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Reggie Mantle x Reader: Encounters


I absolutely love your writing!!! Would you make a Reggie x reader imagine, where the reader is a River Vixen and the Vixens are practising outside when the reader gets a bodycheck from one of the jocks because he full on goes for the ball… and then Reggie gets worried and helps her to the nurse and stuff with a lot of fluff? I’m sorry if it’s a bit vague…


A/N: Okay I changed it a bit, but not too much because I wanted to do justice for your request. Also I have 3 more to catch up now, so go ahead and send more requests imagines you want me to do! I hope you like this one. Requests open now. 

Words: 1811

Summary: Reader is a River Vixen and her first encounter with Reggie is at Cheryl’s party and second is when she get knocked out by a football and he takes her to the doctor

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: I think there may be a curse word in there.

Living in Riverdale, that’s a tale to tell. Life in a small town, one would think that it would be like in the movies and TV shows. The perfect quiet place with the perfect people.

It wasn’t, at least not anymore. It was quiet but the whispers made their way around. It was quiet because it hid so many secrets and as for the people we were far from perfect.

Although its imperfections you loved the place even though you’d never actually confess it out loud.

Life was simple for you, you were a River Vixen in Cheryl’s cheerleading squad, you were single, and your parents well they tried their best to be updated on your life.

After the memorial pep rally for Jason you made your way to Cheryl’s after party. You didn’t want to, but Cheryl was your friend and she needed you now more than ever. You may have been viewed as popular because you were a vixen, but you weren’t as stuck up as plenty of the other girls.

You made your way next to Betty and Veronica hopefully to relax with them and ignore the whole scene. Suddenly Cheryl decided everyone should play seven minutes in heaven.

You weren’t fond of these games especially because Cheryl always tried to play some sort of angle, and she did.

“Okay, your turn (Y/N)” Cheryl gave you a smirk after Chuck and some girl walked out of the closet.

“Fine” you mumbled as you spinned the bottle as it landed on the one the only Reggie Mantle.

You sat there frozen until Cheryl grabbed your hand and the guys pushed Reggie in the closet with you and closed the door.

This encounter with Reggie made you a bit shy, you seen him before of course. He is the Captain of the football team, but this encounter it just felt different. and from the looks of it maybe this encounter would be different for him too.

“Uh, Hi” you spoke to Reggie who was staring at you as you placed a bit of your hair behind your ear.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to” The tall boy confessed.

“What?” you questioned him, since you heard all the stories about Reggie Mantle and secretly you had a thing for the football player “I mean, I’m surprised is all.”

“Yeah I get it, you’ve heard the rumors, who hasn’t” Reggie spat even though at that moment he wanted to kiss you. Ever since 8th grade he had a thing for you, but rumors spread and he’d never thought he could get a girl like you.

“I’m sorry, no I- uh” you felt bad, you’d never seen this side of Reggie before. He looked vulnerable and that intrigued you even more.

It took every ounce of courage in your body to do what you did next.

You stepped closer to the handsome figure standing in front of you, stood on your tippy toes and placed a kiss on his lips.

Reggie a bit shocked at first, but placed his hands around your head and leaned in closer for the kiss. It was passionate, and a bit sloppy at the end.

As you pulled apart you both fixed yourselves up and kept looking into each other’s eyes.

Cheryl announced the time and opened the door and grabbed you by the hand.

“Um, I’ll see you around” was the only thing you could get out before Cheryl pulled you out.

Then her plan was back on track.

She made Veronica go in with Archie knowing it would bug Betty.

You felt bad for her so you reached your hand to hers.

“Hey Bets, I’m sorry about Cheryl she can be difficult, but you know how she is” you whispered to the blonde.

“It’s fine” Betty stated with a sad smile.

“Congrats on making the squad” you said as you were interrupted by Cheryl.

“TIMES UP LOSERS!” the red head spoke as she opened the closet revealing Archie and Veronica.

It was too late though, Betty disappeared.

That was your call to leave the party as you gave a disappointed look at Cheryl and you left the party.


You wanted to find Reggie and talk about the kiss, you had feelings for him and now they were stronger than ever since the weekend. You hadn’t seen him since the party and were hoping he would return those feelings back. Hoping that maybe the last encounter was a good chance to start something with Reggie.

You were at River Vixens practice the air a bit heavy between Ronnie and Betty, but you tried to ignore it because it wasn’t your business and Cheryl had been bitchier about the routine.

“Hurry up idiots, we have to get these move down for the homecoming game” Cheryl shouted “It’s bad enough we have to practice in the field because they are fixing up the gym, just get into position girls.”

Since the party Betty had been ignoring Veronica and she wasn’t doing the routines well and Cheryl made her watch. She was enjoying her vengeance against Betty even though she had never done anything to her (only thing Betty did was be related to Polly; the girl Jason was in love with).

“Okay Betty I can’t have you messing this up, right now so you keep watch and maybe catch on” Cheryl spoke with a devilish smirk “Okay (Y/N) you’re one of my best for pyramids so you are going to at the top, okay” and you nodded as you made your way to the cheerleaders already beginning to form the pyramid.

As you made your way, your eye caught Reggie in practice and he caught your eye too, and you smiled at each other not realizing you hadn’t been paying attention until Cheryl called your name and you made your way to the top.

As you finally reached the top of the pyramid you made your hands into a V about to jump down when suddenly you lost balance as a football hit your head and you crashed down.

All you heard were gasps and you couldn’t keep your eyes open for long as all the girls surrounded you.

Although you were able to catch a glimpse of Reggie running faster than you’ve ever seen him run.

“Shit (Y/N)” he spoke as he kneeled down to you and rested his hand under you head and you tried to make an effort in getting up.

“No don’t, when you fall you’re not supposed to get up until you feel better” Reggie proclaimed as your eyes were closed and you couldn’t help but smile at his remark.

“Well I’m starting to feel better now” you retorted as you bit your lip and caressed his cheek.

“I’ll take her to the nurse” Reggie told the girls as he picked you up and you rested your head on his chest.

“But the nurse is close-” you heard Betty say as Reggie was already walking away with you.

“You know she’s not wrong” you told Reggie as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“About?” the dark hair heartthrob asked.

“The nurse, it’s after school” you answered.

“I know, I’m taking you to my uncle’s clinic, you need to get checked out that was a heavy fall” Reggie informed you as he rubbed his thumb on your back which made the butterflies in your stomach go nuclear.

“That’s a bit far to walk don’t you think?” you heart was beating a bit quicker, your eyes still closed because of the impact of the grass, not knowing where you were heading but you trusted him.

“I have a truck you know, but if I didn’t I’d still walk” he noted reaching to what you guessed was door and placed you gently to the passenger’s seat as he made his way to the driver’s side.

You opened your eyes for a bit and saw it was and old model truck and the front seat was all connected and there was only a bit of space in the back which was only enough for his gym stuff and you laid yourself down and placed your head on his lap and he drove away from the school.

“I thought you had a jeep” you decided to make conversation.

“I just fixed up this truck, I want to see how good it runs”

“So we could stay stuck somewhere and you just might have to carry me to the doctor” you sarcastically answered.

“You have no faith in me” he pretended to be hurt as he turned.

“I trust you, anyways, do you listen to music or-” he cut you off turning up the radio.

You kept conversation until you arrived to the clinic and he insisted on carrying you still and made his way inside.

“Tell my uncle I’m here, any rooms open?” he demanded to the receptionist.

“Room three” she answered as Reggie opened the door that separated the patients and the workers as he made his way to room three and placed you on the examination bed.

“Well look who takes charge” you mocked as he took a chair on your left side

“I can take charge”

“Really? Last I remember Mantle I kissed you” you revealed as you turned your way to look at his reaction, but were interrupted by what you guessed was his uncle.

“What happened Reggie? Oh” the man with a white coat was a bit confused “I thought you got hurt boy, what seems to be the problem?”

“Oh I’m fine, (Y/N) took a football to the head at the top of the cheerleading pyramid and fell” Reggie stood up to shake his hand.

“Okay” the man made his way to you flashing a small flashlight in your eyes “So I’m checking for a concussion and maybe a sprain”

“Yes” Reggie spoke for you again.

“How bad was the fall?” The doctor asked placing his hands on your ankles to see if you had a sprain.

“I’m not dead, but I can finally open my eyes” you sassed and reacted to him putting pressure on your left ankle.

“You finally got one with a sense of humor didn’t you Reg?” his uncle encouraged as Reggie blushed a bit.

“I’m trying” he claimed and this time you blushed “So is anything too bad?” he asked making his way back next to you placing his hand on your head stroking your hair.

“Oh no, you got pretty lucky here, just a bit more rest on your head and you have a small sprain on your left ankle some medicine and you’re all good” the man reported to you as he grabbed some bandages and placed it tightly around your left ankle.

“Thank you sir” you told the doctor as he left the room.

You sat up the bed and tried to get up your legs still a bit weak and Reggie caught you, his hands on your waist.

One of the best encounters yet you thought.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” you asked as you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh plenty” Reggie said with a smug look on his face as he closed the proximity of your faces and sealed it with a kiss.

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You Know You Love Me (Reggie x Reader)

Summary: Reggie and Y/N are neighbors and secretly best friends but at school they donโ€™t talk since they run in different circles. One night Y/N invites Reggie over because she doesnโ€™t want to be alone.

Word Count: 2992

A/N: I really hope you guys like it, this is my first Reggie fic. Enjoy!


Originally posted by reggiesus

Reggie Mantle was a grade A assโ€ฆ but not to you, never to you. You were his best friend. You knew him the best. Well at least you considered him your best friend, you donโ€™t really know what you are to him.ย 

You two are next door neighbors and have been friends since birth, though you donโ€™t really talk at school. You didnโ€™t mind since you both ran in completely different circles. At least he didnโ€™t act like he didnโ€™t know you. He always managed to acknowledge your presence with either a smile or a nod. He respected your social differences and didnโ€™t push you into being someone you were not.

The thing about Reggie is that acts like a total asshat to keep up with the reputation he created for himself but only you knew the truth. He acts all intimidating but really heโ€™s the biggest goofball, teddy bear youโ€™ll ever meet.

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Too Good [r.m.]

This one was actually requested by @jxggie-jxnes, so thank you for the amazing prompt and I hope it meets your expectations!!


Reggie Mantle x reader in which science become important.

(Y/N/N)= your nickname



Jason Blossom had changed (and simultaneously ruined) the small town of Riverdale when his twin sister, Cheryl, claimed he drowned in Sweetwater River.

For (Y/N) (L/N) however, her life was ruined a day before his mysterious disappearance when her boyfriend, Reggie Mantle, broke up with her down at Sweetwater River.

Maybe that river was just cursed.

Reggie Mantle had asked (Y/N) (L/N) to accompany him to the Homecoming dance (A/N: what the heck is homecoming btw?) in freshman year and they had been together ever since. At least, until he broke up with her on July 3rd.


Brokenhearted and on the verge of tears, they young girl stumbled to Pop’s, hoping that a milkshake would make everything better. Pop’s personally delivered her milkshake, adding a side of onion rings as he looked at her sympathetically.

“Don’t worry (Y/N), this one’s on me,” he said. She simply smiled in thanks.

As she sat in the booth, she couldn’t help but wonder what she had done. Why had Reggie left her? She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the figure sliding into the seat across from her. She looked up when she heard someone clear their throat, only to lock eyes with a pair of blue ones.

“(Y/N) are you okay?” she heard them ask.

“Just peachy Betty,” she grumbled.

“(Y/N)…” Betty trailed off as the girl looked up at her with tear-filled eyes. She immediately got up and went to her side, enveloping the girl in her arms just as she began crying.

“He broke up with me Betty,” the girl whispered. “No explanation or anything. He just…left me.”

Betty couldn’t help but feel angry at “Mantle the Magnificent” as she held the broken girl, whispering comforting words to her as she soothingly rubbed her back. “C’mon, let’s get you out of here.”

Betty took (Y/N) to her house, where they just sat and talked for hours.

“I don’t know what I did,” the (H/C) haired girl said.

“I’m certain you didn’t do anything (Y/N)” Betty instantly replied. “Reggie’s just incredibly stupid.

“Besides, you don’t need him (Y/N). You are strong and intelligent and you certainly don’t need someone like Reggie around in order for you to know your worth,” Betty finished.

Taking a deep breath, (Y/N) smiled slightly. “Y’know what Betty? You are absolutely right. Thank you, for today. Thank you for being there for me.”

The two girls smiled at each other. A new friendship had been forged.


The rest of (Y/N)’s summer was spent hanging out with Betty and Archie. Archie had accepted her into their small group without hesitation and they had grown quite close.

With both of them by her side, (Y/N) felt invincible. She felt like she could do anything. She was certain she would be all right.

At least, she was, until the first day of school came around. The first day of school brought around many new challenges: Cheryl Blossom being a bitch, the new girl Veronica Lodge, and the most difficult of them all, Biology.


Everything had been fine. (Y/N) was going to pair up with Betty for that class and she would have no trouble there, seeing as how Biology was one of her best subjects. But their teacher decided to be a bitch and ruin her plans.

“Alright kids, listen up!” the teacher exclaimed. “This year, I will be picking your partners!”

(Y/N) glanced around the room uneasily, accidentally locking eyes with Reggie, who had been staring at her from across the room.

“Alright, Veronica Lodge and Josie McCoy. Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller,” (Y/N) zoned out as her teacher kept talking, only listening when Betty’s name was called. “Betty Cooper and Cheryl Blossom.”

(Y/N) made a face as Betty moved over to where Cheryl was.

“(Y/N) (L/N) and Reggie Mantle,” the girl dropped her book as she heard her partner’s name before quickly recovering and making her was over to the only free lab station, not missing Betty’s shocked expression.

“Hey (Y/N/N),” Reggie greeted. “Its been awhile.”

“Don’t call me that,” the girl snapped. ‘Calm down (Y/N), be a decent person’. Gritting her teeth and turning to Reggie, she mustered up a small smile. “Let’s get this work done yeah?”


One month later, Reggie still hadn’t stopped bothering (Y/N) during Bio.

Three months later, and they were back to joking around like they used to, before the break up.

Everyone was surprised to say the least. Betty was nervous about their friendship, as was Archie, who had become like a big brother figure to the (H/C) girl.

For (Y/N) however, Reggie was the least of her problems. The young girl had been panicking over her next big volleyball game, which was the championship game of the season. So when Reggie had started speaking to her on a daily basis (both in and out of class), she hadn’t given it much thought.

Whilst sitting in class one day, Reggie had noticed (Y/N)’s jumpy behavior.

“(Y/N/N)? What’s wrong?” he had questioned.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, (Y/N) had told him all of her doubts. That she wasn’t good enough to be on the team. That she was going to mess up the game. That she was going to be the reason that they would lose.

Reggie had quickly shut down her worries and given her an encouraging smile, telling her that she was enough. That she wasn’t going to mess up the game. That she was going to be the reason that they would win the championship.


The day of the game came a lot quicker than (Y/N) expected, and she was a bundle of nerves. Betty and Archie had stayed with her before the game started, whispering words of encouragement and praising her. As her team captain came in to give her the “five minutes til the game” signal, Betty began heading out.

“I’ll be sitting right out there ok? Cheering you on every step of the way,” Betty said before giving (Y/N) a tight hug.

After she left, (Y/N) turned to face Archie, raising her eyebrow.

“Listen (Y/N/N),” Archie began. “You are one of the most amazing players on the team. Don’t doubt yourself now. You’ve come such a long way and now is your time to shine. Go out there and make me proud kiddo.”

Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) launched herself at Archie, enveloping him in a hug.

“Uh, is now a bad time?”

The pair broke apart as they heard a familiar voice. (Y/N) looked at Archie and blushed as he wiggled his eyebrows at her and left, quickly wishing her a ‘good luck’.

He gave Reggie an unreadable look as he passed him, shaking his head at the dark-haired boy.

“So, uh, good luck out there,” Reggie said, standing by the doorway awkwardly.

The (H/C) haired girl quickly gave a small ‘thank you’, already walking past him to go join her teammates. She was stopped however, by Reggie’s hand shooting out and grabbing her wrist, gently pulling her to him as he captured her lips in a hesitant kiss as he wound his other arm around her waist. She couldn’t help but kiss back. She had missed this. She had missed him.

“Why Reggie?” she asked as they pulled away. “Why did you leave me?”

Reggie swallowed hard before answering, his lips pink and slightly swollen from the kiss they had shared less than a minute ago.

“I wasn’t enough (Y/N),” he whispered. “You were this amazing, talented girl, and I wasn’t good enough for you. I’m just a jock who does okay in school. But you, you’ve got an amazing future and I was just holding you back.”

“How dare you Reggie Mantle!” the girl exclaimed. “That is the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard. If anything, you’re too good for me. Everyone loves you and you do amazing in school. I chose to be with you Reggie. I love you.”

Reggie froze at her words before smiling and pulling her in for another kiss. “I love you too. Now go out there and win.”


And win she did. Riverdale had won the championship volleyball game all thanks to (Y/N)’s efforts.

As she walked into Pop’s with Reggie after the game, Betty and Archie, sitting in their usual booth, couldn’t help but notice the lovestruck expressions on their face as they walked, pinkies linked, to an empty booth.

And they knew, as Reggie placed his letterman jacket around (Y/N)’s shoulders, that no matter how much of a dick, or how big his ego was, that he would never do anything to harm her again.


I dunno how I feel about this. I don’t know if I portrayed him alright or not but I would like to write more for him in order to improve. i hope this was okay!

Also, asks are open.


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In The Wrong Hands Part 2 (Reggie Mantle x Reader)

Okay so here is part 2 of In the wrong hands reggie mantle imagine. Hopefully everyone enjoys this part as much as they did the first and I am so grateful to all of the positive feedback that I am getting from everyone and will be open to any requests that you have for me.


Shocked you stood up and looked at the furious Cheryl with wide eyes, trying to think a reason as to why they would be sitting like that for a “biology project”, you tried but nothing came to mind. Your heart was beating rapidly and you couldn’t think of anything else besides that maybe the flirtatious interaction earlier that day was not just a one-sided thing. Maybe Reggie wasn’t as faithful as you thought…

Sitting back down you placed your hands on your head still trying to think of something, anything that didn’t come to the conclusion that Reggie was possibly cheating on you. You heard Cheryl huff and then the faintest tapping sound of her nails dialing a number. Looking up once again you saw fire in Cheryl’s eyes and you knew that she was going to go off. She shot you a pleading look for you not to stop her and then you heard the gruff voice on the other end of the phone.

“Why the hell is Veronica Lodge sitting all cozy on your lap in this Instagram post?” Cheryl said with an eerily calm tone to her voice. You couldn’t hear what was being said on the other end but you hoped that it was Reggie explaining that it was all a misunderstanding and that it wasn’t his idea.

“I hope you can explain everything to Y/N because to me it looks like you are cheating on her and you better pray to god that that isn’t true.” Cheryl’s voice was sweet again before she hung up on Reggie.

“It looks like we might have to train the girls a little harder at practice tomorrow, especially Miss. Veronica Lodge.” She said turning to look at you, a devilish smile ghosting her lips, sighing you gestured for the two of you to leave. You decided that you would talk to Reggie tomorrow, the anxiety of today had exhausted you too much and you just wanted to be home.

Once you were home you prayed to anybody that tomorrow was going to be better before you let your blankets devour you in their warmth. Tomorrow would be better…

That next morning you woke up to multiple texts from Reggie apologizing and trying to explain what had happened.

Babe, please answer me. I swear there’s nothing going on between me and veronica…


Please baby I love you so much. Honest to god nothing has happened and nothing will happen. I only have my eyes on you.

The frantic texts had calmed your aching heart and you replied that the two of you would talk today and that you loved him too. You were still nervous about having such a discussion but you trusted Reggie.

You were headed for your front door when you heard honking from what you assumed was Cheryl Blossom’s cherry red 1961 Chevrolet Impala. Slipping on your shoes you rushed out to see Cheryl cranking up her music and honking impatiently for you to hurry up. Giggling you ran towards the car and the two of you sped off to school. Thoughts of Reggie and Veronica had faded away and your brain was bursting with the new cheer choreography that Cheryl was chattering on about.

The school parking lot came quickly into view and you scanned the cars to see where Reggie might be, you spotted him standing around with Moose and some other jocks. Smiling you were just about to get out of Cheryl’s car to hug him… but without warning he was tackled into a hug by none other than Veronica Lodge. Paralyzed, you couldn’t move a muscle, your mouth was agape as you watched the scene unfold.

Veronica pulling away from Reggie, Veronica leaning up and grabbing a handful of his hair and finally Veronica smashing her red lips onto his. When she pulled away there was red lipstick staining Reggie’s lips. Your heart lurched into your throat and you could not look away. Cheryl had already slammed her car door and marched over to the scene, her red hair billowing behind her as if they were the flames to the fire that was burning in her eyes. She yanked the dark haired beauty off of Reggie and was undeniably cussing her out but you didn’t hear a thing she said, your brain was unable to process the event that had unfolded before you.

You looked into Reggie’s eyes and found his apologetic gaze looking back at you. He broke away from the group that had formed around him and rushed towards Cheryl’s car, lips still stained red. You hadn’t realized it but your eyes had let a flood loose, Reggie’s hand touched your tear-stained cheek, apologizing profusely.

“Y/N I don’t know why she did that.” Reggie’s words snapped you out of your daze.

“ Why would she do that if there was nothing between you two Reggie? What about that Instagram post yesterday? That obviously was not just a misunderstanding, a girl wouldn’t kiss a guy or sit in his lap like that if nothing was going on. So why don’t you tell me the truth. What is going on Reggie?” You fired off questions viciously as more tears streamed down your face. Reggie was left speechless unable to explain his side.

Getting out of the car you stormed your way over to the still flaming Cheryl and dragged her into the school and to the girls locker room, not wanting anyone else to see the continuation of your emotional turmoil.

Okay so I know I am going to have to do a part 3 and I am pretty good with cliffhangers but I started getting a really bad headache while i was finishing up this part and will be writing and uploading more when I dont have a headache ! thank you to everyone for all of your support and if you want to be tagged in any other upcoming parts please do not hesitate to let me know!











A guy that I'd kinda be into

summary: reader has a conversation based on a guy id kinda be into from bmc, (10/10would recommend  )

word count : 927 

A.n: the day I queued this for is possibly the 4th ? anyways I’m gone until 7/21 ! so enjoy my dudes. 

“Hey Veronica, so i need boy help.” Y/n mumbles blushing as she sit across from her, “ “so…

Say there’s this person you pass in the hall everyday

You’ve known him since 7th grade all your life

You’re used to thinking about him in a certain way

From the persona that he displays”

As young children everyone expected Reggie and Y/n to end up together as they were always joined at the hip and playing together, it was something that always made Y/n scrunch her face in disgust and stick her tongue out saying that that would never happen because she would never like a boy due to cooties.

It honestly came as a surprise to her when she woke up one day and realized that she was completely and utterly in love with her best friend, as cliche as that sounded. It had been so agonizingly slow how her feelings for Reggie began changing from complete brotherly and sisterly love to platonic love, and ultimately to love.

Y/n had woken up and checked her phone as she always did, and she started giggling at Reggie’s rant over his absolute favorite movie, and she started realizing that something was changing with her, but it wasn’t until she met up with him at school that she realized.

As she arrives to school and goes to her locker Y/n rolls her eyes at Reggie as he makes shitty comments while walking with his friends, being loud idiots as usual. She ignores her dumb friend as she does when he’s with his friends, a knot forming in her throat as she realizes that he didn’t greet her as he usually would.

Y/n couldn’t resist but sending him a bright smile as he calls out her name and waves at her from across the hall, as if realizing he had forgotten to say hi to her, because of course he didn’t he always said hello to her before school no matter what.

She realized that she was in love with him then, making eye contact with him from across the hall, her eyes lingering on his retreating figure a few moments before her eyes widened in realisation and she pressed her forehead against the cool metal of her locker, before shutting her eyes and playing her music. The song playing didn’t help her with her newfound feelings as it was a love song, and she groaned loudly because something had now changed and Reggie is now a guy that she’d kinda be into.

“And then something changes

And he changes

From a guy that you’d never be into

Into a guy that you’d kinda be into”

For as long as you’ve known Reggie all he shows is the cocky version of himself that he shows to other people, never once thinking that it was because of his issues with his mother or otherwise. But when Reggie began being more compassionate and caring for your feelings, was when everything began changing, and he was seen in a different light.

You noticed the change in him, when he called you up at 2 in the morning asking if you were okay sounding panicked because of some dream that he had about you getting hurt and he kept asking over and over if you were okay. Even as you kept insisting you were fine, he had to have you reassure him various times. You began noticing how after that panicked phone call he would always watch you when he thought you weren’t looking.

He would buy you little gifts more often and always tell you it was because it reminded him of you, he always had extra food at lunch that  he gave to you because he saved it knowing it was your absolute favorite, he gave you your favorite flowers on your birthday, he watched your favorite movies without complaining and he always seemed more relaxed and happy.

“Is he worth it? Are my feelings worth ruining a life long friendship? Because if i fucked it up, I don’t think i could ever life with myself.” Y/n says rubbing her face with her hands and sighing.

Is she talking about Reggie? Veronica wonders while listening to Y/n ramble on about some guy that she’s into,  She is totally into him! She thinks, as she sees how happy Y/n looks thinking about Reggie, and how she has such a happy look on her face. Veronica spots Reggie about to walk into Pop’s and watches Y/n’s face carefully.

“A guy that I’d kinda be into is

…. Reggie!” Y/n says smiling at her best friend hugging him tightly not noticing how his entire face lit up once he saw Y/n sitting in a booth at pop’s. She may have missed it but Veronica didn’t, she knew Reggie was worth it. They had been mutually pining for a year, she was sick of them both coming to her for help on what to do and how they should confess without ruining their friendship, and it seemed they would become a couple sooner rather than later.

Even without them being a couple everyone knew that they would become the IT couple at their school when they did begin dating, and Veronica knew it was now time to place her bet in the student lounge, on when Y/n and Reggie would get together. Veronica glanced at them one last time, and smiled when she saw how close they were sitting and how they were both blushing.

Riverdale Masterlist

*** I take any character x reader except Jason, Chuck & Ethel (I prefer Reggie). I don’t take moodboard/aesthetic request they are just stress relievers for me. I only take character x reader headcanons not ships, the ships (character x character) are just stress relievers as well sorry and thanks for understanding babes. If the characater is gay don’t ask to make them straight*** 

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Make Up Junkie with Reggie Mantle
  • You and Reggie had been together for a years now
  • You were always there for him, cheering him on in any sport he was playing
  • And he supported you in everything you did
  • He even volunteered to be your very own personal guinea pig
  • So, when you thought you wanted be a baker, he ate whatever you made
  • Even if was the worst thing he ever put into his mouth
  • “Babe, you know I love you right?” he asked
  • You frown, “that bad?”
  • “don’t worry. You’ll find something you’re good at”
  • You also tried art
  • You loved colors and making them work together
  • But you weren’t patient enough for all the intricate details
  • It was starting to get very frustrating not being able to find your ‘thing’
  • One day Reggie came over while you were doing your make-up
  • He was getting impatient waiting for you to finish
  • So he just watched as you apply it all
  • “Jesus Christ y/n, no wonder it takes a hundred years for you to get ready. How many different products did you use?”
  • You laugh because he’s right then you start naming off all the different types of products you use and what they are for “… eyeshadow primer, blush, highlighter… and there’s also different kinds of lip products. You have gloss, matte…”
  • Reggie just looked confused the whole time
  • “Well, you sound like you know what you’re talking about”
  • He studied your face and was thinking hard
  • “What?” you ask
  • “Have you ever thought about doing that professionally?”
  • “Make-up? No, it’s just something I like to do for myself”
  • “I think you could do it if you wanted to”
  • You thought about it for a second
  • “I’ve never done anyone’s makeup but my own”
  • “I’ll be your model” he volunteers
  • Applying makeup on someone else was harder than it looked but you were starting to get the hang of it
  • The first couple of times you didn’t let Reggie see his own face
  • You weren’t confident enough yet
  • But once you practiced some more you finally let him see himself
  • “Damn! I look so good! I’d fuck me”
  • You laugh and slap his arm
  • “seriously, how’d I do?”
  • “I think I look amazing”
  • Reggie would get excited whenever you wanted to practice some more
  • It got to the point where you and Reggie would try different products together
  • He even got super into skin care
  • One day while Archie was talking to you and Reggie he said something unexpected that made you laugh so hard
  • Reggie interrupted Archie, “Archie I’ll say this in the nicest way possible… bro you really need to moisturize”


  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Reggie:</b> *talking about Jason's murder* Maybe it was Betty.<p/><b>Veronica:</b> Don't try blaming this on Betty. She's a good girl.<p/><b>Reggie:</b> Oh yeah? What about the time she strangled me?<p/><b>Veronica:</b> Reggie, I told you, that was just a very bad dream.<p/><b>Reggie:</b> But I remember it so---<p/><b>Veronica:</b> IT WAS A DREAM!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Honestly tho… I would have loved to see Reggie torn up over Jughead’s possible death.

This kid he’s always gone to school with, this kid he’s always bullied… was now possibly dead and the guilt eating him up for his severe mistreatment towards Jughead.

I want him to rethink his life choices of late and realize how in the wrong he was.

I want him to realize how Jughead was only standing up for what he believed in, his family (the serpents) just the same as he stood up for his family (the bulldogs)

I want to see his relief in finding out Jughead’s alive. I want to see him apologize to Jughead for EVERYTHING. I want that to be the reason he joins the rest of the student body in wearing the serpent jackets to keep the southsiders at Riverdale High because he now knows they are not the bad guys and never were

Top One / R.m

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summary: uhhh a weird talk about your exes w your best friend reggie who’s getting married later 

1, 2

wc: 654

“I wonder where Veronica went,” Reggie murmured to you as you guys walked along the beach. “Maybe she bailed on the wedding,” he said laughing slightly.

“Oh come on!” Y/n exclaimed, tucking her hair behind her ears before continuing, “As the run-offee at my almost wedding, I can tell you, you’re fine. You got nothing to worry about.” you finished, grinning at your best friend. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was getting married the following morning, you would have told him that it should have been him at your almost wedding.

“You know what, I liked Zach. Even though he broke your heart, I liked Zach.” he said glancing at you before following that up with, “I’d put him in your top five.” he said, stopping when you looked at him with an odd look.

“Which are?” You asked, wanting to know who your top five relationships had been in his opinion.

“Okay, Zach, at number five. Number four, Monty. Number three, Alex. Number two, Betty, that time you guys pretended to be dating when I wanted to sell the apartment. And number one, Archie.” he said finishing clearly having to give the list of my previous relationships a good thought.

“Wow,” I said, “You’ve given this some thought.”

We all have.” he shrugged. “But can I ask a question?” he suddenly asked, voice very serious yet filled with curiosity. He waits for you to nod as he asks the question he’d been curious about for years.  “You and Archie ended quickly, I mean he left Cheryl for you. You guys were 5 years in the making. What happened?” he asked eyebrows furrowed as he thought of the reason why you two would have even broken up.

“We uh…” Clearing your throat, you take in a deep breathe knowing you’re going to have to come clean right? I mean it’s now or never.  “We broke up because of you.”

“You broke up with Archie because of me?!” he asks eyes wide eyebrows turned up, and his mouth opened slightly.

“I mean, he didn’t necessarily want me to end our friendship, but I knew he didn’t like you or it and I just wanted my boyfriend and my best friend to get along you know?” you say biting your lip nervously.

“You could have told me that I would have understood if we couldn’t be friends anymore, I mean I wouldn’t have liked it but you wouldn’t have left Archie!” he says squeezing your hand comfortingly.

“Jesus Reggie I could never do that to you!” you yell clenching your fists.

“Why not Y/n?!” he asks angrily, his eyes getting teary.  

“I’m not answering that,” you say glaring at him.

“Answer the question!”

“You know the answer, Reggie! I don’t have a top five because you’re my top one okay, I’m only saying it cause this changes nothing, and today you’re getting married to my best friend. And you are gonna be happy  !” You say angrily, tears threatening to spill out of your eyes. “I know what you’re thinking ‘isn’t that gonna be awkward?’ No, Reg, I’m leaving Riverdale. I’m moving to New York.”

“You’re what?” he asks, wondering how the hell you managed to keep this a secret.

“I mean I have nothing left Reggie, it’s you and V, and Betty and Juggie. There’s no reason for me to stay anymore, we both know it. I have to let you go Reggie.”  you whisper, and kiss his cheek one last time. Today you say goodbye to Riverdale, your friends, and the love of your life.

And later that day as you saw him marrying Veronica, you knew that your love for him wasn’t healthy, that years later your unrequited love would continue as such, and that you should move on.

Looking out of the window of your new apartment you knew, this was a fresh start for Y/n L/n.

I miss you

warning: one mild curse, angst maybe?, short because i am a horrible writer

You heard about everything including Archie and Cheryl. She was one of your best friends, shocking right? To say you and Archie had a thing was an understatement for a pretty long while you two were the it couple PDA wasn’t a big thing for the both of you so word spread around pretty quickly that you two were dating when some students saw you two kissing by your locker and no not the disgusting kissing with the two partners swallowing each other just a simple peck before class started but that sweet moment ended when he became closer to Valerie and more distant to you.

 At that time you knew it was time to end things between you both so you did. News got around that you two broke up and in no time him and Valerie were together and for a while they were happy. While you were heartbroken until Cheryl swooped in a kissed Archie maybe she got the wrong idea or maybe it was all a lie you didn’t know .

That was what you thought for a while because despite you and Archie breaking up eventually you two had gotten close once again but at that time he was with the oh so beloved Valerie brown that was until she broke up with him. And maybe just maybe they was a sliver of hope that you and Archie would get back together but it never happened and for some odd reason Reggie asked you out and you two began dating and so what if people thought that Reggie was a stone cold asshole but in reality he was the sweetest person to you and so your relationship with Reggie took off.

Although you had continued to date Mantle the Magnificent there was always  a voice in the back of your head that wanted to tell Archibald Andrews that you missed him so much and wanted to kiss him like no tomorrow, you couldn’t because you were happy with Reggie but not happy enough so day after day you watched Archie have girlfriends continuously come and go and day after day he watched you with an arm that was suppose to be his slung over your shoulder and contemplated whether or not he should’ve told you that he missed you more than the sun missed the moon or if to just sit at the sidelines and watch you get taken away from him by the second of course you were also wishing for him to confess but the time never came until now because Archie was an amazing player and was not willing to be sitting at the sidelines, he was going to play the game whether he liked it or not. He was the player and you were the game and he was willing to make a touchdown just to get you back.

so i made the ending horrible because im tired and i decided that this imagine should be cheesier than pizza itself and also that ending was not planned just like this entire imagine so here you go mysterious person who probably likes my writing so leave some requests would ya

  • Therapist: Anything good right now??
  • Me: Ross Butler is Reggie Mantle aka Mantle the Magnificent aka The LOVE of my life.
  • Riverdale Writers: SIKE
Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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