Boys in my high school literature class: “Jane Austen books are just love stories.” No.  Jane Austen books are about powerless women, in utterly sexist, hideous times, trying to negotiate their way around class politics and hopefully ending up married to a man they, actually, you know, LOVE.

If you are an introvert or suffer from social anxiety I implore you to read/listen to Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. It is 400 pages of the heroine being terrified of social situations and triumphing in the end without having to change or come out of her shell. It drives me insane that  the only love MP gets on this site is some gifs of the Billie Piper adaptation where Fanny is “improved” and made less insipid and introverted.  There has never been a worthy adaptation of this book in my opinion, though there is a very excellent audio book read by Juliet Stevenson which I highly recommend.