TWD #15 “The Kids Are Alright” page 38

Reading the newest issue of TWD magazine, a lovely, insightful story in how the children of the ZA grow, thrive or meet their fate.

Beth is the first kid profiled with Carl, Lizzie and Mika also mentioned. Very interesting analyses and well worth a read. 😉😂👏🏻

What’s up with “many” and “much”?

Cheer up, G-DRAGON. This is easier than you think. 

If you’re talking about things that can be counted, use “many”:

  • too many ducks
  • too many children
  • too many balls
  • too many hot dogs

If you’re talking about things that cannot be counted (mass nouns), use “much”:

  • too much stress
  • too much air
  • too much water
  • too much traffic

💁 Be careful with “money,” “homework,” and “time”: although each seems like a countable noun, we use “much”:

  • too much homework (but too many homework assignments)
  • too much time ⌚️ (but too many minutes and seconds)
  • too much money 💰 (but too many dimes and nickels)

🤔💭 This concept is similar to fewer” (for countable nouns) and “less” (for mass nouns).

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