Boys in my high school literature class: “Jane Austen books are just love stories.” No.  Jane Austen books are about powerless women, in utterly sexist, hideous times, trying to negotiate their way around class politics and hopefully ending up married to a man they, actually, you know, LOVE.
It amuses me when people question if Jane Austen and the Brontë Sisters were truly feminists. Um, OK, like, even 250+ years ago, these ladies all realized that a marriage without a woman being genuinely in love with the guy could never truly work.

Ahead of their time?

Fuck, they were ahead of some people now.
'Mischievous' Jane Austen faked Steventon marriage records - BBC News
The author added fictitious entries to an official marriage register when she was a teenager.

So Jane Austen used her access to parish records and archives when she was a teenager (due to her father being a vicar) and faked two marriage records saying she married some fictional dudes. Also one of the dudes had the surname Fitzwilliam so that just makes this story even better.