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IM LEARNING SO MUCH ABOUT DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF AUSTEN ON YIUR BLOG TONIGHT AND I LOVE IT. If you have the time, would you consider making like, a master list of Austen media or something?

hoo boy there are a lot but i dont feel like doing my history reading rn SO 

i will attempt to be as thorough as possible but there are a LOT of these

pride and prejudice: 

adaptations with the same name: 2005, 2003, 1995, 1980, 1940

other adaptations: bride and prejudice (2004), pride and prejudice and zombies (2016), bridget jones’ diary (2001), the lizzie bennet diaries, a modern pride and prejudice (2011), unleashing mr. darcy (2016), 

related: death comes to pemberley (2013), lost in austen (2008)

sense and sensibility: 

adaptations with the same name: 2008, 1995, 1981, 1971

other adaptations: scents and sensibility (2011), from prada to nada (2011), i have found it (2000). 


adaptations with the same name: 1996, 2009, 1996 (yes there were two – one is a made for tv movie w kate beckinsale). 

other adaptations: clueless (1995) 

other adaptations: 

love and friendship (2016), northanger abbey (2007), persuasion (2007, 1995, 1971), mansfield park (2007, 1999, 1983).

related movies: 

becoming jane (2007), the jane austen book club (2007), austenland (2013), miss austen regrets (2008)


As we Austen fans all know, Jonny Lee Miller appears as not one, but two Austen heroes. In the 1999 Mansfield Park he plays the hard to love (unless you are Fanny Price) Edmund Bertram, and then in the 2009 Emma he stars opposite the exquisite (have we mentioned she’s exquisite?) Romola Garai. Personally, I prefer him as Knightley, but then again, maybe I just prefer Knightley. Austen adaptation trivia buffs may know that Miller is actually a triple threat–he makes his first Austen appearance in the 1983 Mansfield Park as adorable little Charles Price.

Aside from his Austen roles, he has also taken on everything from a heroin addict with terrible bleach blonde hair to a heroin addict who solves crimes. (I jest, but I actually watch Elementary religiously.) One of his earliest films was Hackers in which he costarred with Angelina Jolie. Fun fact: the two married the next year. Unfortunately, as anyone who has ever walked through a grocery store checkout line knows, that marriage ended a long time ago. I sort of get the sense that Miller could have been an A-list celebrity, but somewhere along the way decided to do interesting projects instead.

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“I just really liked the script. Because I didn’t know the book I thought she was going to end up with Frank Churchill”

- Jonny Lee Miller on joining the cast of Emma (2009)

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