MC Brings Home A Puppy and Leon Tries to Get Used To It

Posted this in my Otome Amino community a little while ago and thought I’d publish it here, too. It’s just a short little fic. Hope you like it! :) Thanks for reading!


      “What is that doing here?” Leon asked as he strolled into the living room. He immediately spotted a puff of brown fur scampering across the floor. And you squatting in front of it, holding what looked like dog food in your palm. When you saw him, you stood.

      “It’s my new puppy.” You said with a bright smile.

      “I know what it is. I’m asking what it’s doing here.” He responded sternly, which caused your smile to drop. That look of displeasure from him never preceeded anything good.

      “Well, um…I wanted to introduce you two. Leon, this is (d/n). (D/n), this is Leon.” As if he understood you, the little dog scurried over to the Ruler of Leo. He ran in little circles around his feet and jumped up on his leg, all the while a scowl remained plastered on the god’s face.

      “Get away from me.” Leon commanded. (D/n), startled by his intense glare, whimpered and padded back over to you. To comfort the poor thing, you scooped him up in your arms, then walked over to the golden-haired man.

      “C'mon, Leon. Can you at least try to get along with him? It would mean a lot to me.” You looked up at your boyfriend with puppy dog eyes. The ones you knew he could never resist. And as always, he sighed then resigned to you with a look of discouragement.


      “Yay! I’ll leave him with you for tonight so you two can bond,” You said, passing the little animal into his arms, “And I’ll come pick him up tomorrow!”

      Leon’s face now displayed surprise and anger, “What?” But before he could protest, you had gathered your things and was out the door.

                                            *~*The Next Day*~*

      The mansino door squeaked as you pushed it closed. The usually noisy home was quiet. Even stranger, neither Vega, nor Altair greeted you in the foyer.

      “Leon?” You called out.

      “In here.” Came a reponse. Following it into the living room, you braced yourself for what scene might be behind the door, before pushing it open. There, on the couch, sat Leon casually. Although, (d/n) wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

      “Hello, Leon,” You politely greeted him first, “Where’s (d/n)?” Then something odd happened. The god’s cheeks filled with a rose color as he lifted a hand to point down to his lap. Moving closer, you then saw that the little puppy was snoozing away on his lap.

      “Awww!” You couldn’t help but giggle at the adorable scene.

      “Don’t laugh at me.” He ordered.

      “It’s not like I’m making fun of you. It’s just really cute! I knew you two would bond.” You smiled proudly.

      “Just shut up and take the thing away from me.” Leon blushed as he picked up the dog, waking him from his nap in the process, and handed him back to you. (D/n) licked your face once to say hello.

      “What did you two do last night? He’s warmed up to you so quickly.”

      He looked away, “You don’t need to know.”

      “….Okay.” You gave in, knowing he wouldn’t tell you if it made him this embarrassed. You gave him a kiss then said goodbye to your boyfriend to take your little puppy home.

                                               *~*Leon’s POV*~*

      I sit on the couch, staring at this animal that _______ had left with me for the night. Suddenly, Hue walks in and notices the dog sitting across from me on the other couch, looking absentmindedly around the room. I tell him about _______’s decision to leave the thing with me in hopes that we would ‘bond’.

      “Well, Leo, I don’t think sitting here and glaring at him is the best way to form a friendship with him.”

      “Enough sarcasm. How can I make this dog like me?”

      “I’ve heard that playing fetch is a fun game to them.” Huedhaut smiled gently then snapped his fingers. A stick appeared in his hand, which he handed to his department minister. Leon sighed, aggravated at having to partake in such a trivial and degrading activity. However, he wanted to please you, so he persevered.

      “Fetch.” He commanded, then tossed the stick in some random direction. The brown dog hurriedly chased after it, then eagerly brought it back to him. They repeated the actions several more times before (d/n) hopped up on the couch and laid across Leon’s lap. Within seconds, the young puppy was snoozing away happily. The God of Leo looked down at the napping dog.

      'I guess he’s not that annoying of an animal’ He thought, silently admitting it’s cuteness.

      Until the next day, when _______ came to pick him up, (d/n) stuck by Leon’s side, hopping on his lap whenever he sat down, and nudging his feet when he was standing. And although he wouldn’t admit it out loud, Leon had grown fond of the animal, too.