manure happens

The set-up's important

So, our party gets to a village that’s oddly run by goblins, but that doesn’t matter much in the moment, and we go about our business. Well, at some point, we’re asked to clean the manure out of a pig pen and, my monk having just learned water whip, decided to assist our goody two shoes cleric with cleaning it out by getting it all in one sweep. For some odd reason, though, the DM decided to actually roll a save for the manure. It got a nat 20, and so this exchange happens.

DM: as your whip goes to sweep away the pig manure, something strange happens and, suddenly, the manure swirls around and shapes itself into a roughly human form. Roll initiatives.

Monk (me): you can NOT be serious…

DM: oh, I am.

Monk (me): are you shitting m-oh goddamnit!

The bard lost it at the pun and the cleric proceeded to politely ask them to become field workers without a fight.

lemondropporfavor  asked:

If my last q came through before I finished it, and I think it did, here is the end of it. The TPs know exactly who buys their bullshit. It is the idiots that believe absolutely everything they read. Therefore they cater to that. We are a tight group on here who believe what we believe. We don't contact TPs. We are not sources. We don't live on opposiing blogs ramming our beliefs down their throats. We are a minority, therefore they don't pander to us. The TPs pray we are wrong.

I only got this my dear…but it’s awesome!

You speak the truth.  The only ppl really reading and believing the TP’s crapola are everyday schmoes that don’t really pay attention to anyone particular celebrity or actor.  But in regards to Rob and Kristen the only ppl that pay attention that are actually part of the fandom are the ssesbians.  

The ppl that either want Rob or Kristen for themselves and they are happy to feast on whatever flavor of manure the TPs happen to be serving that day if it gives them the peace of mind that Rob and Kristen are not with EACH OTHER.

There are also those special brand of ppl that are neither fans of either but somehow and for whatever reason only a mental professional could ever uncover, pay perhaps more attention to them than those of us that claim actual fan/supporter status.

I think this fandom has know since the beginning that as long as Rob and Kristen were together no one from the outside stood a shot at either of them.  The pull between the two was palpable and strong and could not be missed.

But you are also right that those of us STILL beating the RK drum are a relatively small tight knit minority in the fandom.  Even some of the ones that are just fans have given up on RK even if in their heart of hearts they would love to see them still together. 

It is unfortunate that ppl felt this somehow is an affront to their sensibilities.  But of course this says way more about the pathetic nature of these ppl’s lives that rather than root for a young couple in love they would do whatever is in their power to root against it.

But then there’s the faction that actively berate us for “telling tales” of RK’s happiness, marriage and babies while selling stories to the TPs along with doctored photos.

Why these ppl do this I will never understand.  What they hope to gain is a mystery.  But I’ve never had a desire or want to sell my postings to a TP.  Nor have I ever felt the need to doctor a pic of RK together in order to mislead my followers.

You are either here with me because you saw the same things back prior to 2013 that I saw and you also saw the same things since that I have seen.  Add to that your own common sense has led you to the same conclusions I’ve espoused over and over day after day here.  

I may have been able to get a smidgen more information that I have shared as much as I feel comfortable sharing while also straddling some amorphous line between what I think we as fans can know but still allowing Rob and Kristen some semblance of privacy.  Not to mention knowing that the TPs are ever present and not willing  to give them enough rope to put two and two together in order to find what I was able to uncover knowing full well that they have no such moral compass and would not hesitate one second to reveal EVERYTHING.