In 2018 I’m done asking why I don’t matter to people. This year my mantra is
                      I matter to myself.
—  Affirmation of the day.

You’re entitled to your anger. You’re entitled to your bitterness.
It doesn’t make you as bad as the people who hurt you.
It doesn’t make you abusive to finally lash out and snap at your abusers.
It’s a recognized and common tactic for abusers to accuse their victims of being the perpetrator of the toxicity and abuse.
It’s not your fault though.
You aren’t as bad as them just because they finally pushed you to the breaking point.

You aren’t a bad person or a “bad victim” for your justified anger.
You don’t have to carry any guilt if the final straw ended in you telling someone how they hurt you. 
You aren’t the bad guy for resenting the way you were treated.
You aren’t deserving of it because you raised your voice or said harsh words.

You get to be upset. You get to be human.

Get up early enough to set your intentions for the day in stone, a good morning is the beginning of a successful day. You are capable of everything you want to do today. You are strong, secure and able to achieve. There is no task too hard when you believe in every ability you hold, you are determined to hit every goal. Do not give up on yourself.

Morning Mantras by Amy Kennedy


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The Five Practices

Right Mindfulness

Do not think about the past or future. Do not day-dream. Be mindful, focus,pay attention to what is happening right here right now. As best as you can enjoy the moment.

Right Understanding

Remember that everything we perceive, everything we see, hear, touch or smell is part of the whole Universe. Everything is a manifestation of the Divine, known as the Dharmakaya in Buddhism and personified as Amida Buddha. Everything we perceive is Amida Buddha. We are surrounded by Amida and never separated from the Divine. This includes other people and ourselves also - we are all Amida Buddha.

Right Thought

Everything happens according to Destiny. The will of the Universe is played out. There is a grand plan for everything which is ordained by the Divine with wisdom and compassion. We should bear this in mind and submit to the Divine Dharmakaya.

Right Effort

From right understanding and thinking comes contentment, but effort must be made to cultivate contentment. We must remember that desire is the cause of suffering, while contentment is the greatest wealth. We should try to control and limit our desires. Be content be happy.

Right Concentration

Right concentration is mental stillness. It is a quiet mind. A direct result of contentment and submission. A mind that does not over-think, worry or imagine.

Ten Spiritual Tonics

1. Stop worrying. Worry kills life.

2. Begin each day with a prayer. It will arm your soul.

3. Control appetite. Over-indulgence clogs body and mind.

4. Accept your limitations.

5. Don’t envy. It wastes time and energy.

6. Have faith in people. Cynicism sours the disposition.

7. Find a hobby. It will relax your nerves.

8. Read a book a week to stimulate imagination and broaden your views.

9. Spend some time alone for the peace of solitude and silence.

10. Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want.

Thank god for the people out there with patience, who don’t make you feel dumb for not knowing something, the people who explain things, who help you without knowing you, the girls that lend you a tampon, people willing to step in when you are put on the spot, people who smile at you when you catch their eye, strangers who offer up their seat on the train or the bus, the person behind you in the queue happy to lend you that change you need, people who nod and encourage you when you are falling apart giving your presentation, people who are happy to comfort you without knowing why you need it- thank god for people who understand that people need help and are as happy to give it as they are to receive it. I geniunely do think most of the time I am one of these people, do you?

Solar Eclipse Magick

The solar eclipse reigns on Monday August 21, a shadowy goddess of truth and awakening. This eclipse is an illumination of the shadow self, a time where our awareness dives inward. It will reign under Leo, a fiery sign of courage and compassion. Deep radical love will rise and the emotional body will be tended to.

Cosmic Rituals:

Mantra Practice: I Trust. This is a powerful expression because it forces to release, let go, and to honor the flow of your life. Say this mantra throughout the day. Write it down, post it somewhere you can honor its reminder.

Candle Prayer: ignite the flame and watch it burn with such elegance. A divine notion of illuminating the darkness and your unconscious. Say a little prayer into the heat the rises, a whisper of your desire and intentions. Once you finish your prayer, blow out the cancel. Watch the smoke blend into the night.

Crystal Work:

  • Crystal Bath: soak with the crystals, their energy will infuser into the water. Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Moonstone are the perfect combination for a goddess bath. Add in Peppermint or Lavender bath salt to enhance the healing energies.
  • Mediation: Hold your crystals, feel their energy. Spend time easing the mind into your haven, use your crystals to access chakras, past lives, and emotions that you feel need tended to.
  • Crystal Circle: cast a circle using small crystals or a crystal wand. Crafting or drawing the circle of energy for you to sit in will give you the space to work with your shadow self.
  • Alter: choose a goddess, crystals, and herbs that embody what you want to manifest. The solar eclipse is a time of change, growth, and bravery.

Journal: Write it all down. Every emotion, thought, and memory. Savor it all, embrace the pain and happiness that rises to the surface. Be kind and open with the emotional shadows that step into the light. Healing starts with vulnerability.

Listen to Your Cards: seek guide from your oracle and tarot cards. This is the perfect time to see what your guides/spiritual counsel want to say.

Yoga: step onto the mat and flow, sweat, and breathe. Connect your body and mind with each movement.

Usted relájese
respire profundo
abra una cerveza
o corra cien metros a toda velocidad
luego camine dos pasos
y diga:
y sentirá como
se le va la náusea, el mareo,
el dolor de piernas, la sensación
de acidez en el estómago,
el dolor de cabeza,
todos son síntomas
de cuando se nos acumulan
en el cuerpo
un montón
de manifestaciones
que no alcanzan
a dar su grito
de ser necesario
evite a los pendejos
que le provocan esos malestares
lo más importante es su salud
y siga adelante
usted relájese
si no le gusta lo que hace
mande todo a la mierda
y váyase de la ciudad
le recomiendo dejar todo
de vez en cuando
para no aferrarse
a eso que le da comodidad
sin embargo
no garantiza esa gratitud
que respira
con ansía el tulipán
para hacer un jardín
en el espíritu
dele un trago hondo
a su tequila o mezcal
no mire su celular
no se ponga a stalkear a nadie
no lea las malas noticias
no se considere
menos que una hormiga
no juzgue lo que tiene frente a usted
no vaya a tomar en exceso
para pisar el acelerador
sólo respire de nuevo
y diga
le recomiendo
dicha meditación
todos los días
hasta que nada
pueda alterar
su tranquilo ensueño
o su prolongada fantasía
—  La alegría es un roadtrip, Quetzal Noah

Guided Meditation

•Stop thinking about the past or future. Stop remembering, stop imagining. Stop regretting stop worrying.

•Live in the present, focus on the moment. What is happening right now? What do you see and hear? What do you feel, what are you aware of.

•Just plainly observe the moment, be a witness to the present, be mindful.

•Don’t react.

•Understand that everything you experience is the Universe unfolding, the Divine game playing itself out. Everything you see and hear is the Divine Dharmakaya, everything is Amida Buddha.

•We give individual things names and descriptions, we form opinions and make judgements, but actually in truth and reality everything is simply Amida (the Divine, the Universe, God, the Dharmakaya, Buddha)

•Don’t think about how things might be different from how they are, but rather think to accept the way things are and submit to the Way (Tao) of the Universe.

•Think to yourself: This is the way it is, for now. This is my destiny, ordained by the universe with wisdom and compassion. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is as it should be. It is what it is.

•Thinking in that way make some effort to be content. Try to be content, encourage yourself to be content and let go of desires. Remember: desire is the cause of suffering, contentment is the greatest wealth. Be content, be happy.

•Being content and accepting let your mind relax and be quiet. Don’t think too much about things, just let your mind be at peace and still. Let your mind fall into a natural state of concentration.

•Chant the name of Amida to remember Amida, to recognise everything as Amida. Chant to express your gratitude to the Divine, as a way of Thanksgiving. Chant to remind yourself to trust the Divine rather than worry. Chanting just the name of Amida is both an act of devotion and praise. Chanting is also enjoyable and a way of rejoicing in the Divine.

Namo Amitabha 🙏🏻