?”

•"Yep, you seem like a gentleman.“

•"I like to think that I am.”

•"So did I interrupt you when I wrote on your arm?“

•"A little, I kind of got punched.”

•"Punched!? Are you in a fight club or something?“

•"Something like that.”

•"Sorry about the punch, be safe in your fight club. I have a test I’m going to ace rn, see you soon the future love of my life.“

•Tim had the cheesiest smile on his face from talking to you.

•You seemed so laid back and calm, he’s not usually good at conversation, but with you it seemed natural.

•Although he did look a bit weird when Alfred came to check up on him and he had black pen all over his body.

•Eventually the news broke around the manor that Tim found his soulmate.

•Dick was thrilled, he wanted to know everything.

•Damian couldn’t understand how someone was destined for Tim.

•And Jason just gave a assuredly pat on the back with a thumbs up.

•For a while he always wrote to you after his patrol.

•He got to know that your name was Y/N and he learned about all your hobbies and interests.

•By 2 weeks you two practically knew (almost) everything about each other.

•You found out that your soulmate was Tim Drake by a different way.

•Tim was caught writing on his hand during a meeting and speculations were formed during a news casting.

•So you wrote on his hand "Hey, if I wrote on your forehead would the whole world see it on tv?”

•You saw Tim laugh on camera, but tried to stifle it as he wrote back “Yes, I guess you know who I am?”

•"Tim, they’re playing your meeting on my tv right now.“

•It was out on a random walk to a cafe that you saw Tim for the first time.

•You passed by one of Bruce Wayne’s many buildings and stopped for a bit thinking about if Tim was there.

•You wrote a little message on your palm for him before walking away.

•Tim felt a tingle in his palm and looked to see your handwriting.

•However, it caught his attention that a person 15 floors down was writing on their palm before walking away.

•He realized that it was you.

•Dropping everything he ran down the flight of stairs and at amazing speed managed to catch up to you.

•He tripped a bit and ran into you near the end.

•Looking behind you to see if that person was ok you realized that it was Tim.

•"You could’ve just wrote something and I’ve would’ve stopped” you said with a smile.

•Tim nervously chuckled before getting up,“ I guess I kind of forgot about that. I saw you and I just… all I thought about was seeing you, nothing else.”


The Gated City has an eclectic yet pragmatic design. As a popular, centuries-old trading hub, it has many ancient buildings - although few of them are fully intact. Rather than wasting time and resources on demolishing these buildings, architects have built around them, resulting in a surprisingly grand design: one with many decorative arches and walls, and old themes which are replicated in modern ways.

Of course, not everything can be salvaged. The port that welcomes travelers and cargo is relatively modern, with bleached-white gazebos dotting the harbor. Here you can see the layout of these gazebos on the bay, as well as a frontal view of the Border Inspections Headquarters. This is one of the very first areas you encounter in the game.

Welcome Back // The Loser’s Club

Word Count: 1488

Summary- After moving away, you return to Derry, Maine, and reunite with your old friends.

Warnings; N/A

A/n; This came to me and I would’ve been mad if I didn’t write it so enjoy x

Requested; Nope, just an idea I had!


6 years ago…

“Shit!” “Richie! That’s a bad word!” 7-year-old you scolded. “Y-yeah Richie!” A young Bill frowned. “LALALA, I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Eddie cried, hands clamped over his ears dramatically. “Ugh, you all suck!” Richie cried, pouting. “You love us.” You winked, Richie opening his mouth to protest. “Yeah, we’re the only ones who actually don’t mind you.” Stan chimed in, making Richie pout even more. “Group hug!” You cried, squishing your friends in a group hug. Everything was great. Until you got home that day, when your parents suddenly had you pack up everything, very rushed, and leave the town the next morning.

You didn’t even get to say goodbye to your best friends.

Little did you know how much it hurt them to visit your house, and see it abandoned. They asked around town, and everyone simply said you had to go away. It was confusing for the 7 year old group of boys, and it broke their hearts to see one of their best friends go. Over the years, they made a silent agreement that they wouldn’t bring you up; the memories hurt them too much.

Present day

A lot had changed since that day. You’d grown out your hair; it used to be boy-cut (to match with the boys, you felt left out), now it fell past your shoulders, in loose Y/H/C curls. You wore makeup these days, even though you were only 13. You grew up in NYC, where you learned to fend for yourself and you didn’t take shit from anyone. You’d gained much more confidence; going from the little, innocent girl from down the road to the baddest bitch in town.

Now, driving past the sign ‘Welcome to Derry, Maine’, that confidence began to slip. You were nervous about coming home; it was no secret. You didn’t really want to come back, if you were being honest. You’d just moved on, forgotten the feeling to miss all your best friends, and made new ones. You finally felt at home in New York, after 6 years, and just your luck, your parents decided it was time to go back. You never did know why you moved, but you never really thought about it.

Now, as you saw the many buildings you used to bike past with your friends, you gulped. Your friends. You wondered how they were. You lost contact as soon as you left, and you hadn’t spoken to any of them since. It hurt, they were all like your brothers. Were they still friends? Would they even recognize you? 6 years was a long time, and not only your appearance, but your personality had changed drastically.

You were excited to see them; you hoped they were all still here, and still friends. Another feeling was locked in your mind, though; what if they didn’t remember you? You remembered all of them vividly; Eddie, the nervous boy with the inhaler, and the crazy mother, Richie, the boy who never shut up and had a potty mouth (as 7-year-old you recalled), Bill, the stuttering leader of your friends group, and Stanley; the smart brainiac who drove you all mad, but you loved him. You loved all of them. You missed all of them. You could only hope they missed you too.

Stepping out of the car, you took a deep breath as a wave of nostalgia filled you. Your parents never sold your house; again, another thing you didn’t bother questioning. You had asked time and time again while in New York to come back to visit, and now you were here, and ready to leave again. You glanced down the road, knowing Bill’s house was down the block. If he still lived there, anyway.

“Mother?” You asked, nervously. “Yes, you can go.” She immediately said, waving you off. “Bike?” She questioned, and you shook your head. “No thank you!” You called, running down the road. It felt odd, you never really rode it in New York. Not only was there nowhere to ride it, it just felt unusual, because you weren’t with the boys. Sighing, you went for a walk around town, taking in your old home.


Beverly was walking along the streets, smiling happily. She’d just been invited to the Quarry with the ‘Loser’s Club’ and she couldn’t have been happier. Not paying attention, she walked right into someone, slamming into them. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” She said, helping the girl up. Confusedly, she looked the girl up and down. “Have we met before?” She frowned, the girl looked so familiar, yet so different.

“Oh my god.. Y/N L/N?!” Beverly exclaimed, shocked. You looked up, having been knocked over. Your jaw dropped. “Beverly Marsh!?” You gasped, jumping up. You two were quite close while you were younger, (obviously, not as close as you and the boys, but still close) and to say you both changed was an understatement. You tackled her into a hug, her quick to return it. “How have you been?!” Bev exclaimed, and you two chatted for a bit.

“Hey, have you seen the boys yet?” Bev asked, frowning slightly. You told her about what happened; you leaving abruptly, without saying goodbye. “N-no.” You stuttered, “They don’t even know i’m back.” Beverly pondered this for a second, before lighting up like a christmas tree. “Well, tomorrow the boys and I are going to the Quarry, why don’t you come with?! We can surprise them!” She exclaimed, and you thought about it, biting your lip. “Sure, why not?” You said, calmly, but your heart was racing. “Awesome, see you tomorrow!” She said, walking off. “Haha.. yeah, see ya..” You said, nervously. You returned back to your house, and the rest of the day flew by, as you anxiously awaited for tomorrow to come.

Time skip

You got dressed normally, simple undergarments and a nice dress. You didn’t really style your hair, brushing it out and leaving it down. You smiled as you biked to where Bev told you to meet her. She was already there, and her hair, which was long like yours yesterday, was cut very short. “I like your hair!” You complimented, and she blushed slightly. “Thanks.” The two of you biked up the hill, where all the boys were stood there, shirtless, and ready to jump. Well, they were dressed to jump. They all looked nervous as hell. There was another boy you didn’t recognize; maybe he’d joined onto the group after you left. You were just happy they were all still friends; it was one of your biggest worries returning here.

“Who’s gonna go first?” One of them said, you didn’t catch who. “I’ll go, Sissies!” Beverly called, catching the group’s attention. She quickly stripped off her dress, you following suit. The boys seemed confused, but you didn’t give them time to process it. “Come on, Y/N!” She screamed, grabbing your arm and you both together ran and jumped off the cliff. “What the fuck!?” You assumed Richie called.

Eddie turned to the guys, confused. “Did she say.. Y/N?” He asked, quietly. The loser’s, except Ben, tensed, looking to Eddie slowly. “No, Ed, it couldn’t be..” Stan whispered, looking down at you and Beverly, who were watching them impatiently. “Come on, guys!” You called, waving them down. Richie gulped. “Holy shit.. It is Y/N.” “Whose Y/N?” Ben asked, confused as hell. “A-An old f-friend.” Bill stuttered, shocked. “Seriously, are you coming?!” Bev called, confused. The boys all took a last glance, before jumping off the cliff, screaming and kicking their legs wildly.

You swam over to them, shyly, as they all settled. “So, uh, surprise?” You asked, scared. The boys all glanced at each other, and you sighed. “Look, I can explain-” You started, but Richie cut you off. “No, Y/N! What the hell? You fucking left us! You didn’t even tell us you were leaving!” The group fell silent, you gulping. “I-I didn’t know..” You whispered, knowing you deserved it.

“W-W-What d-do you m-mean y-you didn’t k-know?” Bill asked, confused. “That night we were out, all of a sudden, my parents said we’re going to New York, and to pack everything I owned. We just up and left. I begged and begged to say goodbye. It was like they couldn’t hear me, or they just ignored me.” You said, sadly. They all remained quiet, before Stanley swam over to you, giving you a much-needed hug.

You gladly hugged back, and one by one, the boys swam over, giving you hugs and saying how much they missed you. You were introduced to Ben, who you got along great with. “You know how we got picked on a lot, Y/N?” Stanley asked, as you all were relaxing in the water. “Yeah?” You asked, confused. “W-We gave ourselves a n-name.” Ben added, looking to Eddie. “Welcome back to the Loser’s Club, Y/N.”

It’s been what, a year??? since bvs came out and to this day no one has been able to adequately explain to me why it gets hated on to this level
I’m still questioning whether I watched the same movie as everyone else what am I missing my dudes I’m sorry but I don’t see the atrocity here I