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OLD SONIC ART from my old sonic blog….boy i sure do love me some sonic the hedge. these are from 2013 i think…i was going to go back and re-watermark all of them with my current url but i only did the first one and then got too lazy. go figure. please dont repost!


quote 47 for Nonny :” no stop, I’M HURTING FROM LAUGHING SO MUCH!” (I omitted the laughing part because it seemed too superfluous)

My my, it looks like someone has a vampire kink XD

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So I was googling stuff for an idea for my story, and I wanted a visual of the knights of the round table, and I found one that looked kind of cartoonish but pretty normal-looking. Then I saw in the lower left-hand corner:

I don’t want context for this. It’s better this way.

  • “I want to date a Korean.”
  • “I want to marry a Korean.” 
  • “I want to have Korean babies.”

How do people say these things so matter-of-factly and not realize how perverse these statements are? They are fetishizing an entire population of people based on very limited and very skewed representations of what they’ve seen in mainstream Korean media. 

South Korea isn’t all about K-Pop and K-Dramas. It’s not all cute and fun. It’s a nation of people struggling to get by because the vast majority are overworked and underpaid. It’s a nation of people trying their absolute hardest to find happiness and solidarity and peace of mind because the government has been horrendously failing its people. When people make dumbass comments about how badly they want to date/marry a Korean person just because they’ve listened to some catchy songs and watched some entertaining dramas, please realize that they are dehumanizing an entire nation of people. 

Including their favorite idols, despite the fact that the media likes to portray things differently.

Note: Listening to K-pop, watching K-Dramas, etc. doesn’t make you a bad person. But something is to be said about someone who obsesses so intensely over one aspect of a people’s culture but they can’t be bothered to even look into other, not-so-positive aspects of that same culture. How much can you truly say you love a culture when you can’t even be bothered to, at the very least, research struggles the people face? 

Fox Friends:

(1) ギンギツネ (2) キタキツネ  (3) アカギツネ (4) クルペオギツネ  
(1) Silver fox (2) Ezo red fox (3) Red fox (4) Culpeo

(5) フェネック (6) チベットスナギツネ (7) オイナリサマ  (8) キュウビキツネ
(5) fennec (6) Tibetan sand fox (7) Oinari-sama (Deity) (8) Ninetailed fox (Youkai)

(the quality of the new ones is much lower because they are from the book)

(9)オオミミギツネ (10)  オグロスナギツネ (11) ホッキョクキツネ 
(12) ハイイロギツネ
(9)Bat-eared fox (10) Pale fox (11) Artic fox (12) Island fox 

the very best of friends through the years

(titus, titus, you are dROOLING ON HIM, UGH–)

Dick and Dami
Tim and Dami
Jason and Dami
Steph and Dami
Cass and Dami
Alfred and Dami