manu please

Elmira is getting into making skyships and her second one was a yacht for Manus to tool around in. it’s blue and white and powered by geodes from Mount Metagalapa, so Manus of course needed to immediately commission a matching boating suit, blue and white and way more glittery than he usually goes. towersong this is the Hand of your Queen: this floofy dork who feels the need to match his boat

A loud, sharp cacophony of yelling exploded from the young Prime’s suite, followed by a pleading, softer voice that begged him not to be this violently upset–

“No! Pots, no! That’s not how shit works!” Rigel shouted, pushing both doors open wide and startling one of the maids. “My Dad fought a whole War to stop it, and if I’m going to have to be in charge - We’re not doing this!”

He motioned to the other mech hugging close to the wall and then whirled around to face his assistant. “I’m going to talk to Manus.”

“Sir, please, he’s in a meeting–” Pots was cut off by the youngling turning and stalking down the hall. “SIR!”

The Shannara Chronicles

AKA hot damn these elves know how to dress

AKA manu bennett please father my children

AKA poppy drayton is too good for this show and also for this world

AKA hot uncle guy please father my children

AKA glorious set pieces are glorious

AKA this love triangle is already making me so angry

AKA WTF kinda name is eritrea

AKA all of these false eyelashes are very obvious and very distracting

AKA there are not enough high fantasy shows on television

AKA this is making me mad that the earthsea show was so awful



Look at them!! 
Mom 051, baby 052 and presumed big brother 050!
This matriline belongs to Bartolo’s pod, this pod stays from the South of Portugal to the left side of the Strait, where all the Almadrabas are!

Please help Manu Esteve, (marine biologist) find sponsors to finish a 27 minutes movie about the orcas from the Strait of Gibraltar, who have the tradition of taking the bluefin tuna from the fishing lines.

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