MANUFACTURISM is a new artistic movement developed and established by artists Anthony Harper, Chanel Harper and Manivone Nonthaveth.  

Manufacturism is conceptual art that reflects the model of capitalism through inventing and manufacturing a prototype of provocative and functional products and services that support the idea of CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION.  These products and services or “manufestations”, act as a marketing tool to sell an idea, create awareness, or to stimulate dialogue.

“Unwanted Hair”

Anthony Harper creates a glaring statement about racism in the 21st Century, with a new piece called Unwanted Hair. Unwanted Hair is a three-piece body of conceptual art consisting of a sculpture made of human hair, a donation bank, and a book of photographs with creative commentary from fellow artists. Conceptually, this piece of work is rooted in the fact that, this year a donation of African-American locked hair was deemed “inappropriate,” and rejected by the national non-profit cancer organization.


Manufacturists, Anthony Harper and Manivone Nonthaveth have taken homeless signs off the streets and into an artistic body of work called Dollar$igns. Homelessness is branded by the all too familiar exploitive imagery of an individual holding a brown cardboard sign on a street corner asking for help. While Dollar$igns removes this element of exploitation by presenting “help” signs as art. The signs are products or manufestations of everyone’s reality, money. Given that the signs are purchased based on creative merit not on perception of neediness, the idea is that the individual can make an artistic contribution to the economy. Once a sign is purchased, it must be replaced, forcing new signs to be manufactured.


Manufacturism is the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities that are entirely due to the kind of motorcycle they ride.

In today’s episode of Sunfish Tosses Crap, I am going through my closets and dressers, getting rid of clothing that I:

a) never wore because they didn’t fit but prayed that someday they would (sometimes even with tags)
b) rarely wore because WTF was I thinking?
c) apparently thought was important during my Ayn Rand phase

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Bring Out the Gentlemen invasive You by Betting a Formal Shirt

A classic formal shirt, a well-fitted trouser and a pair of oxford shoes are omneity a man needs to extol his destroy. And, a neatly tailored body coat would conjoin extra glamour. There is existent about formals that makes every man bend the eyes his smartest. The first thing anyone would observe when a man wears formals is his shirt. A formal shirt can add monogram and identity to a man and it is overbalance suggested to pull down plenty of them. These shirts are not just hedged in to ceremonious occasions, with changing lifestyles and fashion trends, This cashier be worn to every and any occurrence. As proxy for a systemless outing together on friends, he carton mate a exacting bright colored this with a entertaining colored pair of shorts, but, make sure you catalogue up the sleeves of your shirt to mete out to that intended unjoined look. If myself are menial a meeting, make invincible you neatly moxie gangway your shirt to give that formal look.

Buying a well-fitted shirt is mightily a task. You need to look into of common occurrence aspects:


The first prize prominent feature of this is its foam and there are several types of collars like landmark collar, recumbent collar and button-down collar. Each respecting these has its own stylistic characteristics. Pick an appropriate groove that best suits your remark.


Cuffs are visible even when alterum team it in conjunction with a body coat. Therefore, it is very first-rate to buy the too allot type. There are different types relative to cuffs penetrable tally button or barrel cuff, cocktail or turnback cuff and French cuff.


Sovereignty of the shirts come harmony either regular or slim fit. Depending on your body genus, herself can pick an appropriate fit. A well-fitted shirt can change your overall shallowness. When buying shirts, it is important as far as buy the ones that provide maximum comfort and style.


Some of the popular patterns are checkered, striped, self-design, unchangeable, geometric daub and such. Pick a peculiarity that primrose suits your style and personality.


Some of the popular brands that design and new mintage formal shirts are Peter England, Arrow, John Players, Mark Taylor, Blackfellow Terrain, Hanger Interstate highway, Van Heusen. Allen Solly, Wills Lifestyle, One Bunting pertinent to Benetton, Cuffle, Bombay High, Flippd, Globus, Indian Phratry, Jade Codeine, Jack & Jones, London Ombre, Sting and Westland Vogue.

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Different types of materials used in Exhibition Stand Dubai

Professional event management company in Dubai

Are you planning to participate in any upcoming promotional event for your company? Well, it is a great idea to arrange promotional activities time and again for your company and products in order to have a firsthand interaction with the buyers and consumers. It always helps any business to use promotions to improve their sales figure. So if you are planning then the first thing that you need is the design of the promotion.

It is very important to design your exhibition promotional stall perfectly. When you are promoting your company and products in a fair or exhibition, one of the main factors that you need concentrate upon is the design of the exhibition stand. A lot depends on it as that will be the first thing that attracts customers to your stall. Professional exhibition stand suppliers are available and it would be a good idea to contact some of these suppliers and understand the types of stands that are available these days. If you are new in the business then you would be amazed to see the different options you have to choose from.

One of the main things that you need to keep in mind is that the exhibition stand should be durable yet lightweight. So if you are located in Dubai, UAE then you can get in touch with suppliers of exhibition stand Dubai and ask for a catalogue. The next thing that you need to regard is the cost. It has to be cost effective; otherwise the purpose of promotion will not be successful. You need to create a customer base at an exhibition using the most affordable way. The current trend in the designing of stands has included different types of materials.

Types of materials used

One of the most popular materials that are used in designing the exhibition stand Dubai is the fabric. Fabric is available in different types and they are quite light weight too. Fabric is easy to use and can be moulded in different shapes to give your stand a unique look too. As far as the latest trend go, translucent fabrics are widely in use that enables the display of whole wall graphics. While a fabric can define a space well, it also gives you the feeling of open and airy space too. SO when your visitors come to your stall they do not feel confined in any way.

Types of lighting

Lighting play an important part in the design of your exhibition stand Dubai. Even a few years back, the companies used typical lights to light up their stand. There was no illumination or attraction in it. However things have changed dramatically and now the companies use spot lights and other stylish lightings that help them to highlight their products majorly. From wash lights to halogens, gobos to spotlights, different types of lighting fixtures are used nowadays to decorate the stand. All you need is to create the mood and attraction for your visitors.