In case you ever wondered what happens when you play with tumblr people.


MAGIC. That’s what.


feat. Sil’s Keeper alt, the Captain of Subligars, the always naked kitten Hampnie, the best dressed Hyur Mika, our kitty in white Aevia, Aurie’s tonk, a kitten who is definitely not Sibby [or is she? Is he? Will we ever know? will Hampnie ever know?!], the ever so handsome K'tharl, as well as random Elezen and Hyur who both got nekkid with us.

Lastly, we’ve got my gorgeous miqo'te (or manqo'te as the fandom is calling them) lancer from FFXIV, Lho'ir Lanbatal

As I couldn’t fucking figure out how to correctly draw the default male arm…glove…things, I switched it out with Generic Armor Design and slapped his swimsuit top on him. which isn’t really much of a top. Seriously, you guys need to look up what the swimsuits (not the trunks) look like on these guys in this game.