Modern Magic AU Nekoma
  • Kuroo can sense good potential bonds between people, whether it be a romantic bond, a working bond or just people who’d get along really well
  • Kenma has foresight, but he has no control over it and he never knows when the event he foresees will occur
  • Kai can create protective wards in the blink of an eye, which is often envied by witches who have to undergo a longer process to get the same result
  • Lev is a power leech, feeding off other people’s energy and power to fuel his own physical strength and stamina. Whoever he leeches off will regain their energy over time
  • Yaku can fly, but he prefers the term levitation. He doesn’t like being too far from the ground
  • Fukunaga can coerce people into doing his will, but only for short periods of time
  • Inouka (bless his precious soul) can see the spirit world and often gets confused when other people can’t see what he’s trying to point out or describe
  • Yamamoto is a witch who’s family sources and deals tsukumogami (generally old weapons). His parents don’t think he’s responsible enough to look after a tsukumogami yet.
  • Shibayama can talk to machines/technology. Everyone thinks it’s a really cool blessing. Kenma is slightly jealous.
  • Akane, unlike her brother, was not born a witch, and so her parents let her carry a tsukumogami in the form of a manriki chain
  • Alisa can predict the weather, which helped her get a job as the weather reporter on local TV.