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Ta voix me manque, tes geste me manquent, ton regard me manque, ta présence me manque, ton sourire me manque, tes mots me manquent… Tu me manques.
—  @mendiants-damour
Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure-(Sept 2016) -And Another Reason Why Blind Dates Are A Bad Idea....

Characters: Sam, Andrew. Ed, Harry (mentions Tori, Audette, and Dean)

Location: Old House

Word Count:1310

Warnings: violence

Part 1 (Littlegreenplasticsoldier)

You stand there for a moment in complete shock by what just happened.  Then the adrenaline kicks in, and you make a decision. Dean’s a big burly guy.  Jake’s no match for him, so you figure he can handle it.

But the fact that Andrew was strong enough to overpower Sam and drag him into that house worries you.  Sam is enormous.  With your ankle still smarting from Andrews tight grip on it, you head up the stairs, limping as you go. 

The place was in shambles. Dust and cobwebs coated every surface..  Whatever furniture that had been here had been looted long ago.  There was garbage strewn everywhere.

Not to mention this place just felt “off”.  You just had a really bad feeling about  Andrew and this place in general.  You wanted to find Sam and get the hell out of here, pronto.

“Sam?” You hiss. “Sam are you here?”

Seeing the remains of what was maybe a table smashed into pieces, you grab a broken leg brandishing it like a club.  Heading toward the back of the house you entered what was once the kitchen.  There you see a door still swaying as though it had recently been flung open.

Standing at the top of the stairs, you looked down the unpainted wooden steps that led into darkness.  You heard the faint sound of movement and what might have been yelling below.  Maybe it was Sam!

The steps were much longer than you thought.  They went down….down….down…..  It seemed like forever.  Finally your feet landed on a dirt floor with a door in front of it.  Lucky for you, it wasn’t locked.  There were torches in metal holders on the walls, so you could see pretty well.   On the other side of the door it looked like some sort of medieval prison.

There were individual cells with bars lining both sides of the hallway.  The first few were empty.  But then you came on one that had two guys in it. They were curled up on the floor like they were sleeping, or unconscious.

They both looked like someone had beaten the crap out of them.  They were both bloody and covered with bruises.  You banged your club against the bars to try and wake them up.  After awhile they both stirred and as soon as they saw you, they jumped to their feet.

“Please help us! Get us out of here!”  They were crawling over each other to get to you.

 “Are you two okay? What is this place?” You asked, pulling on the bars.

“Thank God your here!  I’m Ed and this is Harry.  We’re the Ghostfacers. Can you get us out of here?  He keeps the keys on a hook by the other door I think.  Hurry up, we don’t have much time!”  You could tell they were terrified.

“Your the Ghost-what? I’m Y/N. I’ll get you out, hang on. Listen, I’m looking for my friend Sam.  Have you seen him? Freakishly tall guy, long hair, really good looking, wearing flannel.  Any of this ringing a bell?”

Ed and Harry exchange a look between them. Harry sighed in annoyance. “Does he have a brother named Dean?”

“Yes!” You say, getting excited. “Do you know him?”  At this point you have found the keys and manage to unlock their cage.

“Yeah we know him.” Ed says flatly. “And you should stay as far away from him as possible.”

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Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure - Sept 16 - Part 2 FIXED

A/N : Sorry for the long as hell wait, guys and gals. Turns out my new honors courses are hella rough. Anyways, enough of excuses and on with the adventures!! :D 

A/N Pt2 : So I have this lovely little extension in my Chrome called InteractiveFics, and… Well. As it turns out, as I was writing, it was changing every “Ellie” to my name. This whole time, I thought it was just changing it visually. Didn’t realize that it was actually basically acting as a glorified autocorrect for everything I wrote. So I fixed this. Anyways, I am SOOOO sorry for that mix up.

Missed Part 1? Head on over to @littlegreenplasticsoldier​ ‘s blog for the guidelines and instructions, other available Part 2′s, fantastic fics and one shots and more!

Meant to follow Sam and Andrew into the house? Follow that handsome moose! ( @winchesterprincessbride​ )

Meant to go back to the club? Watch out on @ilostmyshoe-79​ ‘s blog, so you can get back to your friends.

Characters: Dean W., Jake, Sam W., and mentions of Andrew, Tori, Dette, and Brian
Word Count: 1422
Warnings: Flirting, lightly implied nsfw, light mentions of gore

Looking back and forth between the derelict house and the iron gates of the cemetery, your heart twisted in indecision. Does Tori know these guys are crazy?! Maybe I should go back and tell her and Dette..?

Hearing another noise from the cemetery, you steeled yourself.

“Dean needs my help. I can’t let Jake hurt him.” You stated aloud, trying to instill some self confidence. Running to, and then through the iron gates of the cemetery, you did your best to tiptoe quietly but also quickly, avoiding the crunchy early-autumn leaves.

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Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure Sept 16 - Part 4: Raincheck

Choose Your Own Supernatural Adventure - Part 4

This is for @littlegreenplasticsoldier’s #CYOSA-Sept16. I’m wrapping up this part. If you need to catch up, start here: 

Part 1 from @littlegreenplasticsoldier
Part 2 from @manque-damour
Part 3 from @chaos-and-the-calm67

Characters:  Dean Winchester, You, mentions of Sam Winchester, mentions of Audette (Dette)

Word Count: 1416

Warnings: mentions of blood, language, light smut,

If you meant to go help Sam find the shapeshifter in the sewer, go here.

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