Favourite musicals [5 ♥ ] - Tanz der Vampire

Gott ist tot, nach ihm wird nicht mehr gesucht.
Wir sind zum ewigen Leben verflucht.
Es zieht uns näher zur Sonne, doch wir fürchten das Licht.
Wir glauben nur Lügen, verachten Verzicht.
Was wir nicht hassen, das lieben wir nicht.

Le Grand air
Le Bal des Vampires
Le Grand air

Tanz Der Vampire (2014 Paris production) - Le Grand Air / Draußen ist Freiheit

(I was a bit distracted during this song by the fact that the chorus sounded very much like the Main Theme Of Final Fantasy VII)

I saw a performance the Paris production of Tanz Der Vampire a couple of days ago at the Théâtre Mogador. The place was far from full (there was no one in the balconies). It could be because it was an evening performance on a week day. The holidays are over so there very few families. The fact that Dumé had to step out of the production and be replace by Stéphane Métro might have hurt the ticket sales a bit too. I guess it won’t be the popular success that Mamma Mia or the Lion King were. It’s a shame because it seems like a solid production and I enjoyed it very much.

TdV is not Broadway show, and you only had to listen to the audience to realize that. I heard loads of people speaking german around me, which is quite unusual. When you see musicals in Paris, you tend to hear a lot people speaking in english.

I admit I was a bit apprehensive because I’m not a big fan of the style that I associate with Jim Steinman. But it worked quite well for the show.

The translation was pretty good, except for Cette Nuit Restera Eternelle, the french version of Totale Finsternis (Total Eclipse), which was a massive cheese-fest and really suffered from the insistence of the writers to use the word Eclipse in the song. I’m sorry, but the line “Tu me laisses à genoux quad t'as fais s'éclipser mon coeur” still hurts me on a profound level.

The actors were all very good.

At the beginning, I was a bit worried about Daniele Carte Mantiglia as Alfred. His delivery was very stilted at first, but he did relax after a while.

Rafaelle Cohen was good as Sarah and her transformation in the second act was pretty impressive.

David Alexis as Pr. Ambrosius and Sinan Bertrand as Herbert Von Krolock were very entertaining.

Stéphane Métro was AWESOME as Count Von Krolock. Admittedly, I don’t really know how the character is supposed to be played (I’ve never seen any other production of the show), but I thought he was amazing. He was theatrical but not overdramatic. He was also extremely charismatic. His movements were very controlled and his voice was very strong. The best performance of the show.

I’ve heard the show was panned by the critics but honestly, it was great and if you’re in Paris, just go an see it. It’s worth it.


Some of the artwork that can be seen throughout the castle in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

1. Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1783

2. Anne of Cleves by Hans Holbein the Younger, 1539

3. Marie Antoinette by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1779

4. The Noble Slav by Rembrandt, 1632

5. State Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1788

6. A Young Patrician Lady by an unknown artist in the school of Leonardo Da Vinci

7. Marie Antoinette by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1783

8. Two Sisters by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1881

9. Queen Marie Antoinette of France by Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun, 1786

10. Man In Armour by Rembrandt, 1655

11. Sconosciuta con Mantiglia by Franz Xavier Winterhalter

12. Don Antonia Noriega by Francisco de Goya, 1801


Tanz der Vampire Battle - Draußen ist Freiheit