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Look SugarBaby Chic without Breaking Your Bank Account

So I’ve come across a lot of questions in the past on how to look good without compromising your bank balance. Sugaring is competitive, and as much as we love our sugar sisters… We’re all in the same bowl. There’s sugar babies who are stunting in red bottoms flaunting Rolex arm candy, and there’s sugar babies running around in denim and tops. (Totally not looking down on either.) We often forget that men are visual creatures, and most of them are attracted to a woman that knows how to dress well. If you want to be a rich man’s choicest arm candy, then you best start dressing the part. You can’t expect to have the Ritz Carlton experience with a Holiday Inn & Suites package. Money attracts money. Starting out not many of us have designer this and designer that. I certainly didn’t own anything designer starting out. Other than a few presents from family & vanilla men. So here’s how I started out… Firstly I got myself a vanilla job. Retail is great for this, plus one for those employee perks! I worked a few months to save some money for a decent wardrobe. I shopped at places like: Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshals, Nordstrom Rack, Plato’s Closet, Amiclubwear, HotMiamiStyles & Tradesy. This allowed me to purchase new, previously loved, and discounted clothing at a fraction of the MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price). I purchased dresses, ankle pants, chiffon tops, blazers, accessories, & lingerie (new of course). The key is to avoid anything flashy for instance a black top with Boss B#%* or something like that written on it. The key is to dress professional, chic, & keep versatility in mind. When I say versatile, I mean a blazer that can be professional with a collared shirt but still look chill with a pink chiffon top when you roll up the sleeves. As a sugar baby you’ll be exposed to things women your age aren’t. Things like flying private or taking weekend/ day trips with your SD for pleasure or work. Each and every occasion needs to have an appropriate outfit. Think of all the scenarios you could possibly be in and purchase outfits accordingly. A sugar baby can never be over dressed. These men are willing to pay top dollar for women out there. Your first few sugar daddies are like your foundation pillars. Make sure you sift the salt daddies away! The first few ones need to be taking you shopping for items you cannot buy without breaking your bank account. For example, it’s Cocoa Cathy’s 22nd birthday, and her daddy asks her what she wants. Cocoa Cathy should be saying, “Well Daddy, for my birthday I’d like my allowance as usual, but I would absolutely love it if you’d be able to get me a handbag I’ve been eyeing for quite a while!” If Daddy is pure sugar he will say, “I’d be more than happy to buy you that handbag! Look it up & I’ll forward you my card details.” This is sugar! Cocoa Cathy knows that this daddy just went through a brutal divorce so she knows not to ask for a Celine. She instead opts for two handbags from the $800-1K range. She lets Daddy pick which one would look better, and of course daddy goes for the expensive one. This shows how much Daddy enjoys Cocoa Cathy’s company, and he knows that Cocoa Cathy has sophisticated taste. (just an example) You should utilize your allowance to purchase staple sugar clothing items like palazzo pants or cardigans. There’s no need for a sugar baby to be a brand ambassador wearing 20 different designer labels. Often, this gives your sugar daddy the vibe that you already have it all. Be smart when purchasing your initial sugar wardrobe. You don’t have to break your bank account doing so. We all know we’re sugaring to one day run into a Whale Daddy, but until then those 2-3K/ month daddies aren’t bad! Also make sure you still have personality! Your wardrobe can only sell you so much! Your personality really signs seals and delivers your arrangement. For my new babies, please do not wear your heart on your wrist. These men are brutal and will try to talk down to you. They will try to make you feel like you’re not worth that 2-3K allowance. That’s a huge red flag for you to move on! Never compromise your allowance range.

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Hi! I want to create some fictional (perhaps even fantasy-esque) drugs, but I don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the drugs need to do something good that “hooks” people. No one’s going to keep taking a drug that sends them to the twelfth plane of torment or one that makes them totally colorblind. You can sort most drug effects into four categories:

  • Happy (MDMA, heroin). The user experiences extreme euphoria and contentment. This may be accompanied by feelings of kinship with those around them and diminished anxiety. Users may achieve a transcendental state. It may also reduce inhibitions.
  • High (cocaine, alcohol). Users experience a burst of energy, confidence, and feelings of sexual prowess. Inhibitions are reduced. Users sometimes become more aggressive.
  • Mellow (marijuana). User feels calm and relaxed. Everything feels “taken care of”. Again, may induce transcendental state. The user will also experience mild euphoria and anxiety will diminish.
  • Trippy (LSD, shrooms). Significant alteration of sensory perception. People may see halos around objects or believe solid surfaces are wobbling. Shrooms reportedly increase one’s sensitivity to sound. Time loses meaning. Users lose sense of self.

Theoretically, you could make fantasy drugs for any desirable human emotion, like the feeling of being full, orgasm, confidence, love, and satisfaction.

Secondly, where does the drug come from?

  • Natural. Like shrooms, opium, or cannabis, it must be grown and harvested. Who farms it? Is it illegal to farm? What kind of plant is it? Where does it grow best? 
  • Manufactured. Like MDMA and LSD, it’s made in a lab. Who makes it? What ingredients is it made of? Does an organization control its manufacture?
  • Magic. The drug is actually a spell and someone has to cast it on you.

Related is how the drug gets from the lab/farm to you. Who controls the trade? How far away is it? All of this will affect the price.

Thirdly, how do you take it?

  • Inhaling. Includes methods like smoking, where the drug is rolled into a thin cylinder and placed between the lips; you inhale to feel the effects. Also included are practices like huffing, where you inhale noxious chemicals from a container.
  • Drinking. Self-explanatory. You can also anally imbibe drinks to hasten the effects.
  • Injecting. Put it in a needle and stick it in a blood vessel. The drug goes right into the blood stream.
  • Swallowing. The drug comes in a pill, like ecstasy. You swallow it and digesting it will give you the full effects. You could also eat it, like most psychedelic mushrooms. 
  • Absorbing. The body has several areas where blood vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. Applying the drug to the area will allow it to diffuse into the bloodstream. These areas are: the nose (snorting), the mouth (chewing/dipping tobacco), and the rectum (anally imbibing alcohol). 

Fourthly, what are the side effects? There will be side effects unless your magic or technology is advanced to the point at which you can reverse severe neurological damage. 

  • Mild. Reddened eyes, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hunger, loss of appetite
  • Moderate. Memory loss, insomnia, diarrhea, vertigo, suggestibility, vomiting, hearing loss
  • Severe. Necrosis, muscle rigidity, convulsions, bad trips, physical disfigurement (eg “meth mouth”), psychosis, HPPD
  • Chronic. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dependence on the drug, irritability, fatigue, rage
  • Way down the road. Cancer, emphysema, COPD, heart problems, lung problems, liver problems, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, stroke, high blood pressure

If your drug is fantastical, then it has more variety as to the side effects. For example, it turns green-eyed people into rabbits, slowly turns one’s stomach to stone, causes users to go back in time, and has a 2% chance of exploding your head.

Fifthly, how does the culture view it?

  • Illegal. No one can use it for any reason. In which case, the drugs will be controlled by an illegal group like a gang or cartel. There will be harsh laws against its manufacture and spread. People who don’t take the drug will look down on people who do.
  • Illegal with exceptions. It’s been shown to aid things like concentration or alleviate the symptoms of that disease. People who can use this drug must obtain it from special makers and carry permission with them at all times.
  • Legal with exceptions. Like alcohol and tobacco in the US, you can buy it and use it in most areas. However, you can’t buy it if you’re under a certain age, can’t use it in buildings, and you can get in trouble if you use it at the wrong time (drinking and driving).
  • Legal. Everyone can use it. There are no restricts on when, where, how, or who.
  • Spiritual. The drug is used as part if a religious experience. Only those undergoing such an experience can take it. The drug is a gateway to another world, frees the conscience, or some other esoteric thing.

Finally, how does that affect society? You should consider,

  • How much it costs. Illegality and the amount of time/money it takes to manufacture will affect pricing. It may also vary by the time of year. For example, if it’s natural, then maybe the drug is cheapest immediately after the harvesting season and really expensive during the winter, when it’s impossible to grow. You also need to factor in how people will get the money to buy the drug, such as stealing or prostitution.
  • Support groups. People will get hooked. How can they get off? Family and friends will certainly try their best, as most drugs do not improve your working or home life. Are they the only methods of support or are there rehab organizations as well?
  • Laws and their enforcement. (Don’t look at this is if your drug is totally legal or legal with exceptions.) There will be laws against its use. How are they enforced? Do the laws go after distributers as well as consumers? How are the consumers treated in court - as criminals or as victims? 
  • Who takes it. In our world, most illegal drug users are lower-income. It’s “shocking” when someone of the middle or upper class is addicted to drugs. The lower-class reputation has led to other classes looking down on drug users as poor, filthy, and needy; and on the lower-class as drug-addicted degenerates. If the upper class took it, then perhaps taking the drug would be the cool thing to do and being high/stoned/buzzed would be a status symbol. Only peasants have lucid thoughts; true nobles don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. 
  • Media. The US government banned smoking ads featuring Camel Cigarettes’ mascot, Joe the Camel, in 1997 because he appealed to children and people don’t like their kids lighting up. You don’t see too many cigarette ads in the US anymore. On the other hand, the media glorifies alcohol. Drinking makes you a man. Drinking makes you sexy. Many can’t wait (or don’t wait) to turn 21 and engage in this manly, sexy world of alcohol. So please, please remember that how the drug is presented will affect who consumes it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this OTGW figure?

The Into the Unknown OTGW collectible figure was sculpted by Chris Tsirgiotis (that’s me!). I designed backgrounds for the Over the Garden Wall miniseries and original pilot, Tome of the UnknownI was awarded an Emmy for my work on the show.

Does this OTGW figure come with a base?

Yes. The set will come with an oval base with a high gloss black finish cast in polyurethane resin like the rest of the figure. A photo of the base design will be posted soon.

How big is this OTGW figure?

Total dimensions including base are approximately 7 3/4” X 5 3/4” X 5 1/8”. Overall dimensions may change slightly depending on the design of the base, but Jason Funderburker and stool are 3” tall in any case.

When will I receive this OTGW figure?

Production will begin as soon as we reach the order minimum of 100. This is expected to take about 4 weeks with an additional 4 weeks to ship from the factory. based on this schedule, I am trying to deliver these sometime in February. I’ll have more specific info about this as we get into production.

What will the payment method be?

You will be able to order the item with PayPal. I will either set up a Shopify store or I may just post my PayPal link here on Tumblr depending on what’s easier. 

Why does this OTGW figure cost so much?

This is a limited edition collectible produced at the highest quality possible for this price. Most manufacturers won’t do a production run under a few thousand, so the per unit cost is higher than if it was mass produced and sold in stores.

What is the refund policy for OTGW figure?

If you’re not satisfied, you may return it for a full refund. Full refund policy will be available at the Shopify store or I will email it depending on how I set up PayPal.

Do you ship outside the United States?

There have been several inquiries from outside the U.S. and I am looking into this, but yes, I am hoping to be able to do that.

Thanks to everyone who has preordered so far! We’re off to a great start. There is still a ways to go before the 100 order minimum is reached, so please share with everyone you know!

how to support indie authors

since self-publishing my first book, I discovered there are so many things I never knew about helping other self-published poets.

so, I’ve made a post combining everything I’ve learned and I would love for you to add your insight to this post as well.

  • buy the book. don’t ask for free copies. self-published writers are self-funded. fortunately, the process is fairly cheap, but that doesn’t mean we have the funds to buy a bunch of our own books and give them away. if you can’t afford it at the current price, wait for a possible sale or free book promotion. (additionally, I don’t have a problem with book bloggers asking for a copy in exchange for a review–just don’t get mad when we may not be able to provide a free copy.)
  • spread the word. if you bought it and loved it, spread the word. if you want it but can’t afford it at the moment, spread the word. most self-pubbed authors don’t have funds for traditional advertising methods. we rely on word-of-mouth advertising. follow their social media accounts and be sure to retweet, reblog, share, etc. when they post about their book. recommend the book to your friends and family. post pictures of the book on your social media too!
  • leave a review! this is a big one. you should do this with traditionally published authors as well. on Amazon, the more reviews you have, the more visibility your book will get. even if it’s as simple as “five stars, highly recommend,” it will go a long way.
  • cross-post your reviews! so many book reviewers leave a review on Goodreads and not on the retail site they purchased the book from. be sure to leave them on both!
  • while reviews are mainly meant to inform potential readers about the book, authors read them too. reviews are intended to be helpful. that being said, if you hated the book, that’s okay. honesty is great. but it will help both the potential reader AND the author if you share why, rather than just “book sucked, don’t buy.”
  • shipping delays and misprints are not our fault–please do not blame us. leaving a one star review because the book came a day late will lower an author’s ratings, and it’s for something completely out of their control. if you had a shipping error or misprint, please contact the support team of the retail site so they can help you.
  • don’t complain about the prices. in general, authors make very little off of each book. while self-published authors do have the freedom to set their own price, after manufacturing, printing, and shipping costs are taken out, we receive very little.  

I know there are a lot more ways to help authors so if you want to add to this list, please feel free!

(and I wouldn’t be a true author if I didn’t promote myself on this post, so if you would like to check out my best-selling poetry book, you can do so here.)

-shelby leigh

Petco is having a really good sale

Black Friday in July - up to 65% off Promotional Terms & Conditions

The Black Friday in July - up to 65% off promotion ends Tuesday, July 11, 2017, at 11:59pm PDT.

Discounts are up to 65% off and are reflected in the sale prices listed on select products. No promotion code necessary.

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I saw this and thought I should share. We were looking for new cat trees and the big expensive one thats normally almost 200 bucks is only 70. With free shipping.

  • them: why are you so into dolls? what's the point?
  • me: listen Brenda some people's hobby is racist graffiti so at least I'm preserving something beautiful in this garbage fire world

The 2018 Honda Civic Type R Hits the US Market

After a blazing but abbreviated first model year, the Civic Type R accelerates into 2018 today following the June launch of the limited production run 2017 model. The first Civic Type R Honda ever sold in America, this hottest of hot hatchbacks has been widely praised for its dynamic poise and track prowess. The Civic Type R returns for 2018 with a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $34,100 (excluding $890 destination and other charges).

With a peak output of 306 hp and 295 lb.-ft. of torque from its 2.0-liter DOHC direct-injected VTEC Turbo engine, the Civic Type R is the most powerful Honda ever sold in America. As before, the 2018 Type R is available in one fully equipped trim with a short-throw 6-speed manual transmission, limited slip differential, Adaptive Damper System and an ingenious dual-axis strut front suspension design that virtually eliminates torque steer.

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Musee des Blindés Part 19

1 to 3) Sturmpanzer IV. German WWII armored infantry support gun. The Sturmpanzer was a development of the Pzkpfw IV and was designed to provide a vehicle offering direct infantry fire support, especially in urban areas. It mounted a new 15-cm StuH 43 L/12 gun. This is a mid production version as seen by the ball-mount for a MG34 on the upper left of the case mate.

Sturmpanzer IV. Arma blindada de apoyo alemana de la SGM. El Sturmpanzer  fue desarrollado a partir del Panzer IV, diseñado para proveer un vehículo que ofreciera apoyo de fuego directo a la infanteria, especialmente en areas urbanas. Montaba el nuevo cañón 15-cm StuH 43 L/12. Esta es un vehículo de producción media, denotado por la montura ovalada para una MG34 en la parte superior izquierda de la casamata. 

4 to 6) Leopard 2 Prototype. One of 17 prototypes of the Leopard 2. All the prototypes used the Renk transmission from the Kampfpanzer 70 and twelve also used its MTU engine. Ten were equipped with a Rheinmetall 105mm smooth-bore gun and the others with a Rheinmetall 120mm smooth-bore gun. The hulls were similar to those of the Leopard 1 but with a more sharply angled glacis plate whilst the turrets resemble those of the Leopard 1A4.

Prototipo de Leopard 2. Uno de los 17 prototipos del Leopard 2. Todos los prototipos usaban la transmisión Renk del Kampfpanzer 70 y doce también usaban su motor MTU. Diez fueron equipados con un cañón de amina lisa Rheinmetall 120mm. Los cascos eran similares al del Leopard 1 pero con una placa del glasis mas pronunciada, mientras que la torreta se asemejaba a la del Leopard 1A4. 

7 to 9) T-62MV. Soviet modernization to the modernization of the T-55. Essentially just a T-62M fitted with ERA. The T-62MV was a general upgrade to the T-62, adding appliqué armor to the turret, additional belly armor, anti-neuron liner and a new laser range finder and ballistic computer. The T-62MV uses the “Kontakt-1” ERA package on the sides of the hull, the glacis plate, and in the front of the turret. This example was captured in Iraq.

T-62MV. Modernización soviética del T-55. Esencialmente solo un T-62 equipado con ERA. El T-62MV era una modernización general del T-62, añadiendo armadura extra en la torreta, armadura adicional en el vientre, un nuevo telémetro laser y computadora balística. El tanque usa el paqueta ERA “Kontakt-1” a los lados del casco, la placa glacis, y en el frente de la torreta. Este ejemplo fue capturado en Iraq. 

10) T-62. Basic improvement of the T-55. In contrast to previous tanks, which were armed with a rifled gun, the T-62 was the first tank armed with a smoothbore gun that could fire APFSDS at higher velocities. The T-62 became the standard Soviet tank but did not do well on the export market due to its expensive price and manufacture. Probably another Iraqi trophy.

T-62. Mejora básica del T-55. En contrate con tanques anteriores, armados con cañones riflados, el T-62 fue el primer tanque armado con un cañón de amina lisa que podía disparar munición APFSDS a mayores velocidades. El T-62 se convirtió en el principal tanque sovietico de su tiempo pero no le fue bien en el mercado de exportación debido a su alto costo. Probablemente otro trofeo Iraqi. 

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Traducido por mi. 

Entering Phase Three

System76 developed a little like this…

Phase one

Drink beer and talk about open source.
Start a company making Linux computers.
Find out if anyone cares.
Lo and behold, people want Linux computers!
Struggle, struggle, struggle. Struggle, struggle.
Eight years later, persevere!

Phase two

Who are we!?
We have principles.
Does our brand portray our principles?
Not very well. Let’s fix that.
Re-brand and define ourselves clearly.
“We make powerful computers to help you do more, go further, and unleash your potential.”

Up to this point we’ve developed every capability, capital wise, that an organically grown hardware company can. We can make careful and deliberate choices about hardware and our product line. We can customize all parts of the software stack from the firmware level to the Ubuntu experience. We can deliver bleeding edge hardware and guarantee System76 computers will work with future Ubuntu releases.

Today, we can’t design and manufacture our products. We outsource this work. It’s similar to how Tesla used a Lotus chassis for their first car. (Like their Roadster, the outside of our computers might look similar to others but it’s the inside that counts.) The strategy was cash efficient and allowed us to focus on developing high value areas of the company. However, knowing what we wanted to build but without the means to do so left us constantly yearning for more.

Phase three (today)

Phase three moves product design and manufacturing in house. We’re about to build the Model S of computers. Something so brilliant and beautiful that reviewers will have to add an 11 to their scores. Being that we’re System76 and we do things the System76 way, our design principles are polar opposite of the rest of the industry.

  • Represent the character of our company

Our company is open, warm, friendly, and high-quality. Our designs reflect these characteristics.

  • Represent the Open Source community

Our CAD work will be Open Source and our design will pay tribute to computer science.

  • Easy to work on and expand

At every step along the way we ask, “How does this decision affect serviceability”. Open it, change it, expand it. Our product will be flexible.

  • Efficient to manufacture

Robots and automation! Manufacturing efficiency will keep prices competitive. And like software development, our manufacturing will continuously integrate product design improvements into production.

We’re starting with desktops. There’s a lot to learn and the form factor is easiest to work with. Both design and CAD work are well along their way. We’re prototyping with acrylic and moving to metal soon. Our first in-house designed and manufactured desktops will ship next year. Laptops are more complex and will follow much later.

It’s going to take some years, but by the end of phase three, we’ll be able to create anything. We’ll apply our unique computers for creators perspective to every aspect of our products.

A Closer Look at Trenbolone

Not too many steroids have an air of mystique about them quite like trenbolone. It is one of those agents that you will hear talked up aggressively by some guy in the gym, to later find he has not even tried it himself yet. The bodybuilding literature is full of strong, unusual, and often-inaccurate statements about this drug, and consequently an air of misunderstanding has begun to cloud our view of trenbolone. The unusual history of this compound, including prolonged periods of very limited availability and high selling prices, has no doubt played a part in shaping the view of this steroid in the minds of athletes. It seems when anything is out of reach, overly expensive or both, people start looking at it in a different way. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the physical properties of trenbolone, as well as its current state of availability and use.

Although derived from nandrolone, trenbolone is comparatively far more androgenic than this steroid. In fact it is several times stronger in this regard than our primary androgen testosterone as well. The first contributing factor to this of course is that trenbolone is a strong binder of the androgen receptor. This trait is also characteristic of its parent nandrolone, which is several times more active than testosterone in this regard. Androgen binding is in fact further enhanced by the introduction of double bonds in delta-9,11, which makes trenbolone an even more potent agonist of the androgen receptor than nandrolone. Perhaps more significant though is the fact that unlike nandrolone, the strong receptor binding potency of trenbolone is not diminished in androgen sensitive tissues by 5-alpha reductase. Trenbolone does not seem to undergo 5-alpha reduction in humans to any appreciable degree at all, which is evidenced by the fact that the major urinary metabolites of trenbolone all possess the original tri-en structure with an intact delta-4 group. So trenbolone retains its original potency as it enters cells in androgen target tissues with high 5AR concentrations, as this enzyme is not affecting it. These factors work together to allow trenbolone to be a potently androgenic steroid, instead of a primarily anabolic one in nature like nandrolone.

It has been reported in other bodybuilding literature that trenbolone does not exhibit any activity as a progestin in the body. I am not certain where this belief originated, as trenbolone does appear to exhibit the classic progesterone receptor binding ability that is characteristic of nandrolone and its derivatives. One study looking at the bovine uterine progesterone receptor for example found trenbolone to be a very potent binder, startlingly even more so than progesterone itself. Another looking at the binding of various compounds to the androgen, estrogen, progestin, mineral corticoid and glucocorticoid receptors found trenbolone to be a more potent binder of the progestin receptor than nandrolone, a steroid normally noted for its usual activity in this regard. What does this mean for trenbolone? I don’t think it really means that much. Trenbolone clearly doesn’t cause gyno, water retention or fat buildup, which one might attribute to estrogenic or progestational activity. So whatever slight action it does have as a progestin on paper doesn’t amount to all that much in the real world. The absence of estrogen may be a significant factor, as progesterone is believed to cause gyno by enhancing estrogen’s stimulation of mammary gland growth. Perhaps when trenbolone is taken with other aromatizable compounds it could affect a person’s sensitivity level to gyno and water/fat retention. This seems logical, at least in a technical sense, although admittedly I have seen no evidence to support this.

Mass or Cutting Agent
The potently androgenic and non-aromatizing nature of trenbolone makes it an extremely effective hardening and cutting agent. In fact, it is thought of as unmatched in its capacity as a body-sculpting steroid. Many competitive bodybuilders similarly find it indispensable to any good pre-contest cutting stack. For this type of purpose I doubt another steroid would serve you better. Many people do additionally find they make very good muscle gains with trenbolone. It is a potent muscle-builder, although we should probably not consider it an ideal mass-builder when used alone. The absence of estrogen is an important factor, as this trait seems integral in this type of steroid. This probably has to do not only with water retention but also interactions between estrogen and muscle glucose utilization, GH release and androgen receptor proliferation. Today we are finally starting to understand why this hormone is needed for optimal growth. Trenbolone is probably still the most potent muscle-building agent of all the non-estrogenic steroids though, and admittedly is quite unusual in its potency in this regard. But I would still think that if mass were the goal and you were choosing only one steroid, testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol would be more productive every time in terms of overall size, weight and muscle mass gain.

As mentioned in the opening of this article, trenbolone has been plagued by periods of manufacturing inconsistency, high prices and scarce availability since it first hit the market in the early 80’s. There is probably little need to revisit in detail the rise and fall of Finajet in the 1980’s, or the demise of Parabolan in 1997. Clearly the colorful history of trenbolone is well discussed. But today’s situation is no less interesting, as we are in a unique situation. For the first time in four years we have a legitimate injectable trenbolone again, as the Mexican veterinary drug firm Laboratories Ttokkyo has recently started producing Trenbol, a 10 ml bottle of trenbolone acetate (TA) in the strength of 75mg/ml. This product is not cheap, and usually sells for upwards of $150 a bottle. Reportedly Denkall is working on a similar item, and there are some reliable underground generics floating about as well that sell for a better price and usually supply a comparable amount of TA. There have been some questions about raw material supply lately though, and whether or not both types of product would remain on the market. This discussion was heightened by the recent removal of Trenbol from Ttokkyo’s website, which is making a lot of people nervous that this product may be on the way out. Hopefully this is just a website problem and not a repeat of the fate that fell on Finajet and Parabolan. If these products do dry up, trenbolone will still be available, but in the form of cattle implant pellets. In Part II of this article I will take a closer look at these unusual products, as well as the various methods utilized by bodybuilders in an effort to effectively use them.

- my mother thinks the only type of love is the kind she employs; constant, overbearing, smothering, forceful, so when it isn’t reciprocated to her in the only way she recognizes it, she becomes consumed with paranoia and convinced of bizarre nefarious plots/collusion of several family members/thinks whoever the target is hates her when in reality, she’s just jammed Forced Love at them with so much pressure and expectation that people don’t want to be around her

- I Am Not Awaiting Any Packages From Various Retailers And My Will To Live Is Reflecting That Oh No

- i have called 6 different countertop warehouses/fabricators/manufacturers to price cutting down a small remnant for the top of this stupid fucking IKEA cabinet and not a one of those estimates has been under $360 and that’s a.) without a backsplash or sink cutout or any crazy shit, just a small rectangle with 3 finished sides, b.) independent of the cost of the remnant itself which depending on the material could be $100-300 more?! for a $70 cabinet? fuck YOU i’ll just keep trolling craigslist and the local salvage or, the next time i’m in columbus, go to IKEA and order a custom slab of quartz which is what i should have fucking done in the first place but i’m a Dumb Bucket Of Shit and that’s 4 hours of travel time round-trip + store time + an indeterminate period of waiting for it to be made and delivered and i JUST WANT TO PUT THE REST OF MY KITCHEN TOGETHER NOW  W H Y  IS EVERY ENTITY I ENCOUNTER SUCH AN ACTIVE AND EAGER OPPONENT TO MY PERSONAL HAPPINESS

- susan miller promised me a generous sum of money at the beginning of august

(Rare) When the past meets the present

Pill: Original formula OxyContin Extended Release tablets.

Milligram: 140 milligram all together (20) Milligrams a piece

Manufacturer: Purdue Pharmaceuticals


When Purchasing legally at pharmacy
Insurance:$0.10 a pill
Without insurance :$4.50 a pill

When purchasing illegally on the streets
(Varies from state to state)
For OP Formula (abuse proof gel)
For Orginal formula (no gel)(usually doubled the price since they are rare)
10mg:$10-15,20mg:$20-30,40mg:40-50$,80mg:80-90$,160mg:can go up to 200-300$

Sail On.

Was having a great discussion tonight about Sam and Cait and them being real people… just like the rest of us… people… with feelings, with strengths and with weaknesses… just like all of us have. I guess I ship them because I see the potential that if two REAL people could find each other in a situation then there is hope for all of us with our own individual strengths and weaknesses to find love in the messy places, in the beautiful places. I ship the hope. 

It doesn’t really matter if they are or aren’t together. I see the potential. I see the idea that 2 people found each other because of the story of Jamie and Claire. They are NOT and never will be Jamie and Claire, those are things of fiction, but the story is in the moments in between. The potential for real love, real friendship, real connection (whatever it may be in REALITY for them) from a beautiful and messy story about love. It’s a ship I stay on because if the story could be true for them, then it could be true for any of the rest of us… and those kinds of stories just don’t come around everyday. 

So I stay aboard… for love. for friendship. for the messy days. for the beautiful days. 

Sail on. 

I am not here though for manufactured, packaged and priced bill of goods. Nope. Not interested in buying that. Just for the genuine. Just for the authentic. Whatever it may be. 

King Camp Gillette did not invent the safety razor–that honor goes to the Kampfe Brothers, circa 1880–but his company, founded in 1901, quickly became the foremost name in facial hair removal.

Advanced manufacturing methods, low prices and shrewd promotion–for example, Gillette arranged to have his safety razors issued to every American soldier during World War I–changed the practice of shaving from the exclusive domain of skilled barbers to an everyday act that any man could perform from the comfort of his own bathroom. And according to Gillette, his blade saved money and time, too.

From the March 1918 issue of The Gillette Blade: “Every razor sold by the Gillette Company represents a saving of half an hour of time spent in a barber shop, without saying anything about the money paid for service and tips. With an approximate number of 10 million customers this would represent a saving of 10 million half-hours per day, or a saving of 5 million hours which might be devoted to study or labor and which represents 500,000 working days of the labor of 500,000 men constantly employed, which is nearly twice the number employed by the U.S. Steel Corporation, which at $3.00 per day represents a saving of $1,500,000 per day, or for a year of 300 days, a saving to the United States of labor equal to $450,000,000.”

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Back to Basics Prt 2. | Rucas Fanfic

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone so long.

Chapter 1 - [X]

Chapter 2 - He’s Everywhere 

The first day of school was officially over. Riley finally felt like she could breathe. She didn’t make any plans and didn’t have any homework so she decided to walk around and get reacquainted with the city again. She wandered into a couple of clothing shops, grabbed a bite to eat and on her way home she stopped in front of an antique store. There in the window were beautiful vibrant paintings, a small forest colored chair with gold tassels hanging off the arm rests and a large pile of tattered books that were embossed with roman numerals. But what really caught her attention was the vintage type-writer that was pushed off center towards the side wall. It had a glossy black finish, black and red decals and the word ROYAL was marked across the top. She crouched down on her knees to get a better look at it. A small card next to it read ‘Popular workhorse in beautiful condition!  Date Of Manufacture: 1926. Price - $1,450.00.’ Her eyes grew wide in disbelief. She has wanted a legitimate type writer since she was 10 years old. However, she had no idea it’d be this expensive. “14 hundred dollars HA” she scoffed. 

“What’s so funny?” She heard a voice right next to her say, causing her to jump. It was Lucas Friar. The tall blonde smiled at her reaction. 

“The price of this” Riley answered gesturing to the type writer.

 Lucas nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah its pretty steep…but I mean, it’s a working 1926, what’d you expect?” 

She stared at him for a minute with a confused expression on her face. “Where did you even come from?”

Lucas gave her a little smirk, tilting his head to the side. “Well, my family’s originally from Texa…”

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Actual customer interaction today
  • Dude- "Is this the only stuff you have for kids?"
  • Wife- "I mean, there's nothing here."
  • Me- "I apologize, but that's all we have left in stock. Our grand opening was last weekend and we haven't gotten anything else on our trucks. I'd be more than happy to take you to Customer Service and help you place an online order! If you ship your items to the store, you don't have to pay shipping costs, so you'll save a bit of money! I know that's important this time of year."
  • Dude- "Are you going to f-ing pay for the gas I wasted to come here from Biloxi? Well? ARE YOU?"
  • Me- "Again, I'm very sorry we don't have whatever you're looking for in stock at the moment. Our online ordering is a great option."
  • Wife- "I don't think we asked for your opinion. How do you not have more kids clothes than this?! And how do you think you can get away with charging $75 for an Under Armour hoodie?!"
  • Me- "As you know, we are a store which is geared towards adults. And I do not have control over what pricing a manufacturer deems necessary. Is there anything else I can help you with?"
  • Dude- "You can start by giving me my gas money and stop f-ing using SAT words."
  • Me- "I can assure you that I am not giving you any of my personal money, and the store is not going to give you money, either. I can also promise you that I am not going to use smaller words to appease someone who doesn't understand the ones I speak and thinks it's appropriate to yell at strangers who are trying to help them. Now, would you like me to call a member of management so you can curse at them as well?"
Hidden secrets for Costo shoppers

Avoid products with prices ending in .99 – these are full price.

External image

Items with prices ending in .97 are deals decided by the store manager. These won’t be around for long and can offer amazing discounts.

External image

Prices ending in .49 or .79 are a manufacturers special offer. These prices usually apply to products which are heaving a trial run and are usually priced cheaper than their retail price.

External image

Watch out for products that end in .00, the manager wants these items off the shelf for good. That means that they’re priced down and nearly out of stock.

External image

Labels with an asterisk are reserved for items that are discontinued. Usually, these are priced cheaply to get them off shelves.

External image

Is it weird I feel like I’m part of a secret club or something?

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What is the TPP? Why is it controversial that the libs support it?

Its a massive free trade agreement with countries representing 40% of the world’s economy that’s heavily lobbied by corporations. Some of it is good, but a lot of it is extremely problematic.

On medicine

Proposed intellectual property rules in the TPP would limit competition from generic drug manufacturers that reduce drug prices and improve access to treatment, and would accelerate already soaring medicine and vaccine prices.

The TPP, which is currently being negotiated between the U.S., Canada and ten other Pacific Rim nations, is on track to become the most harmful trade pact ever for access to medicines in developing countries, unless damaging provisions are removed before the deal is sealed.

The negotiations are being conducted in secret, but leaked documents reveal that the United States is pushing for stringent intellectual property protections for drugs. These protections could give pharmaceutical companies longer monopolies over brand name drugs. This would allow them to charge high prices for longer periods of time and either stop or delay the generic competition from producing less expensive versions that are vital to global health.

And here’s a good list:

Trans-Pacific Partnership: 11 Things Harper Doesn’t Want To Reveal About Uber-Secretive Trade Pact

1. It Could Criminalize Small-Scale Downloading

Canada’s new copyright laws, passed last fall, cap the liability for unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material at $5,000, so long as the downloading is not for commercial purposes. But the TPP could force Canada to institute criminal penalties even for small-time downloaders, according to a number of consumer advocacy groups.

2. It Could Reduce Or End CanCon Rules

An umbrella group of U.S. media companies has been lobbying the U.S. Trade Representative to pressure Canada into repealing Canadian content rules as part of the TPP.

That has raised significant concerns among music and film and TV groups that Canada’s cultural industries could be threatened by the TPP.

3. ISPs Could Become Internet Cops

Article 16 of a leaked 2011 draft of the TPP mandates that countries create “legal incentives” for internet service providers to do their own copyright policing online. That is interpreted by many to mean that ISPs could be held legally accountable if their subscribers download illegally.

Consumer groups fear this will mean expanded monitoring of web users’ online habits, and the possibility of three-strikes-and-you’re-out rules that would cut off internet services to subscribers alleged to have engaged in unauthorized downloading.

4. Critics Call The TPP A Corporate Giveaway

U.S. House Rep. Alan Grayson, who rose to fame four years ago with his quip that the Republican health care plan amounts to hoping you “die quickly,” was recently allowed to see a draft copy of the TPP.

While he’s been banned from divulging any details, the populist Florida Democrat described it in a recent blog post as an agreement that “hands the sovereignty of our country over to corporate interests.”

He told HuffPost: “Having seen what I’ve seen, I would characterize this as a gross abrogation of American sovereignty … And I would further characterize it as a punch in the face to the middle class of America. I think that’s fair to say from what I’ve seen so far. But I’m not allowed to tell you why!”

He added on his blog: “There is no national security purpose in keeping this text secret.”

5. It’s Not Secret To Lobbyists

While politicians like Grayson have to keep quiet in public about what they’ve seen, a “consultation group” likely composed of lobbyists has had access to the talks through the Canadian delegation, critics say.

OpenMedia reported it received a non-disclosure agreement the group said was mistakenly sent to them, and was apparently meant for industry insiders.

“It appears … the Canadian government got confused about which contacts were industry lobbyists and which are from public interest groups,” OpenMedia stated.

The Harper government had previously denied that such a group existed.

6. It Could Mean Foreign Telecom Coming To Canada

This might not be something the Harper government wants to keep from the public, which is largely unhappy with the state of telecom in Canada, but it could be something it’s trying to keep out of sight of Canada’s telecom companies.

The U.S. Trade Representative recently criticized Canada’s protectionist telecom policies, along with policies in a number of other countries negotiating the TPP. That has led some to conclude Canada will come under pressure to relax restrictions on foreign ownership of telecoms.

The Tories have previously loosened foreign ownership rules in order to spur competition in the wireless market, so there is a good chance they will be receptive to further liberalization of telecom regulations.

7. Corporations Could Control Your Browsing History

One of the clauses being debated in the TPP would allow corporations to decide themselves whether internet browsers can make “temporary copies” to your computer’s history folder.

Temporary copies are a basic element of how web browsers work (it’s what they use to remember your browsing history). Critics say allowing companies to control what is and isn’t copied could harm the ability of search engines to become more sophisticated. It could also have a chilling effect on tech innovation, as it could halt the development of apps that, for example, use a picture of a book cover or a part of a song to identify that book or song.

8. It Could Change Your Grocery Bill

Canada was reportedly kept out of TPP negotiations at first because of its supply management system, which controls the price of some basic grocery goods like milk and eggs.

Canada’s acceptance into the talks has been interpreted by some as meaning the Tories are willing to put the supply management system on the table. (The Tories have already ended the Wheat Board’s monopoly.)

Many Canadians would like to see the end of the “milk and eggs monopoly,” and supporters of change say freeing up the market would result in lower prices. Supporters of the current system say there is no reason to believe prices will go down without supply management, and it will make business less stable for farmers.

9. Copyright Terms Will Likely Be Expanded

The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports the TPP would amount to the most significant expansion of copyright terms in two decades.

The group says the TPP proposes to extend copyright on works created by individuals to life plus 70 years. (In Canada, it’s currently life plus 50 years). It would also expand copyright owned by corporations to 95 or 120 years after creation, depending on which proposal is accepted. This would ensure that Mickey Mouse (born 1928) would continue to be owned by Disney and would not become part of the public domain.

Critics of lengthy copyright terms argue they are bad for economic development because they restrict innovation.

10. You May Have To Do Less Copying And Quoting

The U.S. and Australia apparently want tougher rules for “fair use” exceptions from copyright law. Currently, people are allowed to copy parts of textbooks for educational purposes, or quote copyrighted materials in news articles. But a proposed “three-step test” for fair use could make it considerably harder for people to use parts of copyrighted materials in these ways.

11. Even Politicians Are Fed Up With The Secrecy

Some U.S. politicians have been pressuring President Barack Obama to open up the TPP talks to greater public scrutiny. The latest is Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of Massachusetts, who sent a letter to the Obama administration earlier this month asking the U.S. Trade Representative to make a copy of the negotiating text available to the public. “Without transparency, the benefit from robust democratic participation — an open marketplace of ideas — is considerably reduced,” she wrote.

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Did you really only make pennies off of red Bubble? I've been considering buying from there because I want to support some of the many amazing artists and show my love of whatever fandom they draw for, but I don't know if I can justify spending that kinda money if they don't get much of it.

Well, considering that they consider “manufacturing price” to be like 80% of the retail price.

Yes, I do make pennies. Mostly because people are just buying small stuff. You can choose how much you make - 17% or 30% or etc, but the only thing that changes is how much the item costs. Usually the cost is way above what I would pay for a similar item, so I’ve kept my margin percentage low. 

I can make more money selling stuff on etsy, but then again, Redbubble is usefully omnipotent in the fact that I just upload my files, select which items I want available and then they do literally everything else. Is it fair? Well, I mean, it’s their business. They’re there to make money just like I am. It’s a painless act of throwing my stuff out there, and I do GET money (minimal money), and  I get it having done minimal effort. So it’s kinda worth it, unless you for whatever reason don’t want to give Redbubble more money. 

Here’s an example: