• Takaki Shinpei(Voice actor of Yugo): I definitely won't lose to you (is totally in character)
  • Takaki Manpei(Voice actor of Yuto): If I win, you have to pay the next month's electric bill, you haven't paid it yet, have you?
  • Takaki Shinpei: H,hey don't bring up that kind of stuff HERE!!!
  • And so Shinpei san won the duel XDDDDDD (Yugo's VA)
  • Yes this was a real conversation between two VAs before their duel(for those of you who didn't know Yuto and Yugo's voiceactors are twin brothers)
  • And during the duel:
  • Yuto's VA: I can't lose!!! This month's electric bill is on the line!!! You haven't paid last month either!!!
  • Yugo's VA: I said don't talk about our house stuff in front of this many crowd!!!!
  • Yuto/Yugo's VA: Our household bill is on the line...!
  • But as we all know Yuto's VA lost LOLZ
  • Yuto's VA: (cries) my electric bill.......(<- kay I dunno if this part is real or just imagination but conversation above is def. real LOLZ XDDDD)

This is an interview with Katsumi Ono and Shinpei Takagi, ARC-V’s (and 5D’s’) Director and Yugo’s Japanese voice-actor respectively, posted over on NAC.  Translated it while bored at work, and here are the results, copied over from there! There were some scans of articles about characters like Reiji and young Rin and Yugo, which I’ll also tackle.

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Takagi Manpei and Shinpei, twin voice actors who voice Yuuto and Yuugo respectively, were interviewed on the 8/2 episode of Animemashite. You can watch it on Youtube right here, starting from the 3:33 mark! Catch it quick, it’ll only be available until 15/2.

During their segment, they talked about their experience so far as voice actors. I’ve tried my best to transcribe what they said down below. I kinda omitted some of the hosts’ questions (sorry (・・;)) and a few inconsequential bits but kept all the fun and relevant stuff! 

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I don’t know why everyone says that they can’t sing. Sure, they aren’t the best, but I love this song!

Plus they all look soooo cute!

( The group is called INDIGO4 )