manu saves

Summary of my WC2013 experience day 20 (Quarter-Finals)

Germany 1 vs France 0

The Match wasn’t what we were expecting at all. We expected a tight match with a lot of attacking from both sides, fast paced with goal chances everywhere. But it was majorly slow there was a lack of Urgency from the french side which affected them.

it started with a lot of early attempts from Germany and with no immediate response from France in the 13’ min Hummels oppened with a fantastic Header For germany

Although France woke up in the final minutes of the Match.. there were no goals and they are sent packing.

mean while bruv just being nothing but himself 

and sami trying to romance the referee to get the card off him

and Manu still making saves while celebrating

Buts a sad day for France and this lad wouldnt stop crying

his team mates were there for him

but the emotion was running high their dreams have come to a stand still till 4 years time

Brazil 2 vs Colombia 1

Right from the moment the whistle went off for kick off the teams were ready. they were playing like they were in the last minutes of extra time. The Urgency in their attack was instant making the game lively.

A corner kick which everyone missed but as it drops down thiago silva comes in with a free run and he chucks it in with some part of his body..and its in the Net

a slap for David luiz

and David luiz with his spectacular free kick makes it two for Brazil

A penalty is awarded and it taken by the talented James Rodrigues making it 6 goals for him in this tournament, but its not enough to give them the win

Full time and its all a happy day for Brazil emerging to the semifinals

but a heart broken James is left in tears

David luiz proving again that he is a lovely lad

we would miss COLOMBIA DEARLY and their booty swerve. sadly we say goodbye to the amazing lads.

but its the end of the road for this lad. and we wish him a speedy recovery (unlucky) 

the world cup is becoming more intense as it gets closer to the end. Day 20 had a lot of mixed emotions bring on day 21