so I almost stole someone’s parking space today (they pulled in just before I tried to) embarrassed, I quickly tried to reverse and drive off, and ended up taking off in 3rd gear (in the polo) and stalling. I found another spot, but I can still smell my burning clutch

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Hey I've been trying to find the khuzdul translation for "honey" is it possible for you to help me. If you could I would be so grateful

I do hope you mean like the food, because otherwise, we’re in trouble XD

Okay, so the plural of “honey” (as in more than one drop of it) is halâw, and the singular form is halw. You can probably use halw if you’re looking for a term of endearment, but if you’re looking for something like “honey-like” or “like honey”, you should go with halwul.

Please remember to source me, and thank you for your ask!! :)

To My Kids: A 10 Step Instruction Manual for Life

1. Don’t listen. To people who tell you: you can’t make money doing that, you’re not skinny enough, smart enough, outgoing enough, athletic enough, accommodating enough, acceptable enough. Develop emotional earplugs and continue onward.

2. Be kind. It’s a lost art.

3. Laugh. A lot. At yourself. When things go wrong. Whenever possible. And don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself. Weird is good. Go for it.

4. Cry. That’s okay too. And very necessary. Don’t apologize for having deep feelings. They might seem like a curse at the time, but they are a blessing if you channel them.

5. Look for ways to be grateful. There’s so much to upset about in this world. It’s your responsibility to counteract that with being appreciative for the good you find in your life. The best way to be grateful: help someone else in need. 

6. Find what you love. In as many people as possible, and especially in what you choose to do for “work.” If you don’t know what your passion is, dive into life. Try new things. Challenge yourself. You’ll find your passion eventually. When you do, don’t serve.

7. Make life, rather than money, your priority. Choose experiences over things. If you reduce your expenses and live within your means you can have tremendous freedom.

8. Say “yes” whenever possible. To adventure. To relationships. To learning. To risk. Even to heartache. Being passive leaves you with a very small life.

9. Never forget the power of “no.” Become a student of what you believe in and who you are. If there is something or someone who infringes on that don’t be afraid to say no. There will always be someone to tell you what you think and what to do if you’re unsure of who you are and what you want.  

10. Go forth and conquer. Soon you’ll realize just how short our time here really is. As for me, if I could give you any gift from my own experience, it would be to make memories doing what you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid to try. In the end, all we have is our memories, a sum total of all we have experienced. Go make a memory today.

And remember. I’m still learning all this too. 

I love you.

Mom. (aka Kim Beyer-Johnson)

Little one, it’s tough because I just want you to stay little. So little and pure and innocent. And I want to protect you from the mean, dirty, messy world we’re living in now.

But I also want to see you grow and learn. To see how you do things and carry yourself. To see you rise above the mess that is our society and take on the world.

I’ll encourage you every day.

i don’t know what to do !!! whenever i ask fr help for anything my dad always says well yr 16!! you should be able to fix your own problems!!!
well that’s cool thanks dad i already hate myself enough for that but sure let’s bring it up . i literally don’t trust my own decisions or even my own thoughts someone please tell me what i should do..

followthered replied to your post “So I got the payment for the project I finished recently, which means…”

make it rain!

Barely. It was like $36, and half of it has already been spent on groceries.

While waiting on the refund from school, I have:
-Not been able to pay to renew my phone service for this month, so my phone service is off until I can
-Not been able to pay to renew my domain name for my other blog/website. So hopefully it still exists when I can
-Still have not been able to deal with health insurance. I have until Sep. 4, but I think I can get an extension if I need to.

But, I did apply for another job today, working at the media desk in the library on my campus. I am more than qualified, so hopefully it works out.

Life in today's society.

Every word thought, every sentence written and every conversation spoken now and days are deprived of self-thought. Children, age doesn’t matter, have all been taught what to say. Not by parents or teachers, it all comes from this common word used every day, yet no one has truly understood what it stands for. Society. Simple right? Well, truly the word Society is a name for all of us; People. Each one of us judges. We might say we don’t, however the human mind can’t help but to. It’s impossible because of how Society works.

Think about it this way; Society is a How to Live Your Life manual. The real world is divided into many parts. You have the Diplomats, Workers, Freelancers, and the Currently Unemployed. If you are lucky enough to be born directly into the Diplomat level, you are set.

However, for most of us, the hard working people who give 90% of themselves to their jobs to try to get a promotion and get to the point where you can afford to take a second to breath, we have fight battles. We don’t know what designer clothes feel like. We don’t know how a Bugatti drives. We have absolutely no idea of what superior manners to use. We are “common people”. Common Law applies to us. We live by the saying, “Beggars can’t be choosers”. We don’t have a fair chance in Society.

Society first tries discouraging us. We don’t give up. Then it slowly starts creeping up on the things we like the best. It tears it down, and we are left with nothing. Society takes advantage of us because we don’t have “power”. It makes it almost impossible to get anywhere without pain and sweat.

It makes us work until blisters form on our palms. When we finally reach a tiny little reassurance, it makes us feel unworthy and less then. It’s amazingly horrifying how many people give up. So many people are afraid to speak their mind, because the thought of judgment and prejudice haunts them.

This is why we need to defeat Society. All of us need to put a stop to these rules we have to play by. We have to start living our lives with courage and strength. We are not living this tough life to please society. We should live our lives for ourselves. We need to achieve what makes us happy, and proud. We can do what WE like and love. Society should not control us. Also it should not judge us. That we cannot control, people have their own opinions and we must respect that for it is our Natural Right, but we shall not stand in anyone’s way.

We should support each other and not be jealous. I have faith that one that, people will realize that being normal isn’t following society’s rules. It’s being yourself, and no one else.

This applies to not only adults but kids as well. Teenagers mostly. Learn to love and have a little bit of respect and tolerance for each other. Treat each other, as you’d like to be treated. Do a just one good thing, and see how it feels. It will feel rewarding, and give you a sense of accomplishment. One tiny thing may lead to a chain reaction, both bad and good.

- KingDaniPosts