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Been looking for a replacement for the YOI shaped hole in mah heart and a friend introduced me to Mystic Messenger. Oh boy…. Wow…. this game…Has taken over….pretty bad.

Jumin was my first choice based on appearance of the characters (something about a man in a suit ;D) and now that finally got his route…. Guess which path I ended up with…. :’D …Gotta get dat good end too. ;~;

Couldn’t help myself, had to draw a fanart, also going to try drawing other charas~


Cure Te Ipsum Part 1

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That Walking Dead AU

(You didn’t need)

The halfhearted shuffling of the starving Walkers shadowed the footsteps of the girls (and Erik). Stragglers who managed not to get swept into the herd heading east.

All in all, it was probably the most peaceful it’s been since even before the god damned apocalypse.

“You should shoot them you know.” Jane said conversationally as she softly gripped the steering wheel of their beat to hell Stark car.

One hand laid on her lap clutching a small gun. In this new world, you always carried a weapon. A gun under the steering wheel. A gun on the passengers visor. A gun in the cup holder next to Erik. Not to mention the knives attached to thighs. 

Jane preferred having a gun on hand. A far cry from before. 

Darcy has learned to love wooden stakes. Has a collapsible spear with a wooden stake at the helm. She had nicked it off a dead suited man. Easy to stab a Walker while maintaining a good distance. 

 A dead Walker is the only good thing left outside their car. 

 “Less noise and less of a waste of resources, Janey.” Darcy grunted as they passed by a stumbling walker. A quick motion. The crunch of wood entering fragile bone and rotted brain matter. Down goes the abomination.

Jane made a noise. “More energy, though.” She pointed out. 

Erik says nothing and neither girl feels the need to bring him into the conversation. His energy is best left to fighting off whatever sickness he got in New Mexico. 

“Those bullets are gonna be needed once we hit Stark Island.” 

“Malibu, Darcy. Malibu.” Jane corrected.

Darcy shrugged, sweat runs down her temple. California heat is killer. “Might’ve been once. I can’t imagine Stark didn’t rename it once he built that sanctuary.” If there was still one, Jane thought. 

A year after the infection spread, rumors of some safe territory out west spread through the remnant survivors. Some man named Salazar had mentioned one night.

Since then the three of them had be slowly but steadily moving out to California with hope of safety and respite.

Uncanny Inhumans #18 Review

spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers

The mad prince Maximus is up to some no good in this IvX tie-in story from the creative team of  Charles Soule, Kim Jacinto and Java Tartaglia (with an ultra-cool cover by the great Fraizer Irving).  Full recap and review following the jump.

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i wonder if root was ever as iconic as john was among new yorkers like we know john was “the man in the suit” but was root ever “that one chick who is everyone” like was there a forum for people trying to figure out what the hell she actually did for a living or how she could possibly do all the jobs she’s been seen doing did people just have casual conversation like yeah that one brunette who was our barista last week was my yoga instructor this week and their friend will be like oh cool i just saw her as an italian chef i hope she’s living her dreams

There are two (2) different Marys in this scene??

At the hospital when Sherlock is explaining his old cases with John to the children

There’s these few people standing next to/behind John (Nurse Cornish on his right and on his left there’s the other two female nurses in light clothing and the man in the suit) but we see Mary standing behind him at certain points:

Look at the hair and clothes. That’s definitely Mary. Which isn’t weird right? Because we know he sees Mary, talks to her, even though she ‘isn’t there’. We know that already, it was established immediately at the start of this episode.

Ok, first of all I’m going to point out that Mary was standing behind a white bar thing in the previous image, but in the one above she isn’t because it ain’t even there anymore?? [Fucky Alarm #1] I literally only just saw that as I was writing this wow. But anyway


There’s two of Mary in this scene: one ‘Scary-Mary’ behind John, silently lurking and never in focus or even acknowledged by John; one ‘Smiley-Mary’ sitting on the other side of the room, smiling at Sherlock, delivering dialogue and being acknowledged by John.

Scary-Mary was literally just shown behind John, and then the camera begins to focus on her (that’s why John looks unfocussed in that first screencap) but then cuts right to Smiley-Mary, who is actually somewhere else in the room entirely (in John’s mind) [Fucky Alarm #2]

Then they do it again here

John even fucking looks to Smiley-Mary delivering that line in the top screencap, so we know that in John’s mind at least she is where he is looking to her, across the room… but they’re still showing us that Scary-Mary is also standing behind him at the exact same time, without any indication that he knows she’s there [Fucky Alarm #3]
[Note: wasn’t there a case in TST about a man being in two places at once?]

They would not have directed Martin to look over in the complete opposite direction of Amanda when he is supposed looking towards Mary as she delivers her line. Not by accident. She was literally standing behind him in frame! It was set up this way intentionally… for some reason.

They have established that John sees and talks to Mary but they haven’t even tried to show or even hint at the idea that he sees multiple Mary.

Previously, John’s mind!Mary has stood in clear ‘view’ of other characters to let the viewer know that only John can see her (In the therapist’s house, in front of Euros and Mrs H and now here, Smiley-Mary in front of the entire room of patients and nurses)

But Scary-Mary is breaking this pattern completely… She’s standing behind both John and Sherlock out of sight and is even out of focus for us as the viewers.

Is this Scary-Mary somehow The Real Mary, having faked her death? Drug theory is quite frankly lit, so I’m inclined towards this idea of John and Sherlock’s recollection of events being distorted and corrupted by the power of suggestion from outside parties. I don’t think it’s a push to suggest that maybe The Real Mary really is there, lurking around John and Sherlock to see if her plan is working. No idea what exactly the plan is but… The Plan. Maybe they’re not even at the hospital? Who knows?

In this very same episode we are shown that Sherlock can see Billy apparently in the road with him, but then it turns out they’re at Baker St and him seeing Billy with him on the road was a recent memory being corrupted and mixed up with the current situation. Yes he was ‘off his tits’ on drugs, but considering we were also introduced to TD-12, the drug that can interfere with recent memories and corrupt older ones, I don’t think we can say with full assurance that this is just his regular 7% solution…

Something really fucky is going on

I know this wasn’t exactly concise but I had to get this out… The second Mary is really creeping me out in this scene

The faces guitarists make when playing. The poses they have when playing. The smiles they flash at the crowd when playing. The guitar tricks they do. Guitarists. If this sight isn’t the most beautiful thing on the planet I don’t know what is. 



The difference between Iron Man and some other movies is that there’s no spider bite; there’s no magic bullet where a hero is born. We had to build him. We wanted people to remember that there’s a person inside that suit, and it will hurt if he falls
—  Don’t know where I read it but this shit hit me like a train.