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holy shit even CARMEN gets more hate than sarah and maybe even sabrina lol this fandoms hatred for rowan and how she doesn't cater to anyone's discomfort with her dedication to being herself is fucked

The thing is if Rowan DID try to be all bubbly, cutesy and unopinionated then she wouldn’t be being herself. She would be portraying a persona that Disney had manufacted for her. Literally every past Disney Star has said that Disney did this to them and controlled their every move. This is what people are used to, and they don’t like change.

Someone even had the audacity to say that Rowan treated her fans horribly because she called out a “fan” who was bullying Carmen LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This “fan” literally said

“Carmen is looking really tan lately; surprising because she’s always standing in her sister’s shadow.”

Then a so-called “Tanner Buchanan” account began defending the “fan” and that’s when the whole “Fake Tanner Drama” started.

Anyway, all Rowan said to the bully was that she wouldn’t tolerate hate toward her sister. Then the bully began lamenting “Woe is me!” and Rowan haters lapped it up.

Rowan was then labeled the “bully”.

What I hate most is when people compare Rowan and Sabrina and turn Rowan into an “Angry, problematic bully”. It also brings up a frightening reminiscent of age old stereotypes with Sabrina being the “Perfect and Pure Aryan Princess” and Rowan being “Dark, Jealous and Dirty”.

Fellas WE need to stop making our Women feel insecure by comparing them to these “Celebrity Women” who have make-up artist, time and the money to invest in their looks. They have an unfair advantage. I salute the regular Woman who still manages to keep herself up while while working a 9-5, sometimes 2 jobs, going to school, coming home to cook, clean and raise the kids sometimes by herself. Let YOUR Woman know that her imperfections are perfect…that gap is sexy, those stretch marks and c-section scars are sexy, her dark skin is sexy, her lil booty is sexy, that Lil belly she tries to hide is sexy, . We are quick to praise females with these manufactered bodies we no longer appreciate what a REAL Woman actually looks like.

If you love her and she is your woman…you respect her and show her she is the baddest Woman on the planet…she can be a 10 to you and a 5 to everybody else but that’s alright because she aint for everybody else. 💯

[He loves my flaws and always makes me feel as if I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. Every day he sings “I just hit the lotto!” ❤❤❤]

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Seien Sie dabei: MES live erleben bei ARGO-HYTOS

Ein neuer Beitrag ist auf dem MIT-Blog erschienen:

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Workshop Best-Practice MES
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„Für den oben stehenden Beitrag sowie für das angezeigte Bild- und Tonmaterial ist allein der jeweils angegebene Nutzer verantwortlich. Eine inhaltliche Kontrolle des Beitrags seitens der Seitenbetreiberin erfolgt weder vor noch nach der Veröffentlichung. Die Seitenbetreiberin macht sich den Inhalt insbesondere nicht zu eigen.“

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Pareto Law Limited: Graduate Outbound Sales Executive, GBP20K basic+ training!


Pareto Law Limited:
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Source:: Pareto Law Limited: Graduate Outbound Sales Executive, GBP20K basic+ training!

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Inglesina System Trilogy; Inglesina System Trilogy ...

Inglesina System Trilogy; Inglesina System Trilogy …

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