manuel palaiologos

“Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

— Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos, Dialogues Held With A Certain Persian, the Worthy Mouterizes, in Anakara of Galatia (c. 1391).

I love Ezio as much as any AC fan, but some of his actions in Revelations like sparking a riot to break into the Armory and blowing up the gunpowder shipment in Cappadocia were incredibly extreme and must’ve caused plenty of innocent deaths. But no one really calls him out on these actions besides Yusuf, the spy lady (forgot her name) and Manuel Palaiologos, and in Yusuf’s case it’s less calling him out and more “What the hell are you thinking?”

I would like it if in a future AC game, a Templar points out all of the terrible things the Assassins have caused and done in response to someone pointing out all the terrible things the Templars caused and done.

I don’t understand why Ezio sided with the Ottomans in Revelations. They were a much more brutal, totalitarian, and intolerant empire than the Byzantines ever were. And it’s not like the Byzantines had a chance at returning to power; he didn’t have to hunt down and kill all their leaders. I think this would be one of the very few times it would be acceptable to be a Templar (with the exception of that monster Shakhulu); moreso than in Rogue’s time. I found a quote from Manuel Palaiologos to Ezio on the bottom of page 355 of the Revelations book, after the latter bombed Cappadocia: “Stop and think for a moment. Think of the lives you have disrupted today—the anarchy you have sown here! You! You take advantage of a poor and displaced people, using us to further your own vain quest! But we fight for dignity, Assassin! We fight to restore peace to this troubled land.”

I am obsessive-compulsive about looting high-value targets. Especially rich-looking ones that are part of the main story like Manuel Palaiologos and Baron de Valois. Sometimes I can’t even do it in time because after I kill one I have a few seconds to move before it does that sequence ending thing. It sucked we couldn’t loot the main antagonists, like Rodrigo, Cesare, Haytham and Char Lee, etc.