Silliphant probably forgot the discussion the moment he left, but Warren wanted to see the ill-advised dream through to completion. So he raised $19,000 from friends and family – a staggering amount of money to whip up for a crazy wager, but not nearly enough to make a good movie. Luckily, “good” wasn’t a criteria of the bet, so Warren recruited a cast and crew. And Jackey’s dad, Tom, happened to have been in a play with Warren.

“He looked around the cast and crew and saw everything he needed. My dad was also an artist, so he ended up doing all the sets, the props, the costumes (he designed them and my mother sewed them). And then he happened to have a daughter the right age and a dog with the right look. And our car was in it … it’s like a family movie to me, because my dad did so much work on his own dime. A lot of the props in the house came from our house.”

Tom played the cult’s Master. Here he is with the family dog, in the costume he designed and the mustache he was born to rock.

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