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That Awkward Moment When the Woman Who Can't Drive Drives Your Ass Home

About a year ago, I purchased a car with a manual transmission. From the dealership’s sales guys to the dates and male friends I’ve driven in that car (many of whom are unable to drive manuals themselves), nearly every man who rides with me comments that he’s impressed by my ability to “handle a stick.”

One classmate has remarked on his admiration several times, adding one night as I drove him home from the bar, “It’s not that all girls are shit drivers, but most are, and you just don’t see a lot of them driving stick." 

And just why was I driving this colleague home? He has a suspended license.

Driving stick shift

I learned to drive stick way before I was diagnosed with ADHD, but once I learned I instinctively knew that, for someone who is easily bored and distracted, having more to do while driving is a good thing. Since then, I’ve only ever bought manual transmission cars, and I highly recommend them for ADHD fellow travelers

Oh, and no, that is not my actual car.  Mine is way messier, of course.


For Sale:
1973 Detomaso Pantera “l”, 2 Owner, Original, Dark Side Of The Moon

Price: $95K or Make an Offer (As of April 7th, 2014) // Buy it Now (eBay Motors)

Location: Altadena, California.

Seller Notes:
This stunning and low mile example was meticulously cared for by a Detroit V-8 enthusiast. Owned by the second owner for the past 39 years, the car currently shows 46K on the clock. An active member of the Pantera Owners Club, this car was kept beautiful and maintained by like minded aficionados who equally knew and appreciated the marque. 0 miles since extensive “freshening” up by renowned factory authorized specialist…it starts right up and settles into a robust rumbling idle, signature of a 351 c.i. Ford Cleveland V8. All service and operating manuals are present along with period literature delineating it’s ahead of time performance and design. Many rare and special NOS parts (most of them unopened in original packaging) will be included in the sale of the car. As one of the 51 coolest cars ever made (Road & Track, March/April 2014), this original and unmodified Pantera will be an outstanding addition to any exotic/supercar collection. The car is currently registered and has a CLEAN TITLE.

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#324: “A car operates at maximum economy, gas-wise, at speeds between 25 and 35 miles per hour. A car that shifts manually gets 2 miles more per gallon of gas than a car with automatic shift. A car uses 1.6 ounces of gas idling for one minute. Half an ounce is used to start the average automobile.”

Too general. True. Can vary. False.

This is actually a complicated factoid. HowStuffWorks says that in general, lighter vehicles have their fuel efficiency at higher speeds, while heavier vehicles have it at lower speeds. For most cars, the maximum economy is at between 40 and 60 mph.

Manual transmissions do get more miles per gallon than automatic transmissions.

Cars actually use way less gas idling for one minute. They use 0.026 gallons while idling for ten minutes, and that’s less than the number given here. Another estimate I saw was the amount of gas your car needs to go one mile, which varies by the mileage your car gets.

It takes roughly half a teaspoon of gas to start a car, but it varies depending on the number of cylinders. That’s about a sixth of an ounce.

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