I found this Green Mantisfly (Zuegomantispa minuta) at work and brought him home to photograph. As soon as I turned my back he flew away. These guys are not praying mantises, but are relative of Ant Lions and lace wings in the order Neuroptera. Mantidflies are pretty cool, they are often spider egg parasites as larva. 

I think I need to either get my camera cleaned or clean out my one lens carefully since my macro shots are kinda grainy and I think dust has been getting since I use the my reverse mount ring a lot. 

This is a picture I took back home a few days ago, of a mantidfly I found in my bathroom window. I’d never seen one before, so I had to get a picture to commemorate. It’s really interesting what you can come across in your own backyard (your own house, in this case) when you’re not expecting it. (I released it outside after)