things you should all know about the lightning thief musical and why it was amazing:

  • they stayed true to the books ( some people may ask me why I say this, well… the movies are nothing like the books )
  • lots and lots of Luke. like, seriously. Luke was very much present in the musical and it was such a nice change of pace cause these days so many people forget Luke and his story and why he’s so important to the pjo storyline
  • the characterizations were pretty accurate !!! ( I’m gonna do a writeup on this later ) and not only did we get Annabeth / Percy / Grover but we saw Katie, Silena, and Clarisse as well
  • for those who couldn’t see it, the musical had little dialogue / plot drive outside song !!! so look forward to that CD coming out since the songs themselves are absolutely amazing and pretty spot on
  • they reference the other books. at one point theres a joke about “you don’t see a son of Hades or a daughter of Zeus running around now do you?” and the dam jokes are, indeed, present — among others! ( plenty of humor for adults to which good shit )
  • there’s this really great song that takes place around the campfire which basically summarizes to “fuck the gods” cause everyone complains about their parent, including our favorite horse man
  • while the storyline moved very fast, it was also very fluid
  • theres a song about Thalia and the way they had it acted out honestly made me tear up and Percy’s reply to it was “wait I’m not the only one” which broke my heart because Grover just went “she died”
  • when Percy first sees Annabeth after he fully wakes up he yells “THATS MY DREAM GIRL !!!” at her then realizes what he said and proceeds to half trip over himself
  • have I mentioned Luke ??? well, in the end he basically hijacks the tune to Good Kid ( which does have a reprise in Hades ) to tell Percy he’s basically useless then literally stabs him in the back I’m not crying you’re crying
  • Percy: why does he hate me what did I do? // Mr. D: you were born
  • [ Luke voice ] protip, if you’re a son of Poseidon and you want to be alone, don’t sit by the lake.
  • Percy straight up called Grover a furry
  • the song with Charon actually killed me I want it on repeat for the rest of my life
  • [ Hades voice ] one does not simply walk out of Hades actual quote
  • if that wasn’t Bianca I’ll eat a shoe
  • Annabeths song ??? literal wonder I am so happy it happened and it really gave something to grab onto for her which I didn’t expect and totally approve of. it also strongly spoke of how she wants to build something permanent without straight up coming out and saying it so tbh really well done
  • right after the show the twitter dropped a news bomb that suggests a second musical next summer and I screamed ( they also came back on stage after the performance )
Jonathan Toews Pandora Station

So according to the Blackhawks, this is some of Jonny Toes’ jams. I haven’t made it through all the songs yet, but here is what I have found so far. 

  1. The Day I Tried To Live - Soundgarden
  2. What Kings - The Tragically Hip
  3. Sleeping Dogs (Feat. Corey Taylor) - Zakk Wylde
  4. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress) - The Hollies
  5. Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake
  6. Black Honey - Thrice
  7. Steady As She Goes - The Raconteurs
  8. The Way Hoe - Mo Lowda & the Humble
  9. Ditmas - Mumford and Sons
  10. Thunder - Imagine Dragons
  11. Firestone (Feat. Conrad Sewell) - Kygo
  12. Sail - AWOLNATION
  13. Wide Eyes - Local Natives
  14. Dark Days - Local Natives
  15. Feet Don’t Fail Me - Queens Of The Stone Age
  16. Legends Never Die (feat. Against the Current) - League of Legends
  17. Tv On The Radio - Golden Age
  18. Shut Up And Dance - Walk the Moon
  19. Like A Mighty River - St Paul and the Broken Bones
  20. Addicted To You - Avicii
  21. Wolfman’s Brother - Phish
  22. Live That Long - Lewis Del Mar
  23. Dig - Incubus
  24. Bright Lights - Gary Clark Jr.
  25. The Nights - Avicii
  26. Part Of Me - Tedeschi Trucks Band
  27. The City - Madeon
  28. Feelin’ Alright - Joe Cocker
  29. I Won’t Back Down - Tom Petty
  30. Left Hand Free - Alt-J
  31. Shine - Collective Soul
  32. Old Enough - the Raconteurs
  33. Black - Pearl Jam
  34. Put A Light On - Generationals
  35. Uptight (Everything’s Alright) - Stevie Wonder
  36. Consoler Of The Lonely - The Raconteurs
  37. Tessellate - alt-J
  38. Let You Down - NF
  39. Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man
  40. While I’m Alive - STRFKR
  41. Out Of The Black - Royal Blood
  42. True Disaster - Tove Lo
  43. Mary Joanna & The Music - The Revivalists
  44. Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
  45. Broken Arrows - Avicii
  46. Walk - Kwabs
  47. Holy Roller (Hallelujah) - Portugal. The Man
  48. Learning To Fly - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  49. Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons
  50. Island In The Sun - Weezer
  51. Every Minute - JJ Grey & Mofro
  52. Strobe - Deadmau5
  53. Don’t Take The Money - Bleachers
  54. Right Above It - Lil Wayne
  55. Glass House - Kaleo
  56. Kill Your Heroes - AWOLNATION
  57. Off The Wall - Michael Jackson
  58. Breakdown - Tom Petty
  59. Change - Blind Melon
  60. Take A Walk - Passion Pit
  61. Legendary - Welshly Arms
  62. I Want You Back - Jackson 5
  63. Down In The Valley - The Head & The Heart
  64. New Orleans Is SInking - the Tragically Hip
  65. Silence (feat. Khalid) - marshmello
  66. Give Me A Try - The Wombats
  67. Finale - Madeon
  68. After The Disco - Broken Bells
  69. Blue On Black - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  70. So Young - Portugal. The Man

Once I have a pretty solid list (Kaners was over 80, so probably around that), I will make an apple music and spotify playlist. 

catchthespade  asked:

just a thought: what would the bidders + mc's reaction be when riding a roller coaster? lmao like, who would scream/puke/have no reaction lmaooo

oh man

While Eisuke may appear to be composed during a ride, he’s actually terrified of them. If you look closely at his hands after a ride, you can see them shaking. Luckily, he has his arms crossed most of the time lmao.
It’s one of the main reasons he doesn’t have any interest in amusement parks (AKA why he rejected Shuichi’s tickets lmao)
He acted pretty stoic in front of Mc, but it was pretty easy for Mc to find out when she held his hand afterwards.

Soryu is fine with regular roller coasters, but he draws the line with the ones that are over the top. He dislikes the ones with loops and ones that are either too high or too fast. Soryu doesn’t scream or yell, but you can tell he’s terrified. he grips onto the bar to the point where you think it’d leave a dent.
He’s honestly pretty embarrassed about it, considering he’s supposed to be all tough and mighty.

Baba’s completely fine with roller coasters! He’ll let out an occasional, “whooo~!” just to add onto the excitement. As a thief, he’s pretty used to heights and fast paced action. The roller coaster isn’t his first choice in rides, but it’s something that can be pretty fun for him. He’s willing to go on it if he can see a few others that are normally serious suffer, however. He’s very aware of Eisuke’s  and Soryu’s fear, and he’s willing to use it to his advantage.

Ota loves roller coasters a lot! He loves the thrill and excitement it gives him. He’s in love with the rush. Ota’s the type who would want to go one even more after going on one, to the others’ demise. He’s a screamer, but it’s not because he’s scared. He honestly thinks it just adds onto the fun! He’s definitely the type who will raise his hands in the air as well.
He doesn’t realize when the camera takes a photo during the ride, but it seems like he does. He looks so excited in all his photos!

Mamoru really dislikes roller coasters! What’s the fun in being high up and hearing a bunch of people scream? They always make him feel dizzy and he has to sit down for an hour until he’s okay. Despite loathing hearing other people scream during the ride, he yells a lot during it as well. He’d never go on one willingly. Either someone has to force him to go on or someone has to convince him.
Whenever the camera snaps a photo, you can see the look of d e a t h on his face.

Shuichi doesn’t even bat an eye when he’s on one. If anything, he could even work while he’s on one. Hikaru’s mentioned that he’s managed to read a book on one in the past. Though, majority of the time, he’ll just sit back and let the ride happen.
Shuichi will usually ask one of the others to hold onto his glasses whenever he rides, in fear of them falling off. The wind messes up his hair a bit as well…
Whenever he comes back down from it, he looks exactly like he does as Shu.

Luke feels completely sick while and after he’s riding one. He can even handle plane rides after all! He could be completely fine before riding one, but after it, he’ll look and feel terrible. He staggers a lot and Mc usually has to support him for the rest of the day.
He finds them pointless! Whenever Ota attempts to explain the thrill that riding it gives, he only gets more confused.  All he wants to do is lay down afterwards.

Hikaru is completely fine with roller coasters! While it’s been a while since he’s been on one, he feels perfectly fine on them. If he’s with someone he can have fun with, he’ll let out a few yells just for his own amusement. However, if he’s not, he’ll usually do the same as Shuichi and sit back.
Though, Hikaru’s definitely the person who knows when to pose for the picture. He manages to pose each time the camera takes a picture. He once wore the Spongebob glasses while riding it lmao.

Mc’s probably the one who likes roller coasters the most, to everyone’s surprise! In fact, she’s fond of every ride! The only thing she can’t handle in the haunted house.
Mc acts pretty similar to Ota. She’ll scream to add onto the experience, raise her hands, and wait in line for hours just to go on one!
Mc always looks adorable in the pictures taken during the ride. She has the happiest look on her face! Eight certain people always buy tons of copies after the ride.
She does get pretty dizzy after them! While she loves the feeling during the ride, she usually has to hold onto someone once it’s over.

Women is the Nigger of the World

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is…think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about it…do something about it
We make her paint her face and dance
If she won’t be slave, we say that she don’t love us
If she’s real, we say she’s trying to be a man
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us
Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you’re with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Ah yeah…better scream about it
We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her home is the only place she would be
Then we complain that she’s too unworldly to be our friend
Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you’re with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yeah (think about it)
We insult her everyday on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she’s young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb
Woman is the nigger of the world…yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you’re with
Woman is the slaves of the slaves
Yes she is…if you believe me, you better scream about it.
We make her paint her face and dance.

This is a song written by John Lennon and Yoko in 1969,talking about how society (men mainly) treat women, please watch this video for further explanation:

Hip Pup Unit (Puppy!Hip Hop Unit)


  • beagle kingggg with endearing brown eyes
  • so naturally he’s a beagle..
  • the oldest out of the bunch
  • which is funny because he’s gonna be smaller than most of the pack when he reaches his full size
  • bites puppy!dino’s ears a lot
  • the one to beg food underneath the table, growls at the other puppies to BACK OFF
  • other than that, he’s well trained 
  • whenever he meets someone new, he performs all of these tricks
  • like puppy!s.coups needs to CHILL
  • would probably be one of those internet famous dogs for being so talented and charistmatic tbh
  • lowkey knows how to get into the treat bag
  • eats all the treats by himself in one sitting
  • puppy!dk catches him red handed, puppy!scoups stares at puppy!dk like whatchu want
  • DEFINITELY the type of puppy to lay in the middle of the bed with you, taking up all the space
  • find a new bed. 
  • somehow, he always ends up laying on top of your face?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • does flips and runs in circles when you come home :D 
  • always has his tongue out
  • sometimes bullies puppy!jeonghan and puppy!joshua
  • puppy!s.coups has a nice smile??
  • doesn’t really bark, but he growls at the mail man he feels like it’s his duty
  • pants a lot 
  • occasionally howls at the moon LOL 
  • the younger puppies would look at him like… wtf o.O but then they would join in because WHY nOT 
  • can anyone say UNDERDOG??
  • would really hate baths but lovessss playing in the background when it’s raining 


  • mangy mingyu
  • MAngY mingYU
  • not a great watchdog 
  • if anything he’s super welcoming to strangers and the mail man
  • sheds everywhere
  • has a majestic black coat
  • struts around like he’s the shi*
  • puppy!seungkwan wants to fight puppy!mingyu 24/7
  • this puppy looks pretty cool and all but not really
  • his fur is like in topnotch condition, ITS SO SOFT
  • probably uses doggy conditioner or something
  • he’s very playful
  • tackles puppy!the8 every chance that he gets
  • his favorite trick to do is rolling over 
  • headbutts the other puppies often
  • sneezes on the other puppies
  • coughs on the other puppies
  • that one puppy out of the bunch that ALWAYS gets sick no matter what
  • has to visit the vet once a week
  • maybe he’s just pretending to be sick so he can get that free treat at the end of the checkup??? 
  • enjoys bath time with the others
  • lovesss getting pampered
  • LIVES for haircuts 
  • having his hair blow dried makes him feel like one of those movie star dogs
  • he’s one of them fancy puppies
  • his collar has rhinestones that spells out his name
  • eats leaves and sticks
  • takes a poo poo on the rug every blue moon
  • probably one of those puppies that don’t look like a puppy
  • because HES TALL
  • will grow up to be one handsome dog
  • shabby in actions, high class in appearance


  • beautiful husky puppy with different eye colors
  • those beautiful eyes just stares right into your soul
  • he’s pretty calm overall
  • literally let’s all of the other puppies do whatever they want to him
  • puppy!woozi wrestles with him? great
  • puppy!jeonghan toots in his face? gross, but whatever
  • puppy!hoshi wakes him up? sure
  • his favorite time of the day IS MEAL TIMEEE
  • he has this little bell to ring whenever he’s hungry it’s so cute
  • yawns a lot
  • howls a lot too
  • the one and only puppy that actually loves to howl with Alpha S.Coups
  • will whine if you take away his toy
  • will whine if beagle!s.coups doesn’t share any of his treats
  • lol puppy wonwoo would have such puffy husky cheeks 
  • you know puppies that get stung by bees? yeah, that’s what wonwoo looks like 100% of the time
  • his puppy eyebrows makes him look like he’s ready to fight all day everyday
  • basically, he’s this angry lookin marshmallow
  • loves playing with kids 
  • has a very smol bark, but he feels very proud of himself whenever he’s able to bark at people passing by :’)
  • gets ignored by puppy!dk and puppy!seungkwan 
  • uses mingyu’s tail as a chewing toy ??
  • bites the other puppies’ snouts 
  • trips over everything, will stumble and fall every 3 steps
  • his paws are huge, whenever it’s raining and he treads inside you know exactly whose paws are dragging in the dirt and water
  • on the cute side, when his paws are wet they go PIT PAT
  • when you’re over cuddly with him, he just flops in your arms and is all docile but in reality he’s thinking “human, what are you doing to me”


  • french bull dog w/a blonde coat
  • always has a smug expression or a really smiley one
  • wrecks your pillows
  • pretends he didn’t do it
  • accidentally pushes over your potted plants while playing with husky!wonwoo 
  • will daringly climb onto the dinner table, because why not
  • gosh, puppy vernon is a handful 
  • the puppy that rich people would want to keep in their purses LOL 
  • okay when you leave the house, vernon here is gonna start a party
  • puppy!vernon is gonna drag out the microphones with his mouth, and turn on the speakers using his snout, and turn on the tv by using his paws by pressing on the remote
  • he’s a wild one
  • and you always wonder why Puppy!vernon and puppy!dk are always losing their voices
  • and why puppy!hoshi is having hip problems at such a young age
  • WHO KNOWS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • probably climbs on top of puppy!mingyu so puppy!mingyu can carry him around
  • but great dane!mingyu ain’t that big, so that’s a struggle
  • loves playing in the grass and chasing butterflies
  • but sneezes a lot
  • one time Vernon was chasing a butterfly but puppy!dino was chasing the same one, so they collided with each other D: and both ended up with huge bumps on their smol heads
  • likes to wiggle his butt ???
  • 10/10 would cuddle

Admin V.K

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To the Fandoms Helping Out:

We want to keep this event Abbie Mills specific. We are joining together to combat systemic discrimination in the media. However due to Abbie Mills’ unique place in television we want to make sure to keep this event focused on Abbie herself. 

Please remember when speaking of the discrimination that Abbie faces, speak directly to her blackness, while Abbie is woman of color she faced discrimination specific to that blackness. In 3 seasons of television:

  • Abbie Mills was not kissed and had no onscreen romance
  • Abbie sacrificed herself thrice for the world, her partner Ichabod never did
  •  she was repeatedly sidelined and displaced while white women were pushed into her place (said women were then horribly written besides)
  • Sleepy Hollow itself was originally promoted as diverse show making their treatment of the black actors and characters on this show that much more egregious
  • the “don’t need no man trope” which is specific to black women was applied to her by the writers room: “Abbie loved Ichabod, but Ichabod was in love with Abbie.”
  • Abbie also faced colorism from her own fandom as some viewers repeatedly called for her to be replaced by her light-skinned, acceptably curly haired sister
  • originally Abbie was supposed to die mid-season, that’s right as far as the writer’s of Sleepy Hollow were concerned this co-lead, only black woman leading a genre show, arguably fan favorite’s death didn’t even warrant a season finale
  • her final words to her partner were that “her purpose was to carry him forward and she had nothing more to do”, in an interview with one of the writers they said: “she had served her purpose”
  • she existed solely for the benefit of a man
  • while she started strong Abbie was diminished in every way as her S1 love interests were written out apropos of nothing to make room for story line’s that centered the conflict around her white male partner (now I like Ichabod, but their storylines needed to be equally important)
  • all POC supporting cast were either killed off or slowly disappeared from the show: John Cho, Orlando Jones, Jill-Marie Jones, Amandla Stenberg,Nicholas Gonzalez. 
  • Nicole Beharie herself was not invited to the season 2 DVD commentary, she recently had to ask the Sleepy Hollow fox twitter account to follow her, she was told that no one wanted to see her at conventions without Tom Mison

Essentially they hired an amazing Julliard trained actress and diminished her and the character she played in every conceivable way. The simple human wastage is disgusting, the constant slights are an outrage, and the blend of racism and sexism she endured is beyond the pale. And all of it is specific to her blackness so remember that when we work this trending event. 

She is not simply a WOC, but a black woman. The strong woman who doesn’t need a man trope is specific to her blackness, being a pack mule whose feelings are not considered is specific to her blackness, being considered disposable is specific to her blackness and being only considered for her usefulness to her white co-workers is specific to her blackness.

When we are tweeting we cannot forget her blackness. Some of you will feel an urge to say WOC rather than black when speaking of her. Resist this urge, that is the racism that we all internalize growing up in this world. To combat the problem it must be identified and properly. Please refer to her blackness and use the term misogynoir to talk about what happened to Abbie Mills, Nicole Beharie and her fans.

anonymous asked:

1-. " I just think she’s such an interesting person with a lot more going on in her head than she’s given credit for." omg thank you! it honestly hurt me how fandom only see her as a comic relief and rarely recognize how much she does for the group and the fans and how hard she works. she's the science nerd with straight As that speaks three languages and slays every sport but people treat her like if she was dumb and a joke because she's into pokemon and memes... like what are we? a highschool?

2-. that definitely says more about the age and level of maturity of the people who treat her like that than about her. also your point about always showing a happy go lucky attitude all the time to hide her problems because she doesn’t wanna bother people with depressing stuff is true, she strains herself psysically mentally and emotionally so much that we never know she’s not feeling well until she has an ugly breakdown or physically colapses, how many times she collapsed last year? she even-

3.- hid an injury from us and kept going on shows about physical challenges until she couldn’t move her shoulder anymore. i wish people would appreciate what she does more. people always complain luna gets the least attention from fandom but at least it’s all positive attention and she gets recognition, i rarely see MeUs showing pride over amber’s art/accomplishments, it’s always a joke to them manwhile she burns herself down just to make sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

I think a lot of it is that people think that what she shows is all she is. And they don’t bother to learn anything about her. So they take her memes and her pokemon and her big, loud, gasping laugh and they figure “welp, that’s all there is to her. she’s a joke”.  some have made her into this caricature of a person instead of reading her interviews or looking any deeper and seeing that she’s multifaceted. and i honestly don’t understand why anyone would think that you can’t have a nerdy, childish side, but still be an interesting responsible adult. 

To me, Amber is all surface tension, you know? She’s like…a lake. A mostly placid lake. looks pretty calm, some waves or disturbances, but pretty much it looks even and undisturbed. But underneath the surface it’s teeming with life. Lots of different things going to and fro - a whole world hidden away under this tranquil top surface. Amber’s surface is big smiles and crazy dances and being carefree, but underneath all that she’s intelligent and caring and selfless and creative and damaged and beautiful and ugly and everything else you’d expect a human to be. 

It’s honestly really frustrating when she’s used as comic relief. I think she likes it to a point because she does love to have fun and make her friends laugh, but I wish MeUs (or even ppl who aren’t part of the fandom) would be more…careful, I guess, when it comes to trying to box her into just being that one thing. it’s like ignoring that she wrote really touching songs like Beautiful, Love Run and Heights just because she also had a hand in STB. Like, come on. Turns out she can have more than one side to her personality. Crazy. 

The Suit Makes The Man

While drawing Daredevil in costume is always a blast I have to admit that having the opportunity to illustrate Matt kicking butt in his expensive suit was probably more fun than any of the super hero spandex stuff. Maybe it’s because it tapped into my love of old school noir strips and comics but also because as much of a bitch as it is to draw, I love working out the way different fabrics stretch and fold and the way light and shadow work off of them.

On these two pages, 13 and 14 from Daredevil issue 2, Matt is out of sorts and seems to be going a bit insane. Not only does he take out the would be mugger by tearing his ACL, but does so in much more violent fashion than he normally would as he allows the mugger’s taunts to get to him.

Behind The Page

As this sequence of Matt’s descent into lunacy begins, if you look closely you’ll see that the light reflecting off his lenses are sequentially representing all the stages of the moon. Yes, I like my Easter Eggs whether anyone realizes they’re there or not.

On the last two panels of page 14 you’ll see the silhouetted appearance of the three demon hockey stick kids from Kevin Smith’s movie Dogma.

Check out the graffiti on the wall of panel 4 on page 13. It might be hard to make out but you’ll see Miller, Romita, JR, Jr., Mazzucchelli and Uncle Al which is what Jimmy and I use to call our dear late friend, the LEGENDARY Al Williamson.


I want to tell you a story about a man

While everyone was laughing and drinking, he would just walk until he reached the exact same spot where he’d sit with his back toward those people; while he did everything he possibly could to signal to the world that he wanted to be left alone. More than anything, he hoped that someone passing would understand that what he really wanted was the exact opposite, and that this someone would sit next to him and strike up a conversation.