mansion apartment shack house


I will be doing a M.A.S.H for anyone who wants one. It stands for Mansion Apartment Shack House, and it’s basically a game that says who you’ll marry, what car you’ll have, what job you’ll have etc. (It’s not to be taken literally it’s just a fun game to play) I’m basically doing an extended version of it.

Request form:

- 5 guys you want to marry (can be famous or just your regular crushes)

- 5 types of cars you want

- 5 jobs

- 5 best friends (can be famous or just regular friends)

- 5 animals you want as pets

- 5 places you want to live

- 5 #’s of kids you want

- 5 names for kids

- 5 colleges

- 5 college majors

- 1 magic number (any number from 2 to 20)

- 5 places where you want to get married (optional)

- 5 places where you want your honeymoon to be (optional)

ok this came up in a podcast i was listening to and: do y'all remember that game MASH that was like a kids game where you wrote MASH and then a list of names of ~boys you might marry~ and ~careers~ and you’d do this process of going through and crossing out options and then it would TELL YOUR FUTURE including whether (and this is the meaning of the name) you’d live in a Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House