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i mean in this case i think it’s indicative of a v aggressive attribution of hyper-construction (which is gross ofc, ew pop music, ew ~lack of artistry~) to the producers of pop music while simultaneously framing the singers themselves (in this case carjeps) as like, helpless ghosts in the machine

which is why, in this strange gross paradigm, carly rae’s music can be simultaneously overprocessed and manufactered but she can also be inadvertent, because y’know her vocal intonations are ACCIDENTAL because she’s not an ARTIST

hello my kindle broke and i’m a techno grump, i don’t want that new touchscreen shit

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GmbH kaufen In its heydays, Borgward ? a German car manufact

In its heydays, Borgward ? a German car manufacturing company used to employ around 23,000 … plan to bring back the company to life.
The German veteran will announce its future plans at the 2015…
27/02/15 07:04 | India |
Sent to us by the lovely Andy White over at Simply Abu Dhabi and made by German company Selected Jewels , and so far only made for keys belonging to your relatively pedestrian Mercedes-Benz, it starts…

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Manifesto: The Vow of Chastity

John Morgan, The vow of chastity (revised):

1. Design must work together with the content matter. The concept of a design manufact must relate to the content and not viceversa.

2. Additional material must not be used unless it refers directly to the main subject. It must be positioned where it is referred to.

3. The typeface used must be readable and functional to the text (fancy, illegible or overdesigned typeface must not occour).

4. The text colour is black (or solid color if the whole object is printed in the same color), special colors and varnish are not acceptable.

5. Photoshop and Illustrator filters are forbidden.

6. The design must not contain superficial elements (maximize the data-ink ratio).

7. The designer must not redesign printed/digital matters if not strictly necessary (but instead use what it is to be found).

8. Style in design is not acceptable.

9. The format must be in a size optimized for the printing surface, no paper waste (for books it must be hand-held format, coffe-table books are not accepted).

10. The designer must be mentioned together with all the other workers involved in the project.

Furthermore I swear as a designer to refrain from personal taste. I’m not an artist. I swear to refrain from creating a “work of style” as I regard the objectivity more important than the individuality. My supreme goal is to force the content out of my design work despising any make-up. I do so by all means available and at the cost of any good taste and any aesthetic considerations. Thus I make my vow of chastity.

Written in 2001 by John Morgan and the 1st year students at St. Martin college and revised in 2005 by Daniele Barbiero. On behalf of Dogme95.

Do 3D printed objects lack the precision needed for broader application?

So why not add a subtractive manufacturing component to this additive manufacturing process?

This company just did. (Video) Why does 3D printing get all the love? Probably because it evokes visions of Star Trek’s famous replicator. Back here in the humble 21st century, however, it’s just one of the computerized manufact…