I’ll be honest I started tearing up when Steven got so upset that he smashed his breakfast plate on the ground and then actual tears were running down my face when Sapphire started breaking down and crying too man oh man

Seeing these characters struggle with their problems/emotions just feels so real. It’s not like other cartoons where it’s “oh this character messed up and they’re gonna do everything they can to make it up and right what’s wrong” but it doesn’t work like that. Problems don’t go away in just a day (or one episode). If people are mad they need time to be mad. And instead of focusing on Pearl who messed up, it focused on the two people who were hurt instead. Garnet wants to forgive Pearl and get things resolved but she’s also so angry at being tricked that she needed time to heal. Seeing Ruby and Sapphire split up to show this emotional conflict was a good way to represent it.

It’s so human even though the gems are not. But this show is so good at making its characters human and relatable that I’m in love. I’m in love with this show. I’m so glad it exists and that it’s so good at making me laugh and cry and making me feel for these characters who struggle and overcome their problems slowly but surely. Steven Universe is definitely one of my favorite shows.


Photos of the day - March 12, 2015

Baby polar bear Charlotte investigates the enclosure at the zoo in Nuremberg, Germany, view of a ninot despecting Podemos’ party leader Pablo Iglesias during the preparations for Fallas Festival 2015 in Valencia, Spain and tourists ride on Segways in downtown Rome, Chinese hostesses, who serve the delegates of the National People’s Congress, jump as they pose for photographs on Tiananmen Square during a plenary session of the NPC held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing and a new South Korean military officer, center, stands still as other officers march during the joint commission ceremony in Gyeryong, South Korea  are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Getty/Reuters)

Photo credits: (from top) EPA/Timm Schamberger, EPA/Kai Foersterling, REUTERS/Tony Gentile, AP Photo/Andy Wong, AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

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