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1.Nicknames: Sam, Mantha, Sammy, Damn Sam, Nix
2.Gender: feetmale
3.Star sign: Cancer
4.Hight: 5’ 6"
5.Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
6.Favorite Color: like royal blue
7.Time right now: 12:04pm
8.Average hours of sleep: 8 or more
9.Lucky number: 4
10.Last thing I Googled: “how to stop worrying about your lipstick coming off”
11.Favorite Fictional character: Hermione Granger or Rose Lalonde or Kanaya Maryam or Eridan Ampora or every homestuck
12.Blankets I sleep with: My pikachu comforter
13.Favorite band/Artist: Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Panic! At the Disco, Goose House, LA Dispute, EXO
14.Dream trip: Tokyo
15.What I’m wearing right now: My student council shirt from 7th grade and swimsuit bottoms because im out of clean underwear
16.When I made this blog: About 5 years ago i think? Only really started using it about 3 years ago
17.How many blogs I follow: 855 jesus how did that happen
18.When did your blog reach its peak: on the MOUNTAIN LOLZOR
19.Do you get asks on a daily basis: lol sometimes i ask my friends to send me asks
20.Why did you choose your url: it’s my witch name that i made up and it means water and music. also no one ever uses it on anything else like ever which is good

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An Interview With Ventura

By Kyle Mantha

Ventura is an up and coming artist from East Vancouver. I know this because he tells us on the very first song from his debut project, VHS Forever. The 7 track EP is a hazy, nostalgia-fueled trip through the mind of the young artist. The production, handled mostly by Ventura himself, is very reminiscent of 80s and 90s pop music. The album sonically brings a sort of retro-futuristic vibe not unlike that of Yung Lean. But Ventura’s songwriting and rapping ability succeeds in places where Yung Lean fails. Rather than droning on about menial topics and brag raps, Ventura uses the spacey, atmospheric production as a canvas on which he paints pictures of depression, love, and depravity.

I had a chance to speak with Ventura. He spoke candidly about how he got into music, his influences, and the creative process behind his debut project VHS Forever.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into music?

My name is Emery but I go by the name Ventura. I’m from Vancouver, British Columbia, and I’m fifteen years old. I’ve been into music for a very long time actually, when I was a kid I would always make weird house songs with downloaded loops I got and put them into FL Studio. I went by the name Albino Goat. It was a really weird name but I got it because some kid told me that since goats are white and I’m black, I’d be an albino goat. Looking back, it didn’t really make sense, but I went with it. Also, in elementary school, me and my friend formed a duo called the Cardboard Robots, and we made songs and performed them at local talent shows and such. I was the singer and my friend played guitar, and we’d post the videos we did on YouTube. We tried to get them on iTunes but we had no idea how. When I was thirteen, I discovered Tyler, The Creator and I wanted to be just like him. So, I bought myself a MIDI Irig keyboard and torrented Logic Pro X and have been making full songs since then.

What was the creative process behind creating your debut project, VHS Forever?

Well, I originally had the name “Fuck Your Summer” with a bunch of songs that I did when I was fourteen. After cycling through numerous titles in a very Kanye West-esque manner, I made the song Montreal with GN and I decided to go with the title VHS Forever. My creative process was based on a cycle of a build up of feelings where stuff would build up inside of me to a point where I’d need to get it out, so I’d have a certain sound I’d want to emulate, and then I would produce the beat and write the song in a number of days and this cycle continued till the album was finished.

What were you listening to and what kinds of things were influencing you during the creation of the album?

Lots of Childish Gambino, Kevin Abstract, and Nirvana. 

You have a couple of collabs on your project, how did those come about?

For Montreal, I had recently joined Twin Lake and I wanted the song to have both Ian Maverick and GN on it. Unfortunately, Ian couldn’t be on it due to scheduling but I had made a bridge for the song that I couldn’t sing. GN delivered the vocals on it that I wasn’t able to. ACxV came about when I was producing a song for ACDATYOUNGNIGGA at his house. I was bumping the outline of the song with the hook and the first verse and he instantly just wrote a fire verse.

Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you really want to work with?

I still really want to work with Ian Maverick, Kyle Ennui, Jimi Somewhere, and Kevin Abstract.

Who were some of the artists who really inspired you and made you wanna start making music?

Tyler, The Creator is the one who really inspired me to start making music but Childish Gambino and Kanye West are largely responsible for helping me have the confidence to create the sound I have today.

What kind of effect do you want your album to have on people?

I want my album to make kids feel like they’re not alone. That they’re not the only ones who are insecure about how they dress or if they think different than other kids. I want to affect the kids who are up at night putting aside their teenage years to make art instead. I want them to know that we’ll make it if we don’t give up.

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