mansfield's madness


August 26, 1964 Hollywood. George Harrison, accompanied by Beatles Ringo Starr and John Lennon  and Janye Mansfield points an accusing finer at a photographer who insisted on taking pictures against their wishes while they were at the Whisky-a-go-go.  George has thrown his drink at the photographer while Ringo appears to recoil in shock.  The drink landed patly on the photographer, a deputy sheriff and actress Mamie Van Doren who was in the crowd.


George Harrison during the Mad Day Out photo sessions, London, 28 July 1968.

Photo © Apple Corps Ltd.

“He was easy to be with, gentle, kind, and caring. Although I was supposed to be taking care of him, he would always concern himself with how I was doing. He had a bashful, soft-spoken manner with friend and stranger alike and always appeared to care about others.” - Ken Mansfield on George Harrison, The White Book [x]