I apologize...

Guinea pig!Au for Metal.

Bruce Dickinson (same expression, dude!)

Rob Halford (blond, sunglasses and jewels!)

The Manowar Guinea Pig, ready for the battle.

Ronnie James Dio (ah! those curls!!)

Scandinavian Metal Guinea Pig. Could be Alexi Laiho =P 

And last, but not least…

DAVE MUSTAINE!!! (It’s CLEARLY Dave Mustaine, look at him!!!)


WIP : Man’o’War The Acheron

Hello everyone !

I started to work on the last ship, a 3 masted man’o’war. I named it Acheron (those who have seen the movie “Master and Commander” will remember the french frigate).

Stay connected !


1984. Hail to England

 is third album which was released in 1984. This album is often considered the best of the “classic” era of Manowar and is also known for the interest stirred in English fans, due to its name. The album was also reported to have been recorded in its entirety in only six days. The album peaked at #83 on the UK charts.

To apologize for the failure of their UK tour, Manowar decided to dedicate their album to the United Kingdom.. The album, Hail to England,  It received great acceptance by public and critics, for its fast and powerful compositions. Its promotional tour, “Spectacle of Might”, had a large number of dates in England. The tour saw Manowar initially as support band for Mercyful Fate, but the enthusiasm shown by audiences for the band along the way, soon put the group led by DeMaio in the headline slot.

  Eric Adams    Ross the Boss     Joey DeMaio     Scott Columbus

logo redesign for the german heavy metal band IRON KOBRA… their sound is deeply routed in the 80s (Omen, Manilla Road, early Iron Maiden, Brocas Helm, Tank, Running Wild, Manowar) and so this logo is with it’s overall chrome style