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ABARAT by Clive Barker

Darkness always had its part to play. Without it, how would we know when we walked in the light? It’s only when its ambitions become too grandiose that it must be opposed, disciplined, sometimes—if necessary—brought down for a time. Then it will rise again, as it must.

3. Tyra Stands Up for Men’s Rights

Oh hey, look at Tyra’s getup this week:

She’s definitely trying harder than when she wore baggy football jerseys two weeks in a row last cycle. At least she can wear this dress and feel pretty confident that no one else will be wearing the same thing. You can’t say the same of Kelly Cutrone, since Devin came to panel copying her supposedly “witch/goth” wardrobe.

Kelly invented the all-black look and she will eliminate anyone who tries to imitate.
Also, whatever you do, do not clap for Cutrone.

She does not like having her ass kissed. Just ask Louise and Chlea.

Okay, okay, but this isn’t about Cutrone. This is about the differences between male models and female models. Specifically, female models have to always follow the light. “We’re unfortunate as ladies,” Tyra says. “We have to, like, chase the light.” It’s just one of the many ways that women are like moths. So much for playing hard to get!

Case in point: Tyra is facing away from the light in that screen cap. Meanwhile, guys can look wherever they want regardless of the light - talk about male privilege!  Damn, they must have it soooo easy in the modeling industry, right?


Tyra uses this episode to get serious about gender inequality in the modeling industry. Do you know why Tyra invited males to join the competition in the first place?

In my book, “the show needed a fresh twist,” “to better appeal to the show’s young girl/gay boy fanbase,” and “Tyra wants the D” are all acceptable answers. Her actual reason, she claims, is that men are treated as accessories by the fashion world and that’s unfair.

Finally, someone is standing up against gender inequality and saying, “Give these men a chance!” Shame on a society that refuses to treat males as equals! Let there be one booch for every tooch on the pages of magazines.

Tyra elaborates on the inequality by discussing the wage gap. Not those statistics you hear about in the news where women on average get paid 20% less than men for similar work. This is a more serious issue: male models get paid 10% of what females make. Just wait ’til the Republicans in Congress feast their eyes on that stat!

Tyra hopes that pointing out this inequality will inspire Stefano to try harder. In his photo with Ava, he looks more like Ava’s prop (I’d say he’s more of a tool, though) than a model in his own right. Tyra wants to prove that male models can be stars! Perhaps that’s why she gave Nigel Barker so many chances. 

Don’t discount Tyra’s words as fluff; she’s committed to her activism. She says she added boys to ANTM to make sure men will finally get their due and that the fashion industry won’t treat them like second-class citizens anymore.

Let’s all take a moment to think of a time when ANTM inspired any sort of change within the fashion industry…

Never mind, let’s not waste too much time on that.  

The reason that women are supermodels and men aren’t is because of centuries of female objectification. It’s cool that a handful of female supermodels get paid a lot to look attractive, but what about all the non-model women who are constantly judged based on their appearance anyway? Even classically beautiful women are deemed not good enough for the most ridiculous reasons, like Delanie. Did you know someone can be very pretty, but still not the right amount of pretty?

As with the “look into the light” screen cap, Tyra must be illustrating to Delanie how to look less pretty.

The thing is that, on the whole, men are rarely judged solely on their looks. They can look into the light, they can look away from the light… it doesn’t matter. Forgive me for not shedding any tears for the male gender if a life free of objectification also means not getting paid as much money to stand in front of a camera. Try one of those other 95% of jobs that men are more likely to get hired for and get paid more to do. 

Look, I think it’s nice that Tyra’s concerned about the contestants’ future paychecks. However, before she worries about how much they’re getting paid, it’d be more helpful for her to focus on getting them paid modeling gigs after the show period. As it stands, these models leave the show with little real world modeling experience and education. No one in the fashion industry is going to pay a model - male OR female - top dollar if their background in modeling involves being tied up in Christmas lights and having different kinds of animal necks shouted at them.

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