even to this day, nightmare lobsters still fuck me up, but who would have said that monster crustaceans would come haunt my ass after so long??? in my defense I want to think those who know me already knew this was gonna happen at some point, now excuse me while I hit my face against my door


Jackrabbit week - Day 6: Marriage

And thus, E.Aster Bunnymund and Jack Frost exchanged their vows on February 29th, the enchanted day when winter marries spring.

Weddings are awful and wonderful. Magical weddings twice as much.

North and Tooth are happy to provide their special brand of encouragement. Sandy does the honors, because no words are necessary. Bunny and Jack are fools in love and only have eyes for each other. Pitch is hissing in the background at not being invited. :^)

Day 5: Constellation

Bunnymund tells Jack about the stars (with Sandy’s help).

I voted today! The line was looooooooong. So bit late today because I had an appointment afterwards and had no internet. Not sure if this is right again. I don’t think I’m getting a lot of these, but I kinda like it (save the color. Yuck). Anyway, yes.


The Guardians

     Blessed  are  those  filled  with  wonder,  who  remember  both  the  good  times  &.  the  bad,  who  glean  hope,  from  memories,  allow  their  dreams  to  be  filled  with  much  celebration,  for  their  hearts  to  be  bursting  with  joy.    Let  them  have  their  fun.

+ Bonus Pitch

     You  can’t  have  light,  without  a  little  darkness.



This took more time than what I hoped for, but anyways is pretty cute once looking at it complete

also, before you all think these are in perfect sync, this is Kozmotis with open eyes

ROTG Month Day 13: Teamwork!

Sandy is by far the best facilitator of teamwork among the Guardians, in either book!verse or movie!verse, but especially in the film.  I think Pitch knew that, which is why he targeted Sandy first– take out the Sandman, and eventually all the Guardians will fall, because they don’t know how to lean on each other. 

Sandy’s team-ups with Jack in the movie and with Nightlight in the books are some of my favorites!