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Hair, Symbolism, and Azula's Descent into Madness

Not my hair! Father always loved my hair!

One of Bryke’s favorite forms of symbolism has to do with hair. We see it with Zuko (both with him cutting his hair in “The Avatar State,” and growing out his hair as  symbol of his gaining wisdom as the series progresses); we see it with Korra when she cuts her hair in “Korra Alone”; with Tarrlok as he adds more and more braids to his hair until he has as many braids as the man that he never wanted to become; we see it with Kuvira whenever she loses control of a situation which causes her hair to become unkempt; and, most notably, we see it with Azula.

The same principle used for Kuvira’s hair symbolism (unkempt hair whenever they lose control) can also be applied to Azula. However, with Azula, it’s not just about control–it’s about perfection. It’s about living up to her father’s standards. After all, shes a prodigy, and Ozai would expect nothing less.  

Azula grew up in a world where she was held up on a pedestal as her father’s prodigy. As such, she was forced not only to surpass her brother in the art of firebending, but to be perfect in every way in order to meet her father’s absurdly high expectations. This caused Azula to be obsessed with perfection and control. Consequently, to be anything but perfect and to lose control would mean falling short of those high standards set by her father.

And that’s precisely what happened. Her plans began to fail, pawns began acting on their own. She was no longer in control. She was no longer perfect. Her world began to fall apart around her, and she was left with nothing but her hallucinations.

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Reader is a grounder she gets captured along with Lincoln. Sorry for crappy description I had a idea for this story and kinda lost it halfway threw writing it…. Would love to write more though I love this show. BTW used google for the grounder language.

Reader X Bellamy

Warnings: I don’t know if there is if so let me know I’ll note them. 

Checking the trees for any of the sky people I sighed when I found that there was nothing. Slowly crawling out of the bush I moved closer toward the water. Pulling my hair free from it’s many braids. Once free I toss in some rocks watching as the large snake creature swims toward the movement. Pulling a red root from bag I brake it making what lies inside run out dying my hands. Throwing it into the water I watch as the beast quickly retreats upstream away from the cloud of red.

Moving to remove my clothing I was stopped by a pain in my head followed by everything going black

I woke up to a fight. Blinking away the dizziness I was surprised to find that I was inside of what the sky people came out of. It was rounded with a hole in the floor making me wonder why they have wasted time digging a hole into the ground.

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toothrotting lance/lotor stuff: lance trying as many braids and hairstyles (space pinterest?) as he can on lotor’s hair bc it’s just so long and soft. also lotor picking up on when lance is stressed and just gracefully settling in front of lance while he reads/works on whatever he’s doing at the time. 


I noticed there weren’t that many braid hairstyles for little black girls in the Sims 3 so I decided to retexture this hair found in Plumblobs Nightcrawler Retexture Set with braids created by Darko Sims. This is my first hair retexture ever so I’m pretty stoked I pulled it off haha, happy simming y’all!

Simfileshare Link

All mesh and texture credits go to @darkosims3 and @plumblobs

「… as expected, your usual hair looks better.」
「Because the braid will always look best on you, Leaks. But… I am more than happy with this.」
「Agreeing to my selfish request again… Thank you. 」

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*busts door down* FLASHES AU!!!

Time for some Quality Flashes Content so!

  • I’ve mentioned this one before, but when Erik is tired and not up to much and Christine happens to be visiting, he WILL braid her hair. Often without thinking about it. It gives his hands something to do, and he finds it very soothing. Rahim also tends to wear his hair reasonably long just so Erik and braid it, and Erik loves counting how many tiny braids he can get in Rahim’s beard. His fingers are very nimble. Erik is the hairdressing king.
  • Sometimes Erik and Rahim lie in bed or cuddle together and say nothing, just exist together, breathing in time with each other with their fingers twined.
  • Erik likes to lie with his head in Rahim’s lap and read aloud. Rahim loves listening to him.
  • After Erik’s near-fatal bout of pneumonia his singing voice never quite recovers, and he loses much of his stamina for long notes. His voice is a little rougher, and it troubles him, though Rahim continually tells him that he still sounds beautiful, just different.
  • Darius has Seen Things he would prefer to unsee, but he never mentions them.
  • Even after all these years Darius has connections in Persia thanks to his extended family, and he keeps in regular contact with them to the extent that he has them send him things, such as the wine for Erik and Rahim’s fifteenth anniversary.
  • Though Darius would never admit to it out loud, he does care quite deeply for Erik and worries about him almost as much as Rahim does. He also worries about Rahim a lot. Darius is full of worries.
  • At one stage Rahim suffered terribly with migraines due to lack of sleep, when Erik’s nightmares were at their worst, to the extent that he actually collapsed on one occasion. When he came around it was to Erik hovering over him half-mad with panic and Darius gone for a doctor. This led to the decision for Erik to take laudanum when he’s gone a while without sleep. Morphine was also suggested, but Erik feared residual pain in his arm from the needle would interfere with his ability to play music.
  • Rahim actually hates the fact that it’s necessary for Erik to use laudanum, and it brings a whole pile of extra worries for him, though he is relieved to see Erik getting some peaceful sleep, even if it is drugged.
  • Sometimes Rahim wonders how life might have turned out if he had left Persia with Erik. And though he imagines that they would have gotten together much sooner, and it would be nice to have had all of those missed years, he’s grateful for the time that they do have, and part of him knows that they both had a lot of growing up to do before they ever did get together.

This is way more than 5 but I love Flashes ‘verse to bits! Also tagging @hopsjollyhigh @dunkinphantom @dying-suffering-french-stalkers @mendedpixie7 and @loudlewdlyricalmiracle , because I know they’re all Flashes fans!

(Incidentally, I have some ideas for a Timer AU of Flashes ‘verse, but I won’t go into it here.)

Hair Stylist

Cullen grinned at the tiny sparks of pain.

“Sorry, daddy,” Myra said as she slowed the brushed through his curls.

“It’s all right, sweetheart.” He laughed when she tugged his hair again, pressing his head back on the bed so he could watch her. She had her legs spread open with his head in the center. Her forehead was crinkled in concentration and she was biting her lip as she set Elysse’s brush aside.

His daughter ran her fingers through his hair, almost petting him, before she took a small handful and began making a delicate braid.

“How many today?” he asked.


“Why seven?”

Myra grinned, abandoning his hair for a moment as she reached into the little pockets sewn into her dress. “Mommy got them for me,” she said, showing him seven delicate ribbons—one for every color in the rainbow.

“My, my. Wasn’t that nice of her.” Cullen shook his head with a chuckle. “You’re going to put all of them in my hair?”

“Yep!” She leaned down and smacked a kiss against his forehead. “Now hold still, daddy.”

“Anything you say, darling.”

“All done!” Myra climbed around on the bed before plopping onto his stomach. Cullen grunted as he propped himself onto one arm.

“How do I look?” He tilted his neck this way and that, making silly faces until the girl burst into giggles.

A gasp in the doorway drew Cullen’s attention. Warmth crept up his cheeks as he saw Elysse standing there, hand over her mouth in an obvious attempt to keep from laughing. Clearing his throat, he stood a little straighter. “Well, my dearest? What do you think?”

“I barely recognize the dashing man before me,” she said through poorly suppressed giggles. “I feel unworthy to be in your presence, ser.” She placed a hand to her forehead in true dramatic fashion.

Myra giggled, bouncing her way towards mother. Elysse caught the child, hauling her up to hold Myra on her hip. “Doesn’t he look pretty?”

“You did an excellent job.” Elysse kissed her cheek and Myra beamed.

Cullen chuckled as he walked over to the pair of them. He wrapped his arms around the women most precious to him, raising an eyebrow at his wife. “Perhaps she should do your hair one of these days, my love.”

“Perhaps.” Elysse grinned, cupping one of Cullen’s cheeks in her free hand before she pulled him in for a kiss. He smirked when their daughter made a blech sound, letting his lips linger on Elysse’s for as long as she let him. Resting his forehead to hers when they parted, he drew the pair in closer.

“I love you,” he whispered in his wife’s ear. His heart squeezed in delightful agony when she said it back.

Myra hopped to the floor and started tugging on Cullen’s hand. “Come on, daddy,” she whined. “I want to show everyone.”

Cullen groaned as he gave into her demands, trudging alongside his daughter as she lead him to the main hall to display her work, Elysse’s laughter echoing behind him.

some 3 am klance headcanons bc i cant seem to grasp the idea that ppl sleep at night

  • listen,, i’ll forever love the idea of keith letting lance comb/braid his hair !!!; okay so keith’s hair is long but it’s not that long and there aren’t that many braiding options,, but after a while he lets it grow longer ?? bc he actually loves lance playing with his hair and lance is definitely not protesting he is too dead (then there’s the teasing ofc bc who would they be w/out pointless banter,,, “i thought you hated my hair?” “shut up mullet man” “you can’t use that one anymore”)
  • lance is a Meme™, ‘nough said tbh,,, buuuut that includes yelling ‘here come dat boi’ when keith enters a room (keith tried to make him stop even threatened to kick his ass multiple times but to no avail); whenevr he is in an inconvenient situation, varying from dropping something to being shot on a mission, he just goes ‘aint nobody got time for that’; “i’m on a boat, i’m on a boat, take a good hard lOOK AT THE MOTHER-” “LANCE, THIS IS A SPACE SHIP”; he called keith waifu once,,, never happened again
  • shARiNG clOtHEs,,, first time is a complete accident,, these kids do laundry right well whatevr assuming they do they’re in a hurry before a mission and try to get dressed as fast as possible so lance grabs one of keith’s dumb black shirts instead of his own and they don’t notice that until after they return and take off their armor,, the shirt doesn’t rlly fit and is a little bit baggy on lance but it also shows off some of his stomach, plus the overall idea of lance wearing his clothes makes keith want to fling himself into the sun,,, following that event lance was seen wearing black shirts more often than his usual clothing and even a familiar red jacket at one point
  • with lance’s amazing flirting and keith’s marvelous social skills i’m guessing they don’t have much experience in the kissing department,,, aka their first kiss is a Mess but tht doesn’t stop them from trying and eventually they get it right; but apart from the liplocking, there are many forehead kisses before/after one of them falls asleep, also p a l m  k i s s e s
  • the one thing more ridiculous than lance’s puns is his taste in music (if ‘blue’ by eiffel 65 is anything to judge from),,, his two most played songs are ‘rich girl’ and ‘hips don’t lie’ and keith tries rlly hard to glare at him whenever he starts singing either of them but he’s also highkey dying inside bc lance’s dancing shouldn’t be as attractive as it is; you’d think hunk or coran would listen to the biggest amount of girl groups but nope, it’s lance
  • bonus: after the ‘i say vol, you say tron’ thing failed, lance started singing the teen titans theme song whenever they have to form voltron 

we should totally just stab caesar

sometimes you’re caesar, other times you’re brutus.
friendships weren’t built in a day, but they can fall apart just as quick.

emperor’s new clothes (panic! at the disco) / real friends (kanye west ft ty dolla $ign) / bad moon rising (creedence clearwater revival) / many enemies (braid) / slow assassination (the parlotones) / betrayal (apocalyptica) / kill all your friends (my chemical romance) / forcelessness (sarah neufeld) / last days of rome (daytrader)


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I might be sorry that you just got back, just trying to make it (painfully) pleasant. Do you think they have hair braiding contests with the older twins where they try to do as many braids/ the most complicated braids better and faster than the other? Ernest wanting to join and trying to get Doris to sit still, but she's sassy and Lottie ends up sacrificing herself? Fizzy, Tommy and Dan are the judges obviously. When Harry loses he complains about family bias until reminded that he's family too.

@youarethegirlalmighty - CAROLINE IS THIS YOU I SWEAR TO GOD