DIY Heimlich Manuever Tool

Save your own life in a possible choking scenario with the DIY Heimlich maneuver tool. Lightweight and easy to transport, the tool is designed to help you perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself so you don’t accidentally choke to death while you’re dining alone.


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My Cute Barista | Xiumin Scenario

A new cafe had recently opened up two blocks away from your house and it had already become a popular place for teenagers and young adults to hang out. Deciding to try something new, you walked into the pastel blue cafe. The building was nearly full to the brim with people (the majority being teenage girls) and you could see why. They had a wide assortment of pasteries and drinks that could make one drool. Not to mention the workers, who were all handsome guys who wore the cutest shorts ever.

Carefully you manuevered yourself between the line and the people searching for a place to sit. Patiently, you stood in line and surveyed the menu. Everything sounded pleasing which made making a decision even harder.

“Miss? Are you ready to order? It’s okay if you’re not but I think the others in line might get mad.” A soothing yet bubbly voice brought you out of your daze. You looked up to meet deep brown eyes that sparkled.

“Ah, I’m so sorry!” You bowed and he nodded. “I don’t know what to choose, what do you recommend?” He giggled and his eyes met your own.

“For you? I would suggest getting the choco-vanilla bean mocha cappuccino. It’s sweet but not so sweet that it tastes bad. Also the designs I make on them are cute.” You nodded and accepted. He was pretty damn cute so you wouldn’t mind what he thought you should drink. “By the way, what’s your name? We need it to write on your cup."  You willing give him your name.

You decided to sit when you found an empty table near the window. Your eyes scanned the room. They landed on the cutie who took your order. He had left the register and was replaced with another guy, this time he was much taller and had dark brown hair that looked almost black. ‘Maybe he went to go make the drinks? Well let’s just hope that drink tastes good.’ You started to play around on your phone waiting for your name to be called so you could take the drink and go.

"Here you go. I hope the wait wasn’t too long. I was making five other drinks plus yours. I hope you like it though, I put some extra effort into the design.” He winked as he handed you the cup and walked away.

You gazed down into the cup and stared at the cream foam. It was a winking puppy with the word “haha!” underneath it. You blushed and you head shot up in an attempt to search for him. You never got the chance to read his name tag.

It had been about two months and you were a frequent customer of the cafe. You always prayed that the cute barista, whose name you later learned was Minseok, was there.

Today was a particularly good day. You were getting compliments of the street on your way to the cafe and the weather was perfect. As you walked into the cafe, the door chimed. It was quite empty,  although you had no complaints since you could get more time talking to Minseok.

“Hey, the usual?” Minseok shot up from his seat behind the counter and his eyes perked up as you walked through the door. You nodded and leaned on the counter as you waited for him. He was a bit more muscular now compared to how he looked when you first met, but that only made him more attractive.

“Minseok, I’ve always wondered…. Why work as a barista? I mean I know you kinda need a job to help pay off coklege but you look suited for like a Toy Store or a retail. I mean you’re pretty damn attractive so you’d attract a Kot of customers… Not that you already don’t!” He chuckled as he turned around and handed you the drink, “Wait! I didn’t pay yet.” You attempted to hand him the money but he brushed you off. He took another cup for himself and motioned for you to follow him. He guided you to a small, round table hidden near the back of the cafe.

As he sat down, he stared at you intensely, causing you to feel a bit self-concious. “I like being a barista. I get to have fun and meet cute girls like you, who by far, is the cutest customer I have ever seen walk into this place. I’ll keep the job cause I get to see you all the time…” Speechless, your eyes widened in shock and your mouth was ajar. Still, you beckoned him to continue.

“I like you…. Like, really like you.” Desperately trying to hide the redness of his face, he bowed his head. You cupped your hands around his face and moved closer to kiss his nose.

“Ah, you’re just as sweet as the drinks you make. I really like you too. Does this mean I get free drinks since my boufriend is the barista?” He chuckled and reached over to give you a gentle but firm kiss on the lips. His mouth had a lingering taste of coffee and cake, not that you minded.