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Y'know, I always saw the Gems as kinda like the Transformers. Here's an alien race, which really has no gender or binary reproductive system, but they just so happen to meet common gender associations on earth, so we call them by usual pronouns just to make it easier to talk to/about them. Because I mean, we're human, they're not. Can't understand EVERYTHING about them, just gotta use what we know. One could totally make the argument that Optimus Prime is agendered. Just my thoughts on it.

Totally! There are a lot of ways to relate to the gems, and a whooole lot of room for fandom fun doing so! I have fun fleshing them out as ladies, but it’s also fun to go for all kinds of things~

Same goes for me n’ Sanderson Mansnoozie haha. Agender being of the stars, crashlands on earth, called “sandman”. Voila, people use he/him pronouns. And Sandy rolls with it and does whatever he wants, still agender.

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Have you gotten a plus size commission yet? Or made a plus size OC?

Yes~ ^^ Right now my homegirl is Adora (on the left) but this did remind me of an old OC I had back in middle school (right). I used to daydream about animating a video with her to one of the songs in August Rush. Good times. I should revive her, cause I still really like her design.

And I always have time for my favorite creampuff.

and amethyst just cause.

So yeah, my full figures tend to have lotsa swoop, as per the norm. Hopefully this helps answer your question! 

Reflection and Shine (gen)(8/24)

Original Prompt:

What it says. Mainly inspired by the fact that his race is listed as “ice elf” and some other things.

Jack falls in the lake, but pops out the other side into the land of fairies. Spends enough time their to gradually absorb some magic without his noticing at first- when he decides to go back, 300 years have passed.

I wrote this as Jack having all his powers, but inexplicably ending up in Faerie. He still has no memory of his past, and the Guardians have to bring him back to the real world.This doesn’t go smoothly because Jack doesn’t know what’s going on.

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