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It looks as real as it gets … a gunman aiming at a man who’s the spitting image of Gianni Versace on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion and seemingly firing twice.

Darren Criss is the man with the gun, shooting for “Versace: American Crime Story” as he aims at Edgar Ramirez. 

It’s interesting … the mansion is right on the boardwalk, so secrecy in filming is not an option. Still, everyone knows how it ends, but sounds like this one will be gripping.  [tmz]

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I am so, so proud of the CC family. We hate Ryan but we are so, so fucking happy for this role because we are going to see Darren being the protagonist again and it is a very good role for Darren's career. We do not care if Ryan is somehow involved in this, we're just happy because Darren can play the role of his life. However, M / ia / rren shippers complain because he is going to do another gay role. Can you see the difference? ;)

I too am really proud. I think we, as a whole, have really embraced this news. We have to rise above our feelings about Ryan, just like Darren has. 

The fact is, as I have been emphasizing, Darren is still under contract with Fox. They own him. And there is a reason they coerced him to sign a 2 year extension. They wanted him to play another role for their networks.  And that contract is likely set to expire late spring. So it really is convenient timing that this will be filming next month for about 4-5 months.  

Think about this. Glee has been over for 2 years and all they have gotten from him thus far was a 5-10 minute, pointless role in AHS.  And they bought his idea to potentially develop a pilot. They wanted more than this. They wanted him in front of the camera.  And that is what they are getting.

But what I love. I am willing to bet that they have dangled many opportunities in front of Darren. Romantic Comedies and the like. Roles that would be fine but not interesting. I am willing to bet that he fought to fulfill his contract with a much more interesting, juicy, career changing role that will highlight his diversity, strength and talent.  

ACS Versace is going to be based on the book Vulgar Favors.  Here is the Amazon synopsis (x):

Two months before Andrew Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion, Maureen Orth was investigating a major story on the serial killer for Vanity Fair. Now the award-winning journalist and Vanity Fair special correspondent tells the complete story of Cunanan, his unwitting victims, and the moneyed, hedonistic world in which they lived and died, culled from interviews with over 400 people, and details from thousands of pages of police reports.

In chilling detail, Maureen Orth reveals how Andrew Cunanan met his superstar victim…why police and the FBI repeatedly failed to catch Cunanan…why other victims’ families stonewalled the investigation…controversial findings of the Versace autopsy report, and more. Here is a late-century odyssey that races across America from California’s wealthy gay underworld to modest midwestern homes of families mourning their slaughtered sons to the celebration of decadence that is Versace’s South Beach. It is at once a landmark work of investigative journalism and a riveting account of a sociopath, his savage crimes, and the mysteries he left along the way.

To be honest, to refuse a role like would have been a mistake career wise. Especially as this is the type of role I think Darren wants and strives for. Blaine was wonderful, we loved him, and it was a great way to be introduced to the world.  And with Hedwig, Darren was able to display the emotional depth that he could evoke when playing a character. This role will provide him with the opportunity to go completely against his type cast. To reach beyond singing and dancing and to allow him to show just how insanely talented he is.
But yes, this role comes with a huge price tag. No question. And only time will tell how it will effect the perception of him publicly. He is working with Ryan and Fox again and I hate that fact. Ryan is the very man and Fox the very network that has bullied and abused him and Chris. And Darren needs to tread very carefully here. He needs to prove that he is not Ryan’s puppet, that he can play this role and still be true to himself.  He needs to prove to himself that he has learned from the mistakes and challenges of his past and that he has grown stronger because of them.
Only time will tell how that is going to play out.  I have very much gotten the impression lately that Darren is restless and ready to have the world fully embrace him. Will this new role hinder him?  Or will it provide him with a platform to reveal his true self?  ACS Versace does not need the teen fans of Darren that need him to be straight.  The audience for this show is much more sophisticated and anyone willing to watch a series about a gay serial killer and the murder of a gay icon has to be open minded.   
I am really hopeful that this role will provide Darren with the opportunity to show the world his talent in a unique and diverse way; to embrace his past and allow the heartache and pain to shape his future; and to walk proudly out into the sunshine as his true self proudly standing by the man his loves. 
Wouldn’t it be sweet irony if Chris was standing by his side when he wins the Emmy for a Fox/Murphy show? Maybe I am being too optimistic.  Let’s see how this goes.
KKHG: Locations + Bonuses

It can sometimes get confusing as to where that restaurant is located or just “where on earth is that photo shoot?!” Also, it gets really nerve-wracking when you don’t have enough energy to finish a project! Bonuses are things that you can tap in order to get some green cash, EXP and/or energy.

Downtown LA

Pop Glam magazine

duLUXE lifestyle apartments



Bird on window-sill of duLUXE

Newspaper Vending Machine between duLUXE and SO CHIC

Bicycle in front of SO CHIC

Beverly Hills

Metropolitan Magazine 


Kim Kardashian’s Mansion


Fire Hydrant between Metropolitan Magazine and Panino

Coffee Board in front of Panino


Luna Condos

The Brew Palms

CTM Management and Publicity

Mirimount Pictures


Plant in front of Luna Condos

Now Open Board in front of The Brew Palms

Fire Hydrant in front of Mirimount Pictures

LAX - California

Gate 4 (Airport)

The West Inn Apartments

Championship Business Centers Inc. 


Suitcase in front of Gate 4 (Airport)

Newspaper Vending Machine between Gate 4 (Airport) and The West Inn Apartments

Bird between The West Inn Apartments and Championship Business Centers Inc.





Flower stand in front of clock tower, left of DASH

Flower pot between Dash and Mansion

Flower stand beside Mansion




Beach House 


Seagull in front of LIF

Motorcycle between LIF and DASH

Fire Hydrant in front of Beach House 

Las Vegas

Chateau Nuit

Miraggio Grande



Newspaper Vending Machine left of Chateau Nuit

Cellphone Advertisement right of Chateau Nuit

Fire Hydrant in front of GLAMM MAGAZINE

JFK - New York






Skateboard in front of OAK (May be difficult to see! Scroll around and look at the very bottom of your screen if you cannot see it!)

Fire Hydrant right of MUSE MAGAZINE



Gates Towers

Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts


Bird left of GANZERVEL, in front of clock

Fire Hydrant betweenGANZERVEL and Gates Towers

Newspaper Vending Machine in front of Smith & Smith Luxury Lofts

I hope this helped you in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood!

Wealthy Puppy Tires of Yacht, Shiny Toys

Numerous reports out of South Florida confirm that marketing mogul and golden retriever puppy Bowden has grown bored with all the trappings that billions can buy.

“He was out on his yacht the other day but it just wasn’t the same,” says Jeff Adkins, Bowden’s personal assistant. “Something was missing, and I knew he felt it.”

Indeed, many of Bowden’s sports cars, infinity pools and in-home movie theaters (he has three in his Miami Beach mansion) have collected dust, of late.

“He’s looking for something money can’t buy,” says Aileen Kaufman, another employee. “Maybe a scratch on the head or something, I don’t know.”

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