Let’s talk about Manse era,

They were back rapidly after Adore U, having barely few weeks saved only for preparations which means most of it was done while promoting the first album. Not only that but after barely some weeks of not them and being silent they suddenly came back as grown up men. I don’t know if hairstyles did so much or was it really them growing up but from babies in Adore U they became men in Manse Mingyu is such a perfect example there science how?

And once again, the self-composed title song didn’s leave anyone disappointed. Fresh, lively sound filled with energy Seventeen radiates all around gifting us another genius choreography which never fails to draw grins on both ours but also members’ faces.

But beside having subjective opinions on the era let me throw in some facts you all have seen many times but they are forever worth mentioning.

Boys Be charted first on the Billboard world album chart leaving so many world-wide and other k-pop stars behind. Moreover they stayed in Top10 for four weeks in a row! Only pre-order number exceeted 30,000. Pledis was supposed to produce extra copies of the album due to extraordinary good sales. Manse charted on Goan chart as well, both song chart and album chart making it their debute on korean charts. Not only that but Boys Be has been in Top10 of Gaon Album Chart for six weeks! In six weeks of promotions Seventeen never left The Show’s top5 and not to mention they needed about 30 points more to win the first time. Manse MV has over 4 million views on Youtube but if you add the Performance+Behind Cut MV it would make it 5 million. Seventeen gained a lot of recognition in Korea being trend search for few times and having more and more articles popping up. Seungkwan was chosen by netizens as one of newly debuted prospective variety starts and got solo schedule guesting on Quiz Changing World show. Seokmin got a special stage with Shannon getting an opportunity to show more of his wonderful vocals off. Seventeen filmed for one of the most popular shows in Korea, Running Man. Seventeen’s Weekly Idol episode got incredibly high rankings of 28,1% making it the most watched program at the time of airing. And now, they got the strongly desired nomination for MAMA for both Best New Artist and Artist of the Year!

There are many more wonderful successes in the weeks of promotions with so many TV appearances, fansigns, mind blowing live stages and of course genius choregraphies being changed multiple times, getting innovative dance practice versions and another extremly witty part switched version. In the era where Seventeen, but also us fans, worked so hard. It’s time to leave this era behind now and walk towards even better and bigger eras.

I am so proud. I am so damn proud of our boys and of all of you.

The love~