i’m a hoe for clark’s world travelling looks




Gods of War Issue #2

Welcome, faithful followers of @tonystarksredthong! We’re so excited about what happened in Gods of War Issue #2 that we’re making (almost) a whole week about it! Basically, when Hercules called his heroes together, he clearly forgot the “no shirt, no shoes…” part of the invitation, because there was a whole FOUR DIFFERENT SHIRTLESS MEN running around, letting it all hang out all issue long. So sit back and enjoy FOUR DAYS of Mythological Manscaping!

anonymous asked:

Let's talk manscaping! Do you trim your body hair (chest pubes etc), or do you let it grow wild?

I keep the boys neatly trimmed but the rest I have shaved before I’m told not to do that anymore lol
The health risks of “manscaping,” explained
Fully 84 percent of American women have done something to their pubes in their lifetime, we recently learned. "It’s becoming more and more prevalent — and among men of all ages," Thomas Gaither, a medical student at the UCSF School of Medicine, told us. Gaither has authored or led many of the recent research papers on pubic hair grooming trends in America, including forthcoming studies on habits among males.
By Julia Belluz