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your oppa wearing braids because he “loves hip hop” and therefore “that doesn’t make it racist because its appreciation” does jack shit for actual black people in the world. 

literally, do some cursory googles of how black folks are treated in South Korea, treated in Asia, treated on this anti black earth and tell me how is wearing someone’s heritage as a concept for a comeback respectable or kind? 

all its actually doing is making your artist money while further separating black folks from their cultural production because this stream of argumentation is founded on the idea that black people cannot claim ownership over anything that they create. that’s a form of erasure, and if you’re not even willing to sit with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with acknowledging something is fucked up, then please understand that you will be called out for it and even worse!!!! you’ll be called a racist. fear not, educate yourself and you can be redeemed. you dont owe it to anyone, literally do it for yourself because life is better when you can understand where people are coming from when they speak about that which hurts them. 

i love Kpop but theres a lot of fucked up shit happening in it, just like i like where i live but Canada has some (read: a lot) of fucked up politics, western music is full of anti-blackness too etc etc…but if you turn yourself off to the inequality or never read GOOD writing on the issues (shout out to my minor in gender, race, sexuality and social justice studies…and having a free library card) then you’re doing no one a favour with the ignorance and the anon messages. 

A doodle of the Altertangle AU but with Asgore as Rapunzel.

Altertale and Altertangle belongs to @friisans


Beyoncé x Normani

You can’t ask for more LGBT / mentally ill / disabled / POC representation in media if you don’t believe that fiction affects reality. That’s complete bullshit.

Fiction has always affected reality. Popular media has influenced generations of people & always gives us insight to common attitudes and beliefs in the past.

If fiction doesn’t affect reality, why are so many black cats killed or left unadopted. Why did two girls try and kill their friend because of Slenderman. Why do so many young girls think they can become astronauts, scientists, or even the president after they watch TV shows with women in high positions of power. Why are sharks feared more than they ever have been after the movie Jaws. Why do North Korean citizens who obtain smuggled contraband videos and flashdrives full of American shows and movies become motivated to leave their country. Why do so many serial killers have similar tastes in favorite books and movies. Why did so many young girls braid their hair after Disney’s Frozen or The Hunger Games came out. Why was it reported that kids who grew up reading Harry Potter became adults more tolerant and accepting of people from different cultures.

You learn shit from media. That’s the goddamn truth. It’s why kids shows are so vastly different from adults’ ones–you learn morality and ethics from others. You learn how to act and behave, and what’s right or wrong. What content you consume shapes you as a person.

Fiction. Affects. Reality.

i’m twenty five now, shit, that means i have to stop fucking around, that means i need to find out how to deal with all this blood, men, the stretch marks on my shoulders, the absolute mortality of my parents. this is the first true poem i’ve written in months and i’ve got all these words buzz buzz buzzing around inside of me, they were right, i just had to give it time and meanwhile i keep missing dentist’s appointments, keep fattening myself up on sugar and boys with big eyes and big lashes and i haven’t grown out of girlhood yet because my nails break and i cry, my hair falls out and i cry, my tits are too big and i cry and i am growing into my mother and we cry at all the same things. she told me she was sorry for the years my dad wove my heavy hair into braids but i’m so sorry i’m so sorry i’m so sorry dad for never accepting or claiming my blackness because even now as a grown ass black woman, dark alleys and shadowy street corners still scare the fuck out of me. i see black boys running and black girls crying and vice versa and both and this fence right here i built myself, this distance i created myself. the punchline is that my dad spent so many hours braiding my hair that i never learned how to do it myself, the punchline is that we are still nursing our black tender heads. this poem will not absolve me of all my sins or even scrub me clean but i am turning the faucet on, i am picking up the sponge, i am attacking my cuticles with unprecedented ferocity. meanwhile my blackness sticks its head out of the window and howls.
—  Kristina Haynes, “Small Poem About Big Things”

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Allies reacting to their s/o asking them to braid the s/o's hair?

Fun fact: I had long hair for years, but I only learned how to braid hair after I cut it too short to do it to myself. rip me


-He doesn’t know how to braid hair, but he’s more than willing to learn for you! He watches a video on youtube, and soon after he buries his fingers in your hair to try it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the hang of it, and you end up with a lovely, but slightly messy braid. If you let him, he’ll keep practicing on you until he’s gotten really good at it.


-He’s braided his own hair before, and knows a lot of more complicated styles. As soon as you ask, he settles in behind you and gets to work. You’re expecting him to just do a simple braid, but you end up having a braid with roses in it. It’s beautiful, and he blushes when you thank him. After this, he nearly begs you to let him style your hair for you.


-France has taught him how to braid hair, and he’s relatively good at it. So when you ask him one morning, he’s eager to help. He loves playing with your hair, and gives you an elegant fishtail braid, to low-key show off his skills in the hopes that you’ll ask him to do it again in the future.


-He doesn’t know how to do anything with hair except brush it, so he’s worried when you ask him. Still, he wants to make you happy, so he’ll try his best. He looks up a tutorial, and slowly follows along. He accidentally pulls on your hair a few times without realizing, and has to re-do it twice. In the end, the results aren’t half bad, and he’s rather proud of himself. But you might want to do your hair yourself from now on.


-He’s probably asked to style your hair before this, since he likes playing with it. His face lights up when you ask, and he rushes off to gather the necessary things. When he was younger, he frequently watched Ukraine braid her hair and helped her, and he weaves your hair into a crown braid. He’s happy, and he hopes you are too.


-He’s been alive for thousands of years, and has raised girls. Of course he knows how to braid hair, and braid it well. Once you ask him, he tells you to sit down in front of him and stay still. He finishes soon after he starts, and hands you a mirror so you can see the ladder braid. He hopes you like it as much as he does.

What do you guys think of the images? I thought it’d be a good idea for something like this, but let me know if I shouldn’t do it again in the future. 

Wrong Brother (Fili X Reader)

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Request for @thealbersclan   Hi hi hi!! Love your stuff!! Could I please do a request?? How about reader x Fili. Fili wants to get reader a present to show his affections and he is unsure if reader likes him. He has no idea what to get her so Kili tries to talk her up to get ideas. Reader Gets the wrong idea and tells Kili she’s not interested in him(Kili) and she actually likes his brother! ❤️  

Authors Note: FOR @thealbersclan SO SORRY this took so long, I’m in the middle of exams and have been stressing out. But I did promise I would get this done, so I’ve taken a break from studying to finish this. Hope you like it

Word Count: 1,254

Fili was a Prince. Heir to the throne of Erebor. A member of the First Company who reclaimed the mountain from a Dragon, for crying out loud! So why did he find this so difficult? Was it just not meant to be? Why did her heart seem so out of reach?

Fili sighed loudly and his shoulders dropped slightly as he maneuvered his body to rest more comfortably in the tree. Yes, you heard correctly, Fili was currently perched in a tree, waiting for his brother to walk through with (Y/N), the young dwarrow that had stolen his heart.

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♧ for mahon and ezra or verdun if you're still taking these! wholesome dalish activities continue

this only occurred to me while drawing this but… mahon would absolutely undo his entire braid just to ask someone else to redo it. “it’ll hold better,” he says, convincing absolutely no one

She chose the name Rain when she first entered, and indeed could be often seen standing in the rain, droplets decorating her many tiny braids like gems, looking like stars in the night sky on her skin.
She wore silver and iron and gold as beads in her hair, and was free enough with them, giving her gold beads as sacrifice for small matters. She had a voice that was warm and pleasant, but her song sounded more like the crackling of flames. She worked in sculpture and metal, but studied justice. She studied humanity and their patterns and by her junior year could accurately predict which students would get taken next.
In her senior year, with iron chains wrapped around her arms, and two self forged iron knives warming themselves against her flesh, hidden from view, she approached a Noble. She exchanges a new student, with a voice like water flowing over a diamond, for the ability to see guilt in humans, and when she walks away with a smile like a knife slash she glows red, red, red.