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Illusion of Choice (M)

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Summary: You’ve grown up with the Jeons, Jungmin and Jungkook, for as long as you can remember, your parents being very close. But little did you know that this is because you are in fact arranged to be married to the Jeon heir, Jungmin. However, a tragedy causes Jungkook to take up his brother’s mantle, and that includes becoming your fiancé.

Word Count: 7.3k+

Genre: Heir!AU, Arranged Marriage!AU, angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: Smut and mentions (but not depictions) of death

A/N: Honestly one of the thoughts going through my head while writing this was “What’s the best way to make the readers suffer?” I’m not even sure if I’m kidding.

You always wondered why your parents let you have boy best friends. After all, being from such an affluent family, as well as being the oldest child, you will be expected to marry someone for the good of the company. Letting you be around boys would just risk you falling for someone that you can’t have.

These are the thoughts running through your mind as your parents call you up to their study on the eve of your 18th birthday, and you know that the day has come. They would finally tell you who you were betrothed to. You stand in front of your father’s big wooden desk, listening to their spiel about your duties as the heir to their company, only listening for one thing: a name. However, what leaves your father’s lips is not what you expected. The words “Jeon Jungmin.”

Jeon Jungmin, whom you had grown up with, along with his brother Jungkook. You had always been closer to Jungkook, having been closer to him in age, but Jungmin would always show you his drawings and sneak you an extra cookie at the dinner table.

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An heir and a spare: second sons who take their elder brother’s place

“One day you will be a good lord for Winterfell, I think.”

“No I won’t.” Bran knew he would never be a lord, no more than he could be a knight. “Robb’s to marry some Frey girl, you told me so yourself, and the Walders say the same. He’ll have sons, and they’ll be the lords of Winterfell after him, not me.”

“It may be so, Bran,” Ser Rodrik said, “but I was wed three times and my wives gave me daughters. Now only Beth remains to me. My brother Martyn fathered four strong sons, yet only Jory lived to be a man. When he was slain, Martyn’s line died with him. When we speak of the morrow nothing is ever certain.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Big Brother


A Reggie x reader were the reader is Reggie’s little sister and she follows him around everywhere and idolizes him and wants to be him and Reggie being a good big brother please?


A/N: I think this was my shortest imagine, but I hope I lived up to the requestor’s vision. I had a fun time writing this one. I am beyond thrilled on your guy’s feedback on my other imagines. It means a lot.  Reggie need more screen time I swear my heart is breaking for him.

Words: 775

Summary: Readers first day in Riverdale High and Reggie her big brother helps her calm her nerves.

Spoilers: Reggie being the little bean that he is.

Warnings: N/A

It was the start of your freshmen year at Riverdale High. The excitement and nerves controlled your body. What made your day better was knowing that your big brother Reggie would always be there for you. He was the popular one and people didn’t mess you because they knew he would tear them to shreds if they did. Although that also brought problems in the dating compartment since Reggie saw you as his baby sister and for him no one was good enough for you and you’d always be too young.

Reggie was looking forward to having you around more. During the summer he told you all the Intel you needed to know for surviving high school. He told you to find a club, that way he could walk you home and you wouldn’t be alone. He was your protector and you were beyond blessed by his presence especially since your parents were always working.

“(Y/N) you ready?” Reggie called as he knocked on your door.

“Be down in a minute” you replied as you grabbed your bag and sprayed some perfume on yourself and made your way out of your room to meet Reggie sitting on a chair on your front porch as you locked your house.

“Had to look good for my first day” you spoke and Reggie gave you a as you called it ‘the dad look.’

“You have no one to look good for, but yourself” Reggie claimed “Do I have to push away some suitors?” he questioned.

“Reggie, I am growing up you know. I know I will always be your baby sis, but-” you were cut off by Reggie.

“But nothing, no one is ever going to be good enough” He chimed in and you dropped that topic.

“Nervous” you sighed.

“You have nothing to be nervous for (Y/N/N), I’m going to be there” he pulled you in for a small hug.

“Reg this is high school, it’s a jungle. Plus you’re Mr. Cool. The quarterback. You’re at the top of the food chain” you worried.

“Don’t worry I’ll share my food” he chuckled and you nudged him on the shoulder.

“Just be yourself, that’s the one I prefer” he comforted “Plus everyone knows not mess with you, you’re my girl and you are untouchable” he continued with a smile and you smiled back.

“Remember when I smaller and all I did was follow you around” you smiled as you kept on the conversation.

“Yea what a stalker” he mocked and you giggled “I remember you wanted to part of the football team to spend more time with me” he chimed in.

“You persuaded your coach to let me in so I could try it out” you described.

“Yeah I told all the players to go easy on you, and still you managed to ruin every single play and you cried because the players were running your way” he gushed.

“You made it look so easy and cool. I had no idea how violent it could be.” You chuckled.

“Anyway I decided that not everything you did was as amazing as you made it look” you confessed as you both laughed at the old memory.

“Well I have to make everything look good, I have to inspire my best supporter” Reggie explained.

“Supporter. You downgraded me from #1 fan to supporter” you sarcastically pointed out.

“I’m just glad I have the best little sister ever and that she is my #1 fan” he praised.

You both stopped as you reached the doors that belonged to Riverdale High, you didn’t think you were this nervous, but you couldn’t get yourself to go in.

“Hey it’s going to be okay. I told you I will always be here” Reggie informed.

You stood there silent as Reggie spoke up again.

“Hey, what’s that nickname you gave me?” he mentioned as you break out of your spell and smile.

“Mantle the Magnificent” you muttered under your breath.

“What now? I didn’t quite hear that?” he insists.

“Mantle the Magnificent” you cheered.

“I am soo Magnificent that I will be here for anything you need. Okay you are going to be great.” He replied “Or do I need to carry you in there?” he smirked

“You wouldn’t” you challenged.

“Try me baby sis” he challenged back as he motioned to get ready about to carry you.

“No” you squealed “I’ll go in” you confirmed seconds later.

You both made your way into school and Reggie walked you around to all your classes and showed you around. He truly was your hero and you couldn’t be any happier that he was your Mantle the Magnificent.

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