mansion apartment shack house


I will be doing a M.A.S.H for anyone who wants one. It stands for Mansion Apartment Shack House, and it’s basically a game that says who you’ll marry, what car you’ll have, what job you’ll have etc. (It’s not to be taken literally it’s just a fun game to play) I’m basically doing an extended version of it.

Request form:

- 5 guys you want to marry (can be famous or just your regular crushes)

- 5 types of cars you want

- 5 jobs

- 5 best friends (can be famous or just regular friends)

- 5 animals you want as pets

- 5 places you want to live

- 5 #’s of kids you want

- 5 names for kids

- 5 colleges

- 5 college majors

- 1 magic number (any number from 2 to 20)

- 5 places where you want to get married (optional)

- 5 places where you want your honeymoon to be (optional)