High Desert Holiday

Well, it’s been a fantastic holiday in CA this year. In the last week we’ve been busy practicing with our West Coast drummer, and brother of the band, Tony DeAngelis. Our show at Tommy T’s in Ridgecrest was a great success. We look forward to at least two more shows in the next two days with Tony, our new super-weapon.

In addition to our new drummer, we’ve been busy hamming it up at every opportunity. Laura DeAngelis, our sister, and Tony’s wife, is a fantastic photographer. She is responsible for all of the photos below.

Hope to see you in Bakersfield and San Diego!!!

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Archive in 15 minutes here:

IMPROPER TOUCH (LIVE) - March 22 2011


1. Inon Zur - Dragon Age 2 Main Theme

2. Mogwai - San Pedro - demo

3. Manorlady - Boy And Flippers

4. Catatonia - She’s A Millionaire

5. The Primitives - Never Kill A Secret

6. Boris - フレア

7. The Kills - DNA

8. Amazing In Bed - Circle

9. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Solitude Is Bliss - live

10. The Vandelles - Summer Fling

11. Anna Calvi - First We Kiss

12. Calm Of Zero - Flesh And Bones

13. Micachu & The Shapes - Everything

14. Metronomy - She Wants

15. Ceremony - Dream Of Only You

16. Marion - All For Love

17. Morrissey - Life Is A Pigsty

18. Morrissey - How Soon Is Now?

19. Kenji Yamamoto - Brinstar Red Soil Swampy - Super Metroid

20. I Fight Dragons - Proxima Centauri

21. Waskerley Way - Ghost Cat

22. Yelle - Unillusion

23. Casa Del Mirto - Faces

24. Clare Maguire - Tears Run Dry - demo

25. Austra - Beat And The Pulse

26. The Postmarks - You Only Live Twice

27. El Perro Del Mar - It’s All Good

28. Cessna - Time Ticks Away

29. Red Room - I Am Here

30. Lush - Lit Up

RVA rocks, and so do you.

Just had a great show in Richmond this weekend. We played for a small, but very energetic group at Sprout on Saturday night. We had a great time - and it sounds like they had a great time as well. Thanks for the kind words, Karen. Check out Sprout when you get a chance; excellent food and delightful people will steal your heart. Also playing on Saturday were Richmond’s own JV Squat Thrusting Squad and ever-ever magical Everybody Yay (who absolutely rule).

In other news, production on ‘Home’ is FINISHED. Now we’re putting the final touches on the artwork before sending away for replication.

Up next, this Friday 3/18 in Philly at Millcreek Tavern …

'Home' out. Summer dates up soon.

Our release show for ‘Home’ was the most fun we’ve had in such a long time. The album is out now on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

So many awesome friends and fans made it out for our big night. In case you missed it, below are some pics of the wild night. BTW, apparent those weren’t posters; they were hot cakes  :)

So far we’ve had some great feedback from local press. Here’s a great review of 'Home’ by John Ruscher (Nailgun / EardrumNYC / Cville Weekly contributor).  …… Here’s another nice one by Stephanie Garcia at The Hook.

In the works are some videos (yes, more than one) for these dern songs. A video for Trees will be largely inspired by the experimenting need for this one.

We’re brewing up some tour dates for June and July for Eastern states. Check out the side bar from time to time for updates —>

Can’t’ wait 'til summmmaaahh!!

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