At last!  Here’s part 1 of our photo session, which took place when we were displaced from NJ to PA due to Sandy.  My parents have awesome woods around the house, so we had fun out there for a bit until we were too cold to stay out any longer (also we heard a gunshot or two and didn’t want to end up on a roasting spit).  Big thanks to Sheila for doing the magic effect edits on those first two photos! Look how enchanted Manrill is with the wisps!  Well, that might explain why he’s always lost…

Was upset about Toonami’s disgusting, horrendous marketing campaign, then upset about how my portfolio illustrations were coming out today, so then I decided to draw something that doesn’t make me upset.

And that thing was Manrill. Manrill doesn’t make me upset. The colors I used might make me nauseous, but not upset. Hooray, Manrill.

The end.


Hey all!  Last night I was up until 2AM sewing and working on my genderbent Merrill cosplay (Manrill, if you will).  I wanted to share some WIPs with y'all since I haven’t really done that very much thus far.  I’m very excited to wear this at PAX East, and I can’t wait to join the other DA2 cosplayers at the con!  

The chainmail plan doesn’t seem to be panning out (spray-painting fishnet backfired in many ways), so that part might not make the final cut.  If I can find a substitute soon maybe it will work, but it’s getting close!  Additional things not included in this picture: the leather shin coverings Ongaku and I made last night, the elf ears I bought, and a proper black shirt (ordering one to modify today). I may post some pictures after I do the first makeup test for the vallaslin tonight :). 

Sorry about my messy room! 


Fantastic photographer Ian Travis Barnard kindly just sent us his shots of our PAX East Dragon Age 2 cosplay!  It was a pleasure meeting him, and very awesome of him to send these our way.  It feels like PAX was so long ago!  Time flies, man!  (Oh and I don’t have my face tattoos in the second picture because that photo was from day one before I had time to work them out!)

In the future cosplay realm, Manrill will be returning for PAX Prime and I’m considering also going as Cole (DA:Asunder) that weekend.  As an easier one I’m thinking a SHIELD research lab Bruce Banner for NYCC would be fun!


Finally I’ve picked my photos for the PAX Prime 2012 Manrill photo set!   I remain indebted to Poupon for inspiring me to do this cosplay for PAX East.  I’m so glad I did it, such a fun character and great opportunities for photos and laughs!  Also featured in this set: Varric, Merrill, Mike Laidlaw, and Shades of Mauve.  Definitely missing all the friends and fun times in Seattle, thanks for the awesome time out there :). 

YO TUMBLZ just taking a moment to share something special with you!  I had the pleasure of meeting the incredible Jakface this weekend at PAX.  We spoke of many things, but eventually we started talking about DA: Asunder.  I had just won a signed copy of Asunder (while answering a question to which Cole was the answer, while cosplaying Cole… join me down this nerdy rabbit hole), and so I offered my copy of Asunder to her, and when we met up to exchange the next day she had this AMAZING MANRILL for me and I really don’t know how to express how happy it makes me!  Thanks so much Jakface, you are good people. No, that is insufficient!  You are the bee’s knees, nay, a veritable army of bee’s knees, insectoid legs clanking and shimmering in the glory of a scarlet sunset.  Safe travels to you tomorrow and have a great time in Japan and plz eat some matcha soft serve ice cream for me :D

EDIT: That saucy look tells me that Manrill has been hanging out a lot with Manbela…