mansion reporter


Colbert actually cut his chops on Good Morning America – you know, that show your parents watch when they’re trying to wake up.

This wasn’t even the fun type of morning show, where lifestyle news-buddies talk over each other and cook some shit in front of a street-level window. No, this was Musty Anchor Man, sitting in a comfy chair in a mansion while the reporters made asses of themselves on his fake TV.

The story goes that one day in 1997, ABC needed a funny guy to punch up their field report about a Rube Goldberg machine contest at Purdue University, and Colbert was desperate and available. It’s pretty strange to see Colbert hosting what is essentially a news magazine puff piece, especially since his later “character” lampooned the very idea of a vapid news pundit, and he looks like he hates every second of it. He looks like he’s about to melt in a puddle of his own loathing. It doesn’t help that he’s completely out of his element here, other than the fact that he apparently doesn’t age as us mortals do.

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Team Mercynary was sent to investigate a deserted mansion. There have been reports of supernatural occurrences inside and near it. People have claimed it to be “haunted” though the authorities refuse to believe such nonsense. The team simply has to record and solve any anomalies they come in contact with. Though, they shouldn’t have to do much, after all, the supernatural isn’t believed by the people of the overworld. They find themselves at the doors of the mansion on a Saturday afternoon. @thefangirlshadow