mansfield park (2007)

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IM LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AUSTEN ON YIUR BLOG TONIGHT AND I LOVE IT. If you have the time, would you consider making like, a master list of Austen media or something?

hoo boy there are a lot but i dont feel like doing my history reading rn SO 

i will attempt to be as thorough as possible but there are a LOT of these

pride and prejudice: 

adaptations with the same name: 2005, 2003, 1995, 1980, 1940

other adaptations: bride and prejudice (2004), pride and prejudice and zombies (2016), bridget jones’ diary (2001), the lizzie bennet diaries, a modern pride and prejudice (2011), unleashing mr. darcy (2016), 

related: death comes to pemberley (2013), lost in austen (2008)

sense and sensibility: 

adaptations with the same name: 2008, 1995, 1981, 1971

other adaptations: scents and sensibility (2011), from prada to nada (2011), i have found it (2000). 


adaptations with the same name: 1996, 2009, 1996 (yes there were two – one is a made for tv movie w kate beckinsale). 

other adaptations: clueless (1995) 

other adaptations: 

love and friendship (2016), northanger abbey (2007), persuasion (2007, 1995, 1971), mansfield park (2007, 1999, 1983).

related movies: 

becoming jane (2007), the jane austen book club (2007), austenland (2013), miss austen regrets (2008)

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What are your favorite adaptations of each novel?

Sense & Sensibility - 1995 for Emma Thompson and Ang Lee and Patrick Doyle. (But shout-out to Hattie Morahan for being a total babe and kind of a superior Elinor to my mind SORRY EMMA ILU TOO.)

Emma - 2009 because Romola Garai is a comic genius and also fuck Gwenyth Paltrow and also Mark Strong I’m sorry but whoever gave you those sideburns needs to go sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done. Which is a pity because the earlier Emma adaptations have my preferred Harriet Smiths in Samantha Morton and Toni Collette. Special mention to Clueless.

Northanger Abbey - special mention to the power-chord guitar shitshow from the 1980s but beyond the craic it’s unwatchable on repeat viewings, so 2007.

Mansfield Park - 1999, Patricia Rozema did great work with tetchy source material and made a great film THAT BOOK IS UNFILMABLE JUST SAYIN anyway I’ll defend her artistic choices to anyone who cares to meet me in the parking lot in hand-to-hand combat. Hearteyes for Frances O’Connor.

Persuasion - 1995, best of all adaptations, would lie down in the middle of the road for this understated, sweaty bit of glory.

Pride & Prejudice - I know this one is one of the most divisive and contentious bits of Discourse ever to exist among nerds as there are just MORE to pick from and it’s the novel most people are familiar with. SO I will just say that I have Strong Opinions on all of them but for BEST it’s kind of picking from among adaptations which have all disappointed me in some way so I’ll say if you were to COMBINE the better elements of both the 1995 miniseries for timing and thoroughness with the 2005 feature film for artistry and visuals (and don’t come at me handwaving #aesthetic as though it’s not important, because that’s what cinema IS, and lighting/framing/visual cues are SO SO SO important when telling a story through film!) then you’d probably have something I’d feel comfortable calling The Best. On their own, neither truly satisfies me.

Know what? Fuck it, Bridget Jones’s Diary is my favourite adaptation of P&P. Bride & Prejudice is also very good. I saw it three times in theatres, including once by myself, and have no regrets whatsoever.

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