mans up

@trans guys

ur face? thts a mans face

ur arms? manly as fuck

ur hair? omg rock it dude thats some boy’s hair right there

ur nose? wowwwoow thats a Boy’s Nose

ur legs? ive never seen legs that belong to a man more than urs do.

ur feet? Manly Af Feet !!!!!

ur hands? those are some man’s hands wow

ur eyes? man eyes!!!!!!!

ur lips? manly as HELL dude wow

ur ears? MAN! EARS!

ur chest? holy FUCK dude thats a MAN CHEST

ur butt? butts transcend gender, but u transcend butts. your butt is a man butt.

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I saw this on tumblr yesterday and thought i'd ask you. What do you prefer Bernie in Scrubs or Bernie in skinny jeans?

Bernie in scrubs. Bernie in skinny jeans. Bernie naked and tied to my bed. I’ll take her any way she comes.

some vamp Tigs quickies that never got crossposted from twitter! (@apollyna)

ain’t she a doll?

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Can we have more inigo and his boyfriend? (Mask mask)

I suppose

  • Kennyo: You know what? I used to be a monk. I had devoted my body and soul to Buddha.
  • MC: So. Satan used to work for God too. What's your point?
the REAL answers I want from future Layton games

1. how Barton became the commissioner of the Yard
2. actually you know what, that’s it