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Pride Month Fics

Hey lovelies, here is as promised the masterlist for all my pride prompts :D I will probably update it weekly and so far new fics are posted every second day, I might change it though according to how many more requests I receive :)

If you want to be tagged in any of my stuff may it be in general, only for certain characters or just during Pride Month feel free to hit me up <3

#1: A Knight In Shining Armour (platonic! Loki x Pan!Reader)

#2: We Will (Natasha x Fem!Reader)

#3: Out and Proud (Wanda x Fem!Reader)

#4: Say Something (Gamora x Bi!Reader)

#5: We’re Queer (Tony x Pan!Reader)

#6: Lesbian Icon (+bonus scenes) (platonic! Thor x Lesbian!Reader)

#7: Mutual Pining (Shuri x Fem!Reader)

#8: Ukuziqhenya (Shuri x Fem!Reader)

#9: It’s Being Handled (Mantis x Fem!Reader)

#10: Dating Trans!Peter Parker Would Include… (Trans!Peter x Reader)

#11: For the Rest of Our Lives (Shuri x Fem!Reader)

#12: Who Shall We Kill? (Avengers x Bi!Reader)

#13: Nothing Will Change (Loki x Bi!Reader)

#14: Change of Plans (MJ x Fem!Reader)

#15: Stuck With Me (Tony x Daughter!Reader)

#16: Perfect Timing (Steve x Bi!Reader)

#17: Not a Dream (Peter Parker x Male!Reader)

#18: Brave (Peggy x Reader)

#19: Happy Accidents (Peter P. x Bi!Reader; Tony x Daughter!Reader)

#20: The Rainbow Ship (Guardians x Bi!Reader)

#21: Peter Parker having his first boyfriend (Peter P.)

#22: Who Shall We Kill? - Part 2 (Avengers x Bi!Reader)

#23: Show Them! (Midtown High Gang x Pan!Reader)

#24: Bucky having his first boyfriend (Bucky Barnes)

#25: Coming Outs (Avengers x Reader)


Mantis breathes quietly, peacefully, against Nebula’s skin, her cheek pressed against the cool flesh of her sternum, and listens to the gentle hum of Nebula’s cybernetics, allowing the familiar noise to lull her towards sleep. Nebula is threading her fingers idly through her hair and Mantis shifts into Nebula’s touch, the corners of her mouth tugging into a smile.

“Someone’s in a good mood,” Nebula observes, a smile of her own threatening to overtake her.

“I’m always in a good mood when I’m with you,” Mantis responds immediately, the all-too-familiar response falling easily from her lips, and Nebula huffs out a laugh and leans down to press a kiss against Mantis’s forehead.

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It’s Being Handled

Pride Prompt #9 (Mantis x Fem!Reader)

Request: Ohhh fem!reader x Mantis where Mantis helps ease her shame of being wlw (bc she grew up in a homophobic household) and also fluff plz

Note: Yayy, my first time writing Mantis! I had a lot of fun with this prompt and I think I really like the result :D I hope you enjoy it and as always feedback is more than appreciated <3

Tags and requests are open :)

Warnings: slight angst at first,but it’s also really fluffy :)

Pairing: mantis x fem!reader

Words: 2.006


You can read my other pride fics here


Loud laughter filled the room you sat in. Peter, you at least thought that that was his name had just told the story of one of the Guardian’s space adventures which had ended with the raccoon and the tall, dull seeming but actually rather funny, blue man being wrapped together in some kind of bubble foil. You laughed along, despite your thoughts actually being completely elsewhere.

Mantis, you had definitely remembered her name, was the one distracting you at the moment. You were mesmerized by the way joy sparkled in her large dark eyes, with the way she delicately sat on the edge of the couch, a bit away from the others, not necessarily noticeable though if one hadn’t spent the past half an hour watching her, but most of all you were intrigued by her soft laugh.

You were yanked out of your thoughts by a slight nudge to your side.

“Don’t stare so much,” Clint whispered, “I know she’s an alien and all but it’s starting to get rude…”

Your eyes widened in shock ad you quickly averted your gaze into your lap. Had the others noticed too? Hopefully not. As much as it hurt that Clint thought that you would do it out of impoliteness, it was better than him figuring out the truth…

None of the avengers knew about your attraction towards girls and if you could have it your way they never would find out. You couldn’t risk losing another family just because you weren’t straight and couldn’t live up to their expectations. So for the rest of the evening you stayed silent and wouldn’t look up from your fidgeting fingers except if someone asked you something, since you didn’t want any of your teammates noticing your glances at Mantis like Clint did; at least one of them would figure it out, you were sure of that. Because of this however you also completely missed the curious glances a certain member of the Guardians kept shooting your way.


It was a bit later into the night, some of the assembled heroes were already a bit tipsy, when things started to spiral downwards for you.

“Mantis,” Steve asked and you involuntarily shot up at the mention of her name, “What was it again that you specialized in?”

“Oh, yes, show them!” Drax boomed.

The woman in question squirmed a bit in her seat uneased by all the gazes pointed at her.

“I need someone to demonstrate it,” she finally said, a small smile ghosting over her features.

The words had just crossed her lips when all the Guardians had moved at least an arm length further away from her.

Gamora, the only one who had stayed in place, laughed at their behavior.

“Boys…” she mumbled shaking her head.

“Is it dangerous what she does?” Sam perked up, a skeptical look on his face.

“Afraid birdy?” Bucky teased smirking.

“No…” the other defensively crossed his arms over his chest.

“Then do it,” the super soldier challenged him.

As their discussion turned into a fight, full with shoving and all that crap (you even caught Sam pulling on Buckys hair), you others looked at each other appraisingly.

“I say Y/N should do it,” Tony finally suggested, “She hasn’t said much the entire time, it is definitely her turn.”

He had a teasing look in his eyes, like an older brother would and in equal sibling manner you stuck out your tongue to him, mainly though to distract from your otherwise giddy behavior. Alone the thought of being close to Mantis made you nervous.

“I second that,” Natasha smirked at you.

You hadn’t even agreed to anything, but Mantis had taken your teammate’s words as yours apparently and before you knew it she had walked over mentioning for Clint to get up so that she could take the seat beside you.

Wary about what you should expect you turned to look at her; the way she smiled with nothing but kindness in her eyes made you ease a little.

“Don’t get a fright,” she warned you and the next thing you knew was that you felt her hand on yours and antennas started to glow.

Her mouth formed a little ‘oh’ and she looked at you slightly shocked. You didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“You are afraid,” Mantis stated, “and nervous, you don’t want them to find out- and you feel love,” faintly you heard someone clap and say ‘I told you so…’ in the distance, “but you don’t want to let it show… Why are you ashamed of it?”

You couldn’t take it anymore, it didn’t matter everyone was probably too tipsy to make any connections out of what Mantis had said, but you yanked your hand free.

“That’s none of your business,” you growled, ignoring the woman’s offended look.

Before anyone else could inquire or pester you about it, you stood and fighting back tears stormed out of the room.

A heavy silence settled in the room, some were watching the door you had just disappeared through, others were looking at Mantis accusingly.

She however stood and followed after you, looking worried and a bit sad. She paid no attention to the warnings of your teammates to leave you alone or let one of them go instead. When she had left too, the avengers exchanged curious and puzzled glances, how hadn’t they noticed something was troubling you?


You were pacing up and down your room, once in a while a stray tear rolled down your cheek, but you were too upset to really cry. You had just settled on the edge of your bed, trying to calm down when a knock on your door made your head yank upwards.

You didn’t answer hoping the someone outside would just go away, they didn’t however and soon knocked again with a little more force than before. You let out a frustrated sigh, but nonetheless got up to tell the person outside that you were fine and just wanted to be alone. When you opened the door however and you found Mantis hovering there a bit unsure about what to do, but with a regretful look on her face and smiling apologetically, no words wanted to pass your lips.

“I am sorry,” she began, “I just came to see if you were-“

“Fine?” you huffed, “You surely don’t need me to answer that question, you seem to know just fine what I feel.”

You didn’t mean to be so harsh and when Mantis flinched in front of you regret instantly flooded through you; you realized you knew nothing about the woman before you and she surely hadn’t been treated kindly by a lot of people, hell there were probably people who would misuse such a gift or be afraid of it and therefore react with hatred.

“Sorry,” you apologized upon thinking, “It’s not your fault, not really at least.” You added after she had opened her mouth to protest.

You held the door further open indicating for her to step in and a bit more reassured by your peace offering she entered your room all the while she was constantly fidgeting with her fingers.

As she eyed everything impressed you retook your seat on the bed and patted the spot beside you, when she hesitantly did that a wave of nervousness rushed through you. Mantis reached out subconsciously after sensing your jumpiness and when her hand touched your skin you eased up instantly. Realizing what she did Mantis pulled away, taken aback by her own actions and started to apologize but you just took her hand back in yours.

“It’s okay,” you smiled, “It helped.”

Surprise and relieve washed over her face. She squeezed your hand gently. “You are a wonderful person, Y/N,” Mantis stated, she hesitated shortly before continuing, “And all your teammates think the same, why would you be so afraid of them finding out that you like- that you are attracted to women?”

Her eyes held such a gentle look but you still couldn’t bear to look into them and quickly turned your head to the side, not wanting her to see the tear that had escaped your eye.

“They’d be disappointed,” you whispered at last, “Like everyone always is… I-“ you choked on a sob, “I don’t want to lose them.”

You felt a weight lift off the bed and you tried not to be offended that Mantis would go now too, it wasn’t something new after all, but when your tears intensified you were surprised to feel a hand on either side of your face. A thumb gently wiped over your cheekbone causing you to draw in a shaky breath.

“Y/N,” Mantis murmured, “They love you so much, they wouldn’t judge, believe me.”

You opened your eyes and your breath hitched again, this time though because of how near she was and not because of your tears.

“And even if they did,” she smiled lopsidedly, “We would gladly take you on the Milano with us.”

You let out a choked laugh and Mantis’ smile grew wider because of having been able to cheer you up a little.

“I forgot to mention,” She said after a moment while tugging a piece of hair behind your ear, “I’m really happy about how you feel.”

Your eyes widened a bit, so far you had believed she was going over that part to not worsen the situation, but you certainly hadn’t expected her saying that.

“You are?” you more like deadpanned.

“Yes,” she leaned closer, “That way I can do this.”

Before you could react you felt her soft lips on yours, a blissful sigh escaped your mouth as her hands tangled into your hair and it didn’t take you long to start returning the kiss.


“FRIDAY?” Tony asked in the meantime two floors below in the common room, “Should we check on Y/N?”

“It’s clearly being handled, Sir.”

“What does that mean?” The genius frowned.

“Precisely what I said.”

Tony sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “We should go and look.”

He got up and Steve, Bucky, Clint, Bruce and Sam joined in, soon they had taken the elevator to your floor.

“Are they always this oblivious?” Gamora inquired.

“Oh, believe me, they are,” Natasha sighed causing Wanda and Gamora to laugh and the other boys in the room to exchange puzzled glances.


In front of the door to your room the guys broke into banter about who should check on you. Tony stated it had been idea in the first place but each of the others had some kind of an argument for themselves and in the end it was Bruce who peaked inside your room, tired of the argument beside him.

“Oh!” His eyes widened and he quickly shut the door again.

“What? What is it, is Y/N okay?” Clint inquired.

“I would definitely say so,” Bruce grinned a blush tainting his cheeks, “It’s like FRIDAY said, the problem is clearly being handled.”

“But what does that mean?” Tony half yelled and tired of all the vague answers he yanked open the door, causing you and Mantis to jump apart while the avengers were left gaping at the two of you.

“Uhm- I- We are sorry,” the Captain finally spoke up, “We will just go again.”

He awkwardly waved around with his arms, kind of motioning towards the lift.

“Yeah, have fun you two.”

“Sorry for interrupting.”

By now cheeky grins were playing on Tony, Clint, Bucky and Sam’s faces while Steve and Bruce definitely looked happy for you but rather like they wished the ground would swallow them whole.

“Bye,” Sam stated and finally closed the door again.

Mantis and you broke down into a fit of giggles after they had left. When you had regained your breath, you were leaning onto each other your faces just millimeters apart.

“See? I told you.” Mantis grinned at you.

“You did,” you replied smiling before leaning in for another kiss.

This evening had worked out pretty well after all.


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Choose Your Fighter | The Rebels Initiative


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Sooo since I rescued that ficlet and YOU gave me the thought with your return comment on the Bellissima proposal... is there a chance we could see what Cyril and Belle's first time was like?

Sorry I still can’t make myself want to write porn of these two. Buuuut I did manage to expand on this fic.

Cyril took a deep breath and focused on Belle on top of him. That was a safe thing to think about, and he was clinging to it because the alternative was to focus on what she was looking at. He had been obsessive about keeping his moisturizing routine up since they started dating, but there was still a dark patch of thick crocodile scales down the sides of his chest and ring of them around his hips along with a thin layer of the lighter colored ones in between the darker patches. It was ugly, and he didn’t want her to have to see it. This was always the worst part of any relationship, letting them see him. He’d had more than one woman end things not long after, and it never got easier.

He’d lost track of having closed his eyes when he felt her hands on his chest. He looked up to see her studying him closely and part of him wanted to see himself through her eyes but a larger part was wishing that she wasn’t seeing him right now either. Any minute now she was going to say she was on her period or had a headache or forgot to take her birth control. But she was still looking at him with a sweet expression on her face. After awhile she ran her hands down his arms and drew them across his chest, and gently traced the edges of the worst of the scales. It felt good, in a tickly kind of way, but also in the way that she wasn’t freaking out and that was a good sign.

“Perfect,” she said softly. That was all he needed to hear. It was a lie and he knew it, but it was a lie meant to comfort which was almost as good as the truth. She wasn’t preparing to run out.

He couldn’t just lay there a second longer, they’d gotten through the initial shock which was always the worst. He wouldn’t ever be handsome, but he could be good and he wasn’t going to let her regret this.

bucky-barfs masterlist

* - NSFW


One Shots


  • Let There Be Cowgirls - Steve x Bucky x Reader
  • Part One
  • Part Two


One Shots

  • Touch - Coming Soon


  • Let There Be Cowgirls - Bucky x Steve x Reader
  • Part One 
  • Part Two


One Shots


  • Escape - Tony x Reader
  • Part One
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  • Part Three


One Shots

‘i love you.’

Mantis’ lips are soft, just like the rest of her.

Nebula is the opposite. All rough edges and hard corners.

She often wonders why Mantis is in love with her, what she sees in her, why she chose her instead of Gamora, or Quill, or anybody really.

Mantis can always tell when Nebula is thinking like that, even without her powers; and she kisses her, mumbles against her lips that she loves her more than anything, more than anyone; most of the time, Nebula believes her.

And when Nebula finally says it back, she’s almost shocked by how genuine shes being. She had thought Thanos had cut all the parts that could feel things out of her, she’s surprisingly glad to find out that he hadn’t.

‘i love you too.’

Inktober Day 17 - Early Mornings

“I am Groot?”

Oh god. Peter pretends to be asleep as he feels Groot’s tiny feet running up his chest.

“I am Groot?” tiny hands start to insistently pat Quill’s cheeks.

“Noooo, ‘m sleepin” He slurs and pull his covers up to his forehead, making Groot lose his balance and fall on the mattress.

“Five more minutes, dude. We can do it later, we have the whole day ahead.”

Groot ignores his plea. Instead, he kicks Peter’s neck, offended. He’s already got the others out of bed. This is important. Peter has to get up.

“I am Groot!” he yells. Peter surrenders and sits up, yawning.

“Fine, let’s go. But then I’m going right back to bed.” He glances at the clock. Not even 6 am. He hates d’ast early mornings, no matter how special the day is.

Groot beams and briefly hugs Peter. The pair get out of bed and into the common room, where the other Guardians are waiting, on different levels of tiredness. Well, they’d all agreed to do this, they just didn’t think Groot would wake them up at this ungodly hour.

Drax and Gamora are completely awake already. They’re always up with the sun anyway, so this isn’t new for them. Mantis is doing her best trying not to fall asleep on Drax’s shoulder. She’s doing better than Kraglin, who collapsed on the table a few minutes before, dead to the world. Next to him, Rocket is holding a giant mug full of coffee. In his eyes, murder.

“I hate you so much, Quill.” Rocket states, loud enough to make Kraglin jolt awake.

“What? Did I miss it?” he asks to nobody in particular.

“Relax, dude.” Says Rocket. “Just wanted that jackass over there to know that this is all his fault.” He takes a sip of his coffee while Peter just shrugs, too tired to respond.

“Okay Groot, you wanted to do this, you go first.” Everyone nods.

Groot runs towards the corner of the room, where Mantis had decided to put the little makeshift tree that Rocket and Drax built using… mostly trash. In fact, it doesn’t even resemble a tree. It’s a pile of mechanical parts with colorful string-lights wrapped around it. Beneath it, a bunch of poorly giftwrapped boxes cover the area. Groot finds one with his name on it and starts opening the package.

Peter sits on the floor, next to the table. Rocket looks down at him.

“Next time you tell him about Christmas, make it very clear that nobody gets up until noon.” He scoffs.

“At least he’s happy?” Peter replies. They glance at the overexcited twig, now surrounded by the rest of the family. Rocket can’t help but smile.

“Yeah, at least.”

Notes: This initially was about Groot begging Quill for pancakes. I have no idea what happened. I was probably overthinking it. It turned into this as I wrote. I don’t even know. I’ll have you imagine what the team received for Christmas.

Pissed Rocket drinking coffee is me in the morning btw

Bed & Boy Troubles

Pairing: Peter Quill x Reader

Words: 4056 whoops

Warnings: Swearing, sharing a bed with Peter, fighting scene, mention of injuries/blood, reader threatens people a lot, some nice fluff with some angst mixed in

Request: Anon: “Quill and the reader being forced to share a bed. Before they slept, they would build a wall of pillows between them. There was a time when quill won’t stop snoring and she kicked him in the ass. The reader would wake up at 3 feeling cold and spot the blanket was all quill’s. The next morning they woke up tangling to each other. For the next days, they pretend like nothing happened between them.”

A/N: So obviously this fic isn’t very realistic, I mean could you imagine the Guardians staying in an ordinary hotel together and not burning it down or something? Yeah me neither. Also Thanos is dead in this and everyone is okay and happy and thriving because I said so. It’s also quite long, so enjoy that! I had a lot of fun writing this one :D


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The Rebels Initiative | Prologue

Warning: This story may contain themes that some readers may find disturbing. Strong Language, Violence, Young Adults acting irresponsible and a lot of MCU Spoilers throughout.  Reader discretion is advised.

Credit: To Marvel for original characters and inspiration. To the creators of the gifs and any other media used. 

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I love the smell of Mantis/Nebula in the morning

“I’ve upset you.” Mantis attempted to drop her hand on Nebula’s, but being battle trained from infancy had its advantages. Nebula evaded, folding her arms so each hand tucked in the opposite pit, safe from all manner of comforting squeezes. “I’m -”

“Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’. I will put your head through the observation glass.”

“You wouldn’t! The air would suck out.”

Nebula’s simmering glare warned against testing that. Mantis sighed.

“We can always sit in silence, I suppose.”

“I concur.”

“Very well then.”


“You first?”

“After you.”

And so, they sat.

From the hopefully-not-too-far-off-future Nebula & Yondu WIP! Will, of course, contain Kragdu on the side.

Does anyone remember that post that was like “I didn’t know how to tell a girl I liked her so I left a note in her locker saying Get out of my school” because that is peak Nebula/Mantis tbh

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Bellissima 'verse - What would a wedding proposal look like for these two? :D

Spoiler alert, it looks awkward!

Just in case you’ve forgotten Bellissima

The year went by so fast that Cyril had completely lost track of Belle’s lease being up until the superintendent of her building informed him she was now month-to-month. They’d been dating for the better part of that lease and now he was going to have to figure out how to present his girlfriend with a lease, or if he should just pretend like he’d completely forgotten about it. Either could work, really. He’d never dated a tenant before, and there weren’t really rules about this sort of thing that he was aware of.

So, in lieu of a better idea, he did nothing. He was technically giving her special treatment since they were dating, but the alternative was actually actively telling his girlfriend that he needed her to sign a legal document tying her to him for another year.

It only took about six weeks before she asked about it, which he probably should have seen coming – she always had been smart, dammit.

“I don’t mean to nag, but have you gotten around to doing my new lease yet?”

They were having brunch at his house on a random, not important at all Saturday and he almost choked on his eggs. He’d definitely done absolutely nothing to prepare for her lease to be renewed, and there was nothing he could do now but lie. “Absolutely. Sorry, it’s at my office. I just keep forgetting to bring it by.

It wasn’t entirely a lie, it was literally just a standard form for everyone in her building and all he had to do was insert her name and apartment number. Which he had not done.

“That’s good. It’s no rush, but I don’t plan on moving this year or anything, so…”

She shrugged and went back to her toast and he was sure there was more to that joke than she’d let on.

“Well, that’s good. It’s impossible to find good tenants, and you’re my favorite.”

“I’d hope so. Especially after what we did last night, I’d hate to see what you do if I wasn’t your favorite.”

“Touche. To be fair, though, you spend so much time here you may actually have squatter’s rights which would make it a little awkward to try to fit in a second girlfriend.”

“I hadn’t thought about it like that. If I have squatter’s rights that would save me quite a bit in rent…”

Was that a hint? If it was a hint, he’d definitely caught it but it was a weird hint to drop. Did she want to move in? Did she want him to ask her to move in? Did she want him to lower her rent? Or was it just a joke and she had no ulterior motive whatsoever?

He’d been quiet for too long to be able to fit in another tease without it coming off really awkward, and she had gone back to eating her food so what the hell was he supposed to do?

“You could…” oh damn, he was doing it. He was doing it. He’d started and now he had to keep going because she was looking right at him. “You could just move in here. You know, if you want to.”

“Oh, you’re so sweet.” She set her fork down and he knew immediately he’d messed up. She was about to say no, because she’d been joking and he had made it weird.

“Don’t worry about it. I was just…” There was no graceful exit for this. He felt lightheaded in embarrassment and couldn’t even look at her.

“No, hold on. Let me finish. I’d love to move in, but I can’t.”

“I’m pretty sure your landlord will waive the sixty days notice.”

“It’s not about that, I just really don’t want to move in with somebody unless there’s some kind of commitment, you know? Otherwise it just has the potential to get super weird when you break up and all that so, while I totally wouldn’t mind moving in with you in theory I just don’t want to do it until we’re ready to like…go forward.”

“Okay.” He hadn’t even thought before saying it, but he couldn’t un-say it and unfortunately had not said it like okay I can totally wait until we’re there and instead had said it firmly enough that it actually sounded more like okay let’s get married then. Which was…

“Okay what?”

She sounded a little shocked, a little wary, and a little hopeful and, damn him, he knew exactly what it was he’d meant. “Okay, let’s get married then.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I mean it. Let’s get married.”

“Right now?”

“I’m pretty sure the courthouse isn’t open until tomorrow and there’s at least some paperwork that would have to be completed so not right this exact minute, but maybe after planning a wedding?”

“Did you even plan this?”

“Does that matter?”

“I don’t want to get engaged because of a stupid joke.”

“It’s not a joke.” He reached out and took her hand across the table. “No, I wasn’t planning to propose today, but honestly it just hadn’t occurred to me you’d even be interested in it yet. If it had, I’d have the whole thing ready. You don’t have to say yes, just remember that it’s on the table.”

She looked at him for a little bit, and then smiled and nodded a little. “Okay then.”

He was still trying to parse her meaning when she stood up and he suddenly felt panic set in. Oh that wasn’t good. That was absolutely not a good sign.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m going to get dressed.” He was on the verge of chasing after her when she stopped in the doorway and turned to look at him. “Aren’t you coming?”

“Absolutely. But where are we going?”

“We’re going ring shopping, because if we’re going to be engaged then we’re doing it right.”

He couldn’t keep the relief off his face, but he felt like he was probably hallucinating and maybe he should have checked the expiration date on the juice, but on the off chance that this was really happening he was just going to run with it.

“Sweetheart, they’re not going to open until noon today. Can we at least finish brunch?”

“But if we do that then I’m going to have to postpone all the post-engagement sex we’ll be having until after shopping.”

She said it so sweetly that it took him just a split second to realize exactly what she’d said, but that was definitely enough incentive for him to abandon the eggs benedict on the table and follow her up the stairs to his bedroom. Thank goodness for whoever invented proposing.

I wonder how many Marvel fans are going to delve into fanfiction for the first time after this shitshow.

How many people who’ve previously disregarded, or even scoffed at fanfic will be craving a fix it so bad that they’ll hit up AO3/FFN/Wattpad?

Young Love [ Peter Parker X OC ] PART THREE

Summary: Being the youngest in the Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing, but meeting the youngest Avenger was worth becoming a Guardian.


A/N: Hey everyone! So I got this idea from @elephantimagines, here’s the original post.

All credit to her for the great prompt!

Also, not all dialogue will be exact from Infinity War!!!

Part One, Part Two, Part Four


Eden wanted to view some of the future beforehand to prepare herself, but Strange said it probably wasn’t the best idea. Peter thought otherwise and said it was super awesome she could do that. She was slowly falling for him.

“Do you have to do something specific? Like hum or say a chant or do something crazy?” Peter asked her as they climbed up to their hiding place where they would wait for Thanos.

“No, I just concentrate really hard and it comes in small pieces. I actually saw you and Strange before we met you guys,” Eden told him and sat down on a stable piece.

“Cool,” Peter smiled and sat next to her.

She nodded and closed her eyes, reaching out for anything useful.

She saw only flashes of Peter; him smiling at her, his face looking concerned, him yelling her name in fear, then Tony holding her hand.

Eden snapped back into reality when she felt Peter place a hand on her shoulder, “You were screaming.”

“What?” She said with a small shake of her head. “Sorry… I do that sometimes whenever I see something that’s frightening or will take a toll on me in the future.”

“It’s alright… So you have any other abilities?”

“I can crush someone’s brain if I stare into their eyes for long enough. I can control it, though,” She told him and glanced up at him.

“You just get cooler and cooler,” Peter said with true amazement on his face.

“Thanks,” she giggled and looked away. “You know, maybe I’ll go back to earth.”

“Really?” He said with a bright smile. “I could show you the best spots in Queens! Like the sandwich place I always eat at, the Thai place, and the monuments.”

He gushed on and on about how he would treat her to ice cream and any new music she missed out on.

Eden looked at him with great affection when they heard a loud whistle from down below.

“Stop flirting, spiderboy!” Quill yelled which made the two laugh even though they were embarrassed. They forgot to turn off their earpieces for their conversations.

“He’s like your dad,” Peter chuckled.

“He’s my official space dad,” Eden told him in a proud way. “His girlfriend, one of the Guardians, is my space mom. You definitely need to meet her! And Rocket and Groot. Well, Groot is a teenager right now so he’s either moody or playing his video game.”

“Sounds like a lot of boys in my school. I think I’ll be able to handle him.”

“All he says is ‘I am Groot.’ If you don’t understand him, it gets annoying after awhile.”

“What is he?”

“A literal tree.”

Peter stared at Eden for a long moment, “Okay then…”


Eden and Peter stayed up there, talking about anything and everything before Thanos arrived. They eventually just sat in comfortable silence.

When he did arrive, Peter gave Eden’s hand a squeeze and his mask appeared on his head, “Remember, dont die so I can take you on that date.”

“Who said it was a date?”

“Oh, well, um…”

“I’m just joking, now let’s be quiet, “ Eden smirked and looked down bellow where Strange was taunting Thanos.

Eden had seen him before, only in pictures though and videos of him slaying children and him being vicious.

“It was,” Thanos said before he lifted the gauntlet. A red line went in the air and expanded, showing what the planet looked like.

Peter looked over at Eden who met his bright, mechanical eyes. She mouthed to him, “Damn, this place was beautiful.”

Peter nodded and drew his attention back to Thanos’ speech that was beginning to become long. Get to the point already, dude, Peter thought.

“I’m a survivor,” Thanos said, almost proudly.

“Who wants to murder trillions.”

“With all six stones I can simply snap and they will all cease to exist,” He snapped his fingers and continued. “I call that mercy.”

Eden peered over at Peter again, but he was too focused on the conversation.

“Then what?”

“I finally rest… and watch the sunrise on a great full universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.”

Eden rolled her eyes. How can he be the worst of the worst and want to reward himself with a sunset? Pathetic.

Strange began to move his hands together, “I think you’ll find our will equal to yours.”

“Our?” Thanos questioned.

Tony came crashing down on him with a giant piece of debris.

“Piece of cake, Quill,” Tony said through the earpieces.

Peter wrapped his arm around Eden’s waist and swung them down to do their part when Tony got attacked by thousands of bats.

He shot a web and Eden cut a deep wound in his arm.

They slid away from Thanos and waited to butt in again like Strange had explained to them.

Peter then grabbed her hand in his cold, metal one and gave it squeeze, “Nice shot.”

They watched as Strange appeared and attempted to hold him down.

“Hey, um, I know this is very random and not the right time,” Peter began to speak, “but I never asked how old you are.”

“I’m seventeen.”

“Me too!”

Eden shook her and smiled, loving how odd he was in intense and serious situations. He reminded her of Quill, but instead of fatherly love, it was the type of love that made her heart beat uncontrollably.

Quill began to jump onto platforms made by Strange before attaching a bomb to his back. He landed before saying, “Boom!” Then he proceeded to flip him off and jump backwards in a portal.

Peter readied himself to jump through the portals like Strange had practiced with him.

The cloak wrapped around Thanos’ hand when the portals opened up for Peter.

Eden raced forward and slid on the ground, striking at both of his legs while Peter continuously punched and kicked him.

“Magic!” He shouted excitedly, “More magic! Magic with a kick!”

Eden wanted to laugh but Thanos grabbed for her, but she was able to slid on her side, away from him.

“Magic with a-“

Peter was grabbed forcefully around the neck and thrown to the ground.

Eden screamed and went forward, only able to stab his arm in anger. Thanos shouted in response and removed the blade, hitting Eden to the ground harshly. He threw Peter in the air who knocked Strange down in the process.

Eden blinked heavily before she felt Drax grab her into his arms and run off. He placed her down on a flat surface and noticed that she was barely conscious.

“Eden?” Drax said and shook her shoulder.

“I’m… alright,” she whispered but then groaned from the pain in her head. “I can do this… Where’s Peter? Is he alright?”

An explosion from Tony caught their attention. But it soon backfired as Thanos shot it back at Tony, sending him flying through the air.

Eden stood up and approached Thanos right when Peter got a web around the gauntlet and pulled on it. But Eden was too late when Thanos tossed him aside.

She ran towards him and grabbed ahold of him in her arms, “Are you okay? Peter?”

Then, Nebula came crashing down with her ship, right into Thanos.

“Woah,” The two teens exclaimed.