manufactured alliances


Two man flyer of the Outer Planets Alliance. Drives manufactured by Kirby Industrial.

Drawn on cartridge paper with Copic Multiliners. Coloured in Photoshop.


Manufactured Alliances: The Next Day - Chapter One, The Off Day [Mass Effect SFM Fan Film]

Now with subtitles! :v
It’s finally here! It’s been around 2 years since the last installment of Manufactured Alliances, but now here’s the crew again in an adventure not so lethal – having an off day, a month after the events of the original MA. Sheniqua and Toby case out a club on the Citadel for the crew, but perks come with their beef, and the team recently relinquished of Banshees will once again find themselves soon in someone’s drama. For now however, fluff. And lots of it. :)

A very big thank you to the fam who stuck with me during this. Appreciate ya, love ya. ;)


The Full OST for the Mass Effect Fan Film, Manufactured Alliances - mind you these are the full tracks as produced; I have provided a timestamp for each track accordingly. :)

00:00:00 - Recon Shock (Original Mix)
00:05:07 - Omnicomplex (Ambient Disovery Mix)
00:06:13 - Recon Shock (SilverThunder Dub Mix)
00:09:36 - Loose Cords (The Extended Transcendence Mix)
00:13:30 - (Event) To the Surface
00:14:03 - (Event) Baysplosion
00:14:18 - The Fury’s Investigation
00:15:23 - Reaper-Fubared Asari Strike Force
00:16:36 - (Event) Banshee Terror
00:16:47 - Absolution (First Movement)
00:20:31 - Cynical Talks
00:21:57 - Skylah’s Omega Memories
00:28:41 - Omega Memories (Ambient Mix)
00:29:46 - The Fury’s Irritation
00:30:53 - (Event) Contingency0
00:31:06 - (Event) The Observing Power
00:32:35 - Absolution (Second Movement) - Holographics and Peashooters
00:33:30 - Absolution (Third Movement) - The Pulsernade
00:34:35 - Biotic Elegance
00:38:31 - Absolution (The Final Gauntlet)
00:40:16 - On Your Feet N7
00:42:30 - Recon Shock (vs. Renegade Mix) - Ending theme

Aaaaaaand I also included some draft extras which didn’t end up being used, plus a few remixes :3

00:43:47 - Omnicomplex (Exosphere Mix)
00:46:37 - Surface Mission (Unused Draft)
00:50:59 - On Your Feet N7 (Perseverance Mix)
00:54:03 - Turned The Tide (Team MA Alternate Theme) 
00:58:58 - Kasumi’s Blessing (GIFT FOR YOU)

Enjoy :3


Hey there guys, haven’t uploaded in a while (welcome to uni life) so I put together something for the time being…the lines between my sister and Sheniqua are becoming unclear.

featuring the MA fam and shiz c:

anonymous asked:

I-I really love Mach/Toby. You should get an official tag for 'em, for when you reblog that sorta stuff. Or just do PaladinDestroy? Also, any ETA on MA - TND?

Hey Anon! I’m glad you’re warming up to those two cuties, I never actually thought of an official tag tbh, I wouldn’t be sure what to call them XD (maybe Russian Tank/Canadian Shield)

I also moved into university rather recently and am now studying CGA (that’s for computer games arts, which does not involve playing mass effect all day I swear down), but rest assured I’m working most tirelessly to get MATND done — if I could give you a rough estimate I’d say sometime mid 2015. Hopefully it’ll be worth it c:

Annnnnd here’s the back.
Unfortunately seems the hoodie print shop got shuffled into the next town, so I won’t be wearing this for a while, but hey, it can make a snazzy background, right?
So here we are, Team MA lookin’ groovy! :D


It’s finally finished - Manufactured Alliances :3

Welp, it’s only taken forever, but hey, here it is a year after I started the project - Manufactured Alliances, the origin story for N7 Team-172 Bravo Echo Echo and the Cerberus Rebels on planet Avexis, during the events of Mass Effect 3.

Through particle effects tests, broken hard drives, and some sick adlibs from the fam, this film’s been through hella foolishness. Made with no budget, just by group of passionate M.E fans and cool cats. Hope you all enjoy it! (And thanks for waiting!)