At last!  Here’s part 1 of our photo session, which took place when we were displaced from NJ to PA due to Sandy.  My parents have awesome woods around the house, so we had fun out there for a bit until we were too cold to stay out any longer (also we heard a gunshot or two and didn’t want to end up on a roasting spit).  Big thanks to Sheila for doing the magic effect edits on those first two photos! Look how enchanted Manrill is with the wisps!  Well, that might explain why he’s always lost…

Was upset about Toonami’s disgusting, horrendous marketing campaign, then upset about how my portfolio illustrations were coming out today, so then I decided to draw something that doesn’t make me upset.

And that thing was Manrill. Manrill doesn’t make me upset. The colors I used might make me nauseous, but not upset. Hooray, Manrill.

The end.